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10/5/08 9:18 A

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I hate to say it you really can't pick up a road bike for that cheap. What you can do is go to any bike retailer from now until the end of the year and you can pick up a 2008 model for cheap(any where from 500 t 1,000) because they want to make room for the 2009 models.

I know this sounds like a lot of money but if you're thinking of making that change you should do it right. One problem with buying a bike on craig's list is you don't know if the bike will fit you properly. Unless you already know what size bike you need. Once again a good bike retailer can help you out with that too. Good luck. :)

Oh I almost forgot to mention one thing when buying a bike you don't want to buy from a place like Target because you can't get warranty items like tunes. Some bike shops will tune up your bike for free if you buy the bike threw them.

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10/3/08 5:56 P

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Have you tried your local
I sold my one year old bike when I wanted a roadbike upgrade on craigslist. I sold her to a college student for less than half what I paid for it and it was in like new condition. There could be others that are upgrading or whatever, and you may find a treasure this way.
I sort of went over my budget with my roadbike investment but have no regrets. It is a great ride and I've enjoyed a wonderful summer of riding.
Good luck!!

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10/2/08 11:29 P

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it is a difficult thing - we are all on different budgets and a difference of 200 - 500- $ may not sound like a lot to some, but it may be the differnce in paying the rent for others.
we did buy a cheaper bike from walmart for our son who currently doesn't have a car and it had parts breaking weekly. (mom & dad were drained from helping him finacially on a regualr basis, and with helping with car issues and many others too numerous to go into - so we did not care to invest a large amount of money- he is unemployed and mentally unstable and not independant) I hate to say but the bike was a waste of money - with in a month, broken pedals, wheel bearings fell out, frame issues, etc. he ended up getting something a little nicer and better built from someone he knows who rebuilds older bikes.
when I bought my bike - a hybrid trek - I knew it was an investment - and since I am finacially drained from helping the kids I had a tight budget as well - so I ended up picking up several extra shifts at work to pay for it, but had to keep the budget to around $500. I had hoped for $200 but couldn't find anything that met my particular needs. I do bike trails and some road, and am currently working on increasing distances, but my speeds are poor. I also found that the unexpected expenses added up too - helmet $40(absolutely necessary) bike computer $70( a luxury - but I "needed" it for my own obsessive compulsive tendancies and need to track everything to death) bike shorts $65 (my bony a$$ had to have the padding or I'd have quit biking) and a cute jersey from pearl izuma with mermaids painted across it ?$60+ (nothing but pure girly want) hopefully you will find something to meet your needs and your budget- if saving a little longer or a temporary part time extra job or OT at work can help boost your funds go for it. Or maybe sell off some stuff you no longer use on craigs list to help raise money...

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10/2/08 11:35 A

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Don't do it. Just don't.

You'll end up paying more to replace cheap and breaking parts, it's not going to be fit to you.

You're right.

LBSs will NOT advertise the good deals - they're going to advertise what they want you to buy. Take the time. Get fitted for a road bike. Find out size, manufacturer preference, then check out the local biking clubs in your area - someone is ALWAYS upgrading their bike and looking to sell their older one. They might trade it in at the shop, they might try to sell it on craigslist, but you'll find the really wonderful deals by word of mouth.

Save up for it.

It's like buying a nice pair of shoes that don't really fit you and you end up not wearing or enjoying when you buy from a big box store!

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10/2/08 10:45 A

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Don't mean to burst your bubble but there's no way you can get a roadbike for $100-$200. Even at the big box stores (at least around here). And there is no way I'd get a bike from a big box store, they're sloppily built, have crappy components and are generally a pain to ride. No matter what the name is on the frame.

Even used is a stretch, the used bikes that will be there may very well be old and you'll end up paying additional $ for repairs.

What I would do is go into your LBS (actually, try several) and get a feel for the market. Test ride some as well so you know what you like. And then save up. A good entry-level roadbike from the LBS is going to cost you around $500, and don't forget to budget for extras...

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10/1/08 5:43 P

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The box stores aren't my first choice either, but none of the LBSs advertise anything in my price range. I haven't had a chance to go in yet I might have a chance the weekend of the 25th, or in the evenings some time between now and then.

I've seen charts to document the measurements of a bike. Is there anything that helps me figure out what measurements will work well for my body?

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10/1/08 4:09 P

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I'm not sure department box stores are the way to go for road bikes? But have you tried craigslist in your local area? You might find a better deal on name brand bikes that are specific road bikes for your needs.

Also, go to your local bike shop (LBS) and let them know what type of riding you are going to be doing and ask them what name brands of bikes fall into that category. See if they have trade-ins for sale or know of someone selling their bike from an upgrade. Find out what size bike frame you need so that when you shop craigslist you know what you are after.

Remember to test ride the bike before you buy to make sure you feel comfortable


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10/1/08 3:54 P

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Hi all,

I currently have an old Mongoose Switchback I inherited it from an elderly, and not terribly bike active friend.

I don't do anything other than road biking, or paved bike path biking. (I love that Davis, CA has so many paved bike paths)

So I'd like to change to some sort of road bike. currently I can shake out about $100-$200 for a bike. Do y'all have any suggestions on what might be decent?

Target's advertising a Women’s GMC Denali Bike. Does anyone know if that's any good?


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