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7/31/08 3:53 P

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The weekend before my Oly Duathlon I did a race rehearsal workout (2k run-50k bike-10k run). Which is all well and good but with one thing and another I didn't leave the house until 1pm. And it was 32C (it's metric up here in Canada) with a humidex in the low 40's when I started. And sunny, so I really have no idea how hot the road was either...

I took 4 bottles of Sports drink on the bike, a couple of gels and 2 bottles + gels on the run. I am a big sweater and drink like crazy. First run went fine, and so did the bike although I went 50k at pretty much race pace which was the fatal mistake. And I ran out of fluid around the 40k mark (yes, all 4 bottles).

So I get home, dump the bike, pick up the wife and off we go for a run. And it was a SLOG. Apparently at 5k I went white. At 6k I started to slow, and at 7k I started to wobble. At 7.5k she refused to let me run anymore so we walked home while I drank both of my bottles and one of hers too.

Came home, stretch, warm shower, and then I passed out for a couple of hours in with the fan going.

That was not a good day.

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7/31/08 3:31 P

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I was actually surprised that the heat index was that high. Like I said, it was a sauna yesterday but nothing I haven't felt before; having grown up here, I'm used to heat and humidity. I was actually most comfortable on the bike ...

I've been trying to be better about drinking enough water during my rides. I recently got one of the brackets that lets you carry two bottles behind the seat, so I have a total of 3 on the bike. And because the extra bottles are blocked from the warm air flowing over them, they stay a bit cooler. Yesterday I drank all 3 ... plus one bottle before and one after.

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7/31/08 10:56 A

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I started out at 11am, yesterday as it was cloudy and relatively cooler here in the deep south. Plenty of water on my pak. I don't leave home without it; and the test is: it will get me 40 miles before a refuel. Only 20 miles yesterday, tucked in with a visit; a little different route. The sun did come back out, and yes, the air-conditioniong felt great. Usually we group ride two evenings a week, but the forecast was for rain, so I went ahead during the day. I'm trying to get close to 100 miles per week, to get ready to do 100 mile ride at the end of August.


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7/31/08 8:33 A

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I have to agree with Jules on this one. Although we are not being forecasted in Wisconsin to start having our dog days of summer starting in August.


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7/31/08 12:23 A

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Wow, I'm going to have to think of a riding story that is even in the same league as yours. Glad you arrived safe and grateful at home!

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7/30/08 9:38 P

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We had thunderstorms this afternoon and I wasn't sure I would be able to ride. I got home from work, saw the wet streets and thought "sure, why not?". At around 6:15pm, right before leaving, I checked to look at the radar and saw that it was was 87 degrees and 90% humidity (of course, it had just been raining).

the heat index was 109 (43 for you metric folks; remember when the US tried going metric?).

To say it was like a sauna would be an insult to saunas everywhere. By the time I had finished around 8:00pm, it was down to 80 degrees and 85% humidity ... an Alpine-like heat index of 85.

After wiping my bike down, I knelt and gave thanks for A/C and ice-cold beer ... and then partook of both.

Come on ... share your dog day stories.

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I'd rather be sitting on my bike thinking about God than sitting in church thinking about my bike ...
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