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4/6/11 10:05 P

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I agree, listen to your body. I had a goal of 140, but it seems that 155 is where my body wants to stay. I eat healthy, get my exercise, and the arthritis pain is (usually) gone. So I consider myself healthy. Stressing over the last 15 pounds isn't worth it to me. I have no desire to be a racer, just want to be healthy.


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4/6/11 6:34 P

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I wrestled with question this for a long time. From my experience nobody, that is no doctor, dietitian, trainer or weight-loss professional will agree on your "best weight". I was give a range of 50 lbs for a good weight between all my medical professionals. Cardiologist said I looked cut at 225 and that was good, dietitian said 180 to 183 (she is in the business to keep you coming back, used BMI instead of weight or % body fat), trainer didn't give a number but advice (Lean body mass, can you see veins in your arms and legs, pinch test and body fat test), General Practitioner about 200, so these numbers can cause you to go nuts.

Find a weight and stay there a while. Do you feel good? Hang around a while and plan your next move. I've kept the weight the same but dropped % fat and lost inches. It's not just pounds.

Being a cyclist, lose your weight before the season. I've found it a poor idea to cut calories during the peak of the riding season.

At 49, 213 is far better than 240, 50 , 60 etc..... Your weight will fluctuate, keep and eye on it, track your food and exercise, and consider yourself in good health.

This is your body and your life. Live it the way you want and enjoy it. I think you are on the right track. It's about discovery and learning.

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4/6/11 3:55 P

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Sounds like you are listening to your body and realizing that your "set point" may be a tad higher than your original goal.

I like Coach Dean's thoughts on this:


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4/6/11 3:32 P

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The more I think about it and the more I have read on here and else where .... my goal weight of 190 lbs might seem a little unrealistic?

Several weeks ago I took a step in a different direction to see how healthy I am and what should be my ideal weight? My health physician said not to get below 200 lbs and he feels my ideal weight to my surprise might be around 205 to 210 lbs. Of course one may think that I am caving in only to say I have reached my weight goal?

Here is the direction I am now taking since I am approaching some milestones, I am checking and monitoring what my body fat percentage is instead.

I am being pinch tested each week at the YMCA on the same day and time and by the same person. I am trying to keep all parameters the same as possible. I have myself tested on Sat. between 7:00 - 7:30 am. I weigh myself at home before I leave for the YMCA. My bone density is 1.06 (whatever this means) Initially I was at 16.98% body fat to my surprise with total measurement of 49.6 mm. I am being test in three spots: chest abdomen, and thigh. As of 3/26/2011 I have a total measurement of 43 mm (although we think the abs improvement are not accurate we want to double check this at the next measurement) and a 15.26% body fat which is giving me 33 lbs of fat and 180 lbs of lean (muscle) mass at 213 lbs of weight and an age of 49.

I thought my 16.98 % of body fat was good until the trainer showed me some other eye opening percents: Average person my age should be between 12% to 19% of body fat. I thought hey I am doing really well until he showed me what the avg. cyclist is 5% - 15% of body fat.

My thought was to have a goal of 15% body fat but now I am wondering if I should try set a goal of 12% body fat. This would be at my lower end for the avg person and 3% less than the max on the cycling avg.

So what should I be concentrating on? My thinking is to continue on with the pinch testing to make sure my weight loss is not just from m muscle alone. This way I can see if I am eating right as well.

Any thoughts???


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