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6/30/09 2:14 P

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Welcome back! Keep the rubber side down, you hear?

I was off the bike for about a week for allergy testing all last week and it was driving me crazy. Don't worry about the lost fitness, you'll get it back in no time, just take it nice and slow.

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6/30/09 1:07 P

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Thank you all for your encouragement ... it's not the end of the world to be off the bike for awhile but I sure did miss it.

To those that missed my original crash report ... see "twisted metal":

Davis ... as flat and as beautiful as centuries get:

and what other century has wild ponies as participants?

Carla ... I remember how much easier it was to heal when I was 49 ... enough said.

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I'd rather be sitting on my bike thinking about God than sitting in church thinking about my bike ...
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6/30/09 10:21 A

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Ditto to all what has been said already. Go back at it slow steady. Remember at our we lose conditioning fast but it seems like it takes twice as long to gain back. I wish weight loss and gain were that as well.

I must have missed one of your earlier post indicating you had an accident. I'm glad you are ok.


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6/29/09 7:01 P

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Congratulation on being back on the bicycle. Best wishes on your recovery.

And when you find a flat century, let us know about it!!

John emoticon

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6/29/09 6:02 P

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Glad to hear you are on the mend!!!

I was off my bike for 8 weeks after my accident back in April...this morning was my 3rd ride since being back...1st was 5 miles, 2nd was 11's was 15 miles with hills!!!


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6/29/09 5:11 P

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Good to hear you're back in the saddle. Sounds like you still have some major mending to do, so very smart for taking it slow.


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6/29/09 5:08 P

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Good to see you on the mend!! Knees are tough to overcome, that is for sure. But cycling is the one thing that I have been able to to without a problem since my knee adventures began last year. Thank goodness, because I'd go nuts if there was nothing that didn't hurt!!

Take it easy on the way back, if you push too hard you'll only end up prolonging things. I get impatient, and yes...age does have something to do with it. 20 years ago my injury wouldn't have been much at all, at 49 it's an pain in the patoot!

Take care of yourself and enjoy getting back out a bit!

6/29/09 5:08 P

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how did you crash riding your bike?

John emoticon

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6/29/09 5:06 P

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Congratulations, I know you've been missing it terribly. Hope the intermittent pain subsides soon.


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Stephan Dolley, Jr.

Endurance and persistence will be rewarded.

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6/29/09 5:00 P

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Glad to hear you're healing up. You really had quite the crash to do so much damage. Keep up the good work.

Remember: The first time Lance got back on the bike after chemo treatments, he thought he was doing okay when a little old lady on a cruiser bike passed him up. Everyone needs to re-start somewhere.


"God gave you your body as a gift, so you should take care of it." - My Mom
6/29/09 4:42 P

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4 weeks after my crash (see Twisted Metal) I am slowly recovering. I wish things would move along faster but I suppose age might have something to do with it.

The shoulder separation is healing and as long as I donít lift anything too heavy there isnít much pain. The bump from my scapula remains but Iím not big into off the shoulder fashion so that wonít be a problem.

Last week I got the results of an MRI of my left knee. There is a partial meniscus tear and a partial ACL tear. There is also a bone bruise and a small fracture in my tibia; these are both painful but not unexpected given how I crashed. There is also synovial fluid in my calf as a result of a ruptured popliteal cyst. This leads the orthopedist to believe that the meniscus/ACL damage is the result of previous undiagnosed sports injuries and was not caused by the crash. My team sports days are behind me so Iím not planning any surgery at this point. The bone bruise and fracture will take a couple more months to heal. The synovial fluid in the calf will presumably break down and dissipate. The pain is intermittent and tolerable.

The good news is that I was cleared to ride. The doctor says that as long as I donít push it too hard that the cycling will help build strength in my knee. For the time being there are no big gears (knee stress) or big hills (shoulder stress) in my future but at least Iím back on the bike. I did 25 miles Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday evenings.

Iím amazed just how quickly my aerobic conditioning deteriorated. Some say that it takes 4 weeks to recover for every 1 week that you don't ride; based on my HR from the last 3 rides I believe that.

I donít expect to do long rides any time soon but hopefully by the end of summer Iíll be in good enough shape for a slow, flat century or two.

I'd rather be sitting on my bike thinking about God than sitting in church thinking about my bike ...
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