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Thanks so much for taking the time to write about your positive journey. It was very motivating to me!!!

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8/6/12 8:39 A

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Keep up the Good work.....!!!!

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Just wanted to up date my weight loss Journey... Yes, I said that right I've loss about 14 lbs so far...since April 1st. True, it was a slow process over the course of a few months... some weeks no loss others I had as much as 2 lbs loss. But just wanted to say that it had nothing to do with being Hypothyroid either. Mostly it was this:

1. State of Mind. I had to over come my beliefs that it was my Thyroid that was getting in the way of my Goals. It's a fact of life, I was born with a non functioning thyroid gland (Congenital Hypothyroidisum. so over the many years I just get over it and get on with my life. sure there are going to be times where the Blood tests may have been different out comes but it's a learning experience, I take the meds and go on. if somethings not right, just ask the doctor more questions but also you have the choice either believe in your doctor or find one who listens and that you can believe in.

2. alot of over weight issues are do to too much food in your Diet and Not enough exercise.
Since most over the counter dietary meds and or herbal remedies are going to interfer with your Thyroid... don't even mess with them! Just find a Healthy eating plan and stick with it. find a calorie balance that with work with your over all goals. if your one that feels programs like Weight watchers, Jenny Craig or Nutri system is the plan for you, then do it and stick with it. if you want to prepair your own meals, then there many other on line programs like body bugg or Body Media that you wear a fitness devise on your arm to track your calories yes there is a Forum for this on Spark people. But if you are logging your meals on the Spark people section or other website then keep it up... make sure you figured in your daily calories correctly to know how much you should be eating.

Don't go below 1200 a day But that means if your going to be exercising and burning off cals add 250 to the 1200 and you should be eating 1450 a day or if your really physical in your exercise a day, then add 500 to the 1200 and you should be eating 1700 a day. Yes you can still loose weight on these daily calories. What they mean about not going below 1200 a day is that you still want those 1200 left in the Tank so to speak for your body to keep functioning.

3. So you want to know how I lost the weight? a. I retired from my job... I know that many of you can't do that, but Look at the many times the stress from your job can affect one's eating habits (has nothing to do with your thyroid) once I got out of the office and the stressfull binging) I saw my lbs melt off. b. I went to my local University's Fitness lab and got a Fitness test... now if your local College or Fitness Gym has some testing programs where for a modest fee, can do computerized testing of your fitness by having you run or walk on a treadmill while monitoring your heart rate and breathing this is called a Fuel test... to see how many Fat calories your burning while working according to your heart rate. and how many Carbs you are burning too. They set me up with a workout plan where I can Power walk in a specific HR zone and burn Fat...

NOW this is how I lost the 10lbs alot faster! I still eat a daily caloric 1650 to 1750 a day so I'm buring off as much as 250-500 calories a day. My Hypothyroidism had nothing to do in interfering with this program in keeping me from my weight loss Goals.

I just had my physical a month ago, and I'm a perfectly healthy 55 year old woman...I'm very happy with that! I will be training for my 3rd 1/2 Marathon this summer for a race on September 29th. My Goal is to loose 10-15 more lbs by the time of the Race.

See, it's possible all you have to do is believe in yourself that you can do it. Don't let the fears and symptions of Hypothyroidism pull you down. Its like I said above, it's mind over matter. if the problems your having are still symptomatic due to the thyroid medications talk with your doctor, go over your daily routies, are you taking your meds correctly? are you taking other meds or herbs that interfer with hypothroidsim? are you eating healthy? Exercising enough? Could there be other indications that mimic they same symptom's? Peri-Menopause and Menopause can and will mimic,As well as early stages of pre-Diabetes, and early onset of full blown Diabetes can also mimic thyroid issues. Be your own advocate in your health care so that you can ask your doctor or obgyn, alot of questions that maybe he had not thought about to test you.

Best of Luck!


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