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12/17/09 3:53 P

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Definitely keep it. If you get more serious about cycling you may outgrow it but even then don't get rid of it. If you get a nice road bike your hybrid might be a better choice when the weather is messy or if you are just running a quick errand and don't want to bother with your "good" bike.

My wife bought a Trek hybrid last Spring and I have to admit that it rides far better than it has a right to for its price. With some faster tires and some drop bars I wouldn't hesitate doing a century on a bike like this.

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12/17/09 3:36 P

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Congrats on the weight loss! If a new bike means that you enjoy riding it more, then get the new bike. If you're happy on your old bike, then get that.

It also depends on what your goals are. If you plan to ride with a road cycling club or race then you will want to look into a roadbike. If you just plan to ride, then you may find that you're happy as a clam on your hybrid.

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12/16/09 8:42 P

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If it fits, works and you like it, I see no reason to replace it.


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12/16/09 7:04 P

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Since you have the bike, start with that. As you ride, you'll figure out what you like about it (an dwhat you don't like). You can make a decision from there, once the weather breaks. But you don't have to do anything right away.

By the way, I am assuming the bike fits you!

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12/16/09 2:26 P

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If the bike is in mint condition and you are happy with it I would say keep it.
If it isn't doing something that you want then think about a new bike.
Question for you... what else are you doing besides exercising?and are you doing anything else besides spinning? Thats great about losing 50 lbs!! keep up the good work

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12/16/09 11:14 A

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I have a Trek Multi Trac 750 that is in mint condition. It was made in the USA. I have just reinvented myself and have lost over 50 Lbs exercising that includes spinning 4 days a week. I am ready when the weather breaks to hit the open road. Would there be any advantage to getting a new bike.

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