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11/21/09 8:36 A

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Thank you all for the nice comments. I've thought about a rear rack, but the thought of someone smashing my bike from the rear just scares me. Since I am very particular about the inside of my car, I just can't picture having a greasy, oily bike staining my "Cuchi-Cuchi". It is for that reason that I'll stick to the roof rack and take my chances. By the way, for those of you that haven't tried them, Cervelos make a great bike. It's about time those Canadians did something right (just kidding, Wonderchi).

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11/19/09 8:44 P

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Bill, Bill, Bill. And here I thought you could take the pebble from ANYONE'S hand!

I feel for you, Buddy! I would be beside myself if I did the same to my 2010 Madone. I WAS toting Madeline on a bike rack (on the back) but after a couple of times returning from a ride, getting rained out or having an idiot motorist riding too close (I think intentionally) to my bumper, I decided to just drop the back seats and carry the bike in the cargo area of the SUV.

At least you're fortunate enough to be able to afford such nice bikes and quick replacements.

Ride safe!

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11/19/09 6:19 P

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I've always been a fan of roof racks. Back when I raced high quality rear racks were not available, just cheap crappy ones that strapped on that you had to keep checking in case the straps loosened. The only good racks were ones that went on the roof though some cars with really long trunks could mount a roof rack back there. I still think roof racks are a good solution because they get the bike up and out of harms way. You do have to keep in mind they are up there though.

After getting a Miata obviously a roof rack was not an option. I had a trailer hitch installed and got a Yakima hitch rack and I have to admit that it is pretty sweet. Now that rear racks are available that you don't have to worry about falling off your car I like putting bikes back there too. The one drawback I see is clamping on the top tube the rack is a little hard on the paint there and I've seen some scratches. Some of the hitch racks don't clamp on the frame; they would be an improvement.

Rear racks are not foolproof. I did have one bike fly off on the expressway that I didn't secure to the rack. There are few things worse than seeing your wife's bicycle tumbling down the expressway in your rear view mirror. It luckily wasn't too badly damaged. The rear wheel did need to be rebuilt, the saddle had to be replaced and the brifters were badly scratched up but still worked. Curse you Attention Deficit Disorder!

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11/19/09 1:54 P

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Ouch! I'm glad that my bike is too heavy and I'm too short for a roof rack. Of course, I don't have a garage, so I'm reasonably safe from that anyway.

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11/19/09 11:27 A

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OUCH is right. I can see myself doing that too, good thing the bikes travel either inside the car or on a rear rack.

This year I've much preferred transporting bikes inside the car. I throw a drop-cloth down for when they come back muddy and it's all good.

Enjoy the new bike, Cervelo makes good ones.

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11/19/09 10:40 A

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OUCH!! So sorry to hear about all the rooftop's a rear rack one:

A friend of mine uses a rear mounted bike rack but one day didn't put the pin in all the way. As they traveled up the highway, the rack worked its way loose, bikes and rack crashed onto the ground behind them, going at least 60mph. Fortunately they didn't cause and accident, but both bikes were ruined.

Just a friendly reminder to check all your pins, attachements, connections, cables, and anything else you're using to transport bikes.

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11/19/09 10:14 A

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You're not alone. My husband did that, too, after picking me up from a ride.



It didn't kill the bike, but it was not happy times. The roof rack bent, and the front wheel of my bike bent slightly. DH was able to bend the roof rack back into shape (sorta), and the LBS fixed my wheel. Whew! But now we put the garage door opener in the glove compartment before taking off with the bike on the roof. I feel like we shoulda thought of that sooner.

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11/19/09 8:53 A

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Ouch. That sounds like something I would do. I use a rear mount rack, too, but mostly because I'm too short to fool around with putting a bike on top of my SUV.

At least it gave you a good excuse for a new bike.


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11/19/09 8:24 A

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Oh Crap! I truly mourn for you!

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11/19/09 8:18 A

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I'm very sorry about your loss.

I use a regular bike rack for just that reason.

Others that are smarter than I am put the garage door remote in the glove box so they don't forget the bikes on the roof.

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11/19/09 8:04 A

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Precisely why we will not have a roof top rack. We had a neighbor who did that with his mountain bike. Now ours go in a rack in the back of the truck (or RV). I'm so sorry you lost your bike, but enjoy your new one, Cervelo RS is a nice ride.


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11/19/09 8:00 A

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Was coming back from a ride and forgot that I had the bike on top, as I drove into the garage. As a result, my beautiful Colnago died a quick death. Took it to my LBS and they took off the Campy components, wheels, handlebar, TT bar, etc., and put it on my new bike....Cervelo RS. This morning I will ride and try it out. Recommendation to all: be aware of what you have on top of your vehicle prior to entering your garage, it could be a very costly mistake.

"Excellence is but for the few."

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