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BRADMILL2922's Photo SparkPoints: (35,831)
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3/30/13 1:22 A

BRADMILL2922's SparkPage
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Got in my day 26 Combat workout and day 2 of my C25K. Have to say that I am pretty exhausted. Glad to be on Spring Break until next Sunday night!

@Nikki, I hope I grow to love running. I have always hated it but I have to say that after 2 days of my C25K, I can see that I might.

Glad that my Louisville Cardinals and Michigan Wolverines won in basketball tonight! Both are one step closer to the final 4!

I'm tired. Going to do the song of the day and go to bed! Hope you all have a good weekend!

"Oh hold tight
cuz the road can be a crazy ride
And I know that we're going to be alright
Because you are here with me"

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SKINNIKKI's Photo Posts: 951
3/29/13 9:47 P

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Go Cardinals!!! yay!!!!

 Pounds lost: 16.3 

PROUDESTMONKY13's Photo Posts: 598
3/29/13 6:24 P

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Good for you Nikki for at least getting some exercise in! Better than nothing :) How did those QFs go?

Enjoy the weekend guys! I don't know if I'll make it on here tomorrow or Sunday. Heading to my Fiances family for most of the weekend for Easter. I'm making a pavlova for dessert - which if you've never had is yummy - a fair amount of sugar but it's very light and fresh. It's meringue, homemade whipped cream and fresh berries. No where near as bad as the cheese cake or ice cream cake I hear other people are bringing!

I'm off to the grocery store and then to make some dinner....I'm dying for a salad, which I'll take as a bad sign meaning that my body is begging me for something fresh and healthy.

"And I can't believe that we would lie in our graves dreaming of things that we might have been!" DMB

 current weight: 253.0 

SKINNIKKI's Photo Posts: 951
3/29/13 6:47 A

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Came in early to work to try to catch up on some hours. Honestly I was planning on coming in from 5-8 this am and then leaving to spend some FUN time with my oldest while he was still out of school but with being out yesterday with him sick, that's not happening.

I'm stressing because I have a minimum number of hours I'm suppose to get in weekly. My boss is laid back but really that's all he's asking of me is to get in X # of hours during tax season and I'm not going to hit that this week. And it's not even an insane amount. Not like I use to put in before I was part time. Even though during tax season I'm full time +.

I digress. Sorry.

I only got in a short walk outside yesterday when my son felt like getting out. He tuckered out rather quickly so I might have gotten a mile in while he sat at the pond and watched me loop around. I didn't get anything else in.

So, today. I'm going to make up for yesterday's QF. I'll do today's QF too. I'll do some cardio when I get home. I suspect it will be running in the yard with the kids. I'll try to push myself in some manner while doing that though to get the heart elevated and make it a good cardio session. If I end up pulling them in the wagon that's 77 lbs in grass I'm pulling and that's nothing to shake your head about.

Eating - well. It's not bad but it can be better. I have a trip scheduled the week after tax season and I want to get two lbs a week off leading up to that. I can't lose more than two a week. That's my realistic maximum and that's a stretch!

Brad- you will love running. Errr I think you will. I have a love hate relationship with it. I'm trying to work myself back into it. I ran some this week when I would get on the treadmill. I really do like it once I get into it. It is a high. The most difficult part of running is the mental part. Our bodies can do it, if your brain will let it. I think you will master it no problem because it appears to me a lot of the exercise programs you do are mental as well.

Have a good one everyone. This weekend I'm working a bit tomorrow morning. I should work all day but I am going to spend time with the kids, dang nab it. We are supposed to go to my husbands Grandparents for Easter Sunday. This is always a challenge with food. NOTHING is low carb there and his grandmother doesn't take no for an answer. PLUS, I think it's suppose to be raining so no running around in the orchard or getting exercise if that's the case. Sigh....maybe it won't rain.

 Pounds lost: 16.3 

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