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7/16/09 11:34 A

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Road bike: Shimano Ultegra. I love them. They position my feet well, and the tension and float is right for me. Single sided, but the tend to "weight" appropriately so the side I need to clip into is usually easy to get to. HTe cleats are plastic, and ok to walk in, but not great. I need to get covers next time I get them replaced. Of course, they are also the only road pedals I have had (about 5 years now) so I can't compare so well, LOL!

Cyclocross: The bike is used for commuting now, so I have Performance Campus pedals on it. SPD on one side, platform on the other. The Ultegras are easier to walk in, but once again, the float and tension works for me. The only problem I have right now is that one of the cleats is loose and I haven't fixed it yet. This means when I try to unclip, the cleat rotates and I can't disconnect. Yep, leads to falls. So until I motivate myself to correct, I have been using street shoes. This also worked well following foot surgery when my feet were too swollen to fit into my cycling shoes. I used street shoes and went on my merry way (stoppng was scary, though).

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7/15/09 8:19 P

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I've got Shimano Ultegra pedals.

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7/15/09 7:16 P

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Speedplay X1....Love them!

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7/15/09 12:35 P

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Another vote for the LOOK Keos. Been on the roadbike for the past couple of years now, and I like them a lot. I don't know about the others but what I like about the Keo is that the float is in the cleat rather than on the pedal. I have some knee issues so I have tons of float (red cleats = 9 degree float). Others don't like any float (black cleats = 0 deg float) but we both use the same pedals.

As with all road cleats, walking on them wears out the cleat. I always carry my cleat covers in my jersey pocket just in case - with the covers walking is actually pretty easy and the covers give a decent amount of grip.

Cyclocross = SPDs. Double sided, easy in, easy out, goodly amount of float, bombproof. Mud-shedding properties aren't what I'd ideally like but I've never had a problem getting in and out in the mud so far.

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7/15/09 12:19 P

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I've been using Speedplay X1 and X2 pedals on my road bike for 10 years. They are double sided so clipping in is easy without looking. The release is not as "harsh" as traditional pedals, as the pedal just naturally releases once you angle your foot enough (no "click" when you unclip). They also have free float so people with knee problems often choose them. Pedals themselves last forever but I usually have to replace my cleats halfway through the season.

For mountain biking, I tried Speedplay Frogs for a few years but eventually switched to Time ATAC Carbon Ti pedals - good in the mud, predictable entry and release.

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7/15/09 12:08 P

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Shimano SPD SL's for me.
It was tough choice as many of the options seem comparable. Look probably owns majority share of the market but that doesn't make them best. I tried the Nashbar brand of Look and liked the larger platform compared to the regular SPD's which I still have on my mountain bike.
The SPD SL's work fine, easy to clip and out, pedals and cleats are light, hard to walk in but the cleats have tiny plastic feet (that wear rally fast) to help a bit.

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7/15/09 11:55 A

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I've been using the Look Keos for awhile now. I like them well enough. My boyfriend also uses them as well as the Shimano SPDs.

So one vote for the Keos. Boyfriend doesn't count. (Kidding!)


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7/15/09 11:50 A

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Like I mentioned in another topic I've done most of my cycling miles in the toe clip and strap era.

I got my first pair of clipless pedals in 1986, in fact I still have my '86 Look pedals in a box somewhere. Wonder when they will be a collector's item? But I digress.

After riding Look pedals for years I tried Time pedals. For riding the original Time pedals seemed like the best ever. The large platform was comfortable and stable; they were super easy to get into; and I never accidentally unclipped. They had the drawback of being the heaviest pedal system and the metal cleats were the worst to walk on.

The original Time pedals were replaced with a new design (Impact, RSX, ZEN). The new pedals are lighter and walking is far easier but they are not nearly as comfortable, easy to clip into, or secure as the original Time pedals. I still like them better than the original Look pedals but not as well as the earlier Time pedals.

I also tried Shimano mountain bike SPDs and found the small pedal was uncomfortable on my foot and I didn't like the loosey-goosey feel of Speedplays.

Look has also come out with a new design called a Keo that I never tried. I also haven't tried the Shimano SLs.

So in the interest of helping me achieve pedal nirvana what pedals has everyone tried and what do you like or dislike about them?

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