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2/25/11 9:44 A

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Here are a couple more days worth (should I streamline these?):

True or False: Exercise can be just as effective in treating depression as antidepressant medications are.
True- There are many effective treatments for depression, and antidepressant medications are just one of them. Because depression is so different among individuals, the methods used to treat depression also vary in effectiveness from person to person. For example, some studies show that exercise is just as effective as antidepressants in treating depression in some cases. For other people, talk therapy alone is enough to put depression at bay. Your doctor will work with you to find the best treatment plan for you, based on your symptoms.

What percentage of women have cellulite?
90%- Overall, over 90% of women have cellulite.

You pack a lunch that contains a turkey and cheese sandwich. How soon must you put your lunch in the refrigerator so that it remains safe to eat?
2 hours- If you pack a lunch that includes perishable food items--meat and cheese sandwiches, leftovers, salads, or dairy foods--don't let more than two hours pass from the time you make your lunch at home to the time you put it in the office refrigerator. The same rule applies if you go out for lunch and bring back fast food, carry out, or doggy bag.

What BMI (body mass index) range is considered overweight?
25-29.9- A BMI between 25 and 29.9 is considered overweight. Calculate your BMI using SparkPeople's online calculator

Which conventionally grown vegetable tends to be HIGHEST in pesticide residue?
Celery- Here's the "dirty dozen"--the list of the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables, listed in descending order, starting with greatest levels pesticide contamination): celery, peaches, strawberries, apples, blueberries (domestic), nectarines, sweet bell peppers, spinach, kale/collard greens, cherries, potatoes and grapes (imported).

True or False: Eating a diet high in sugar can cause type 2 diabetes.
False- There are many ways to prevent this form of diabetes. Eating a healthy diet and getting sensible amounts of physical activity to achieve and maintain a healthy weight can help prevent it. Contrary to popular belief, eating too much sugar does not cause type 2 diabetes. Read more about Pre-Diabetes and preventing type 2 diabetes.

True or False: Eating food that was cooked in aluminum cookware can lead to Alzheimer's disease.
False- Claims have been made linking aluminum to Alzheimer’s disease and other health problems, but these claims have been unsubstantiated by scientific research. In fact, according to the FDA, taking one antacid or aspirin tablet provides the body with far more aluminum than cooking and storing an entire day’s meals in aluminum.

True or False: The best way to get more flax into your diet is to cook your food in flaxseed oil.
False- Flaxseed oil is even more perishable than ground flaxseed and goes bad quickly when exposed to air, light and heat. You can add flaxseed oil to many foods, but do NOT heat it or cook with it. Heat will cause flaxseed oil to go rancid and destroy its healthy properties. Only add flaxseed oil to chilled foods (like smoothies, salad dressings, yogurt, etc.) or to foods after cooking.

If one or both of your parents had high blood pressure, your risk of developing it...
Doubles- Family history is a risk factor for high blood pressure. Your risk doubles if one or both of your parents had hypertension.

True or False: Taking allergy medications regularly will cure allergies.
False- Medications like antihistamines only relieve allergy symptoms, not cure them. The only known treatment that can cure allergies is immunotherapy (allergy shots). Nearly 80 percent of people who use these treatments correctly for one to three years will successfully cure their allergies. Talk to your doctor to find out if immunotherapy treatment is right for you.

A thiamin (vitamin B-1) deficiency can lead to
Beriberi- In the United States, a deficiency of thiamin is rare because refined grains are enriched with this nutrient. Before refined grain products were enriched, a thiamin deficiency could result in a disease called beriberi. Signs of beriberi include loss of appetite, constipation, muscle weakness, pain or tingling in the arms and legs, swelling of the feet, mental depression, memory problems, shortness of breath, and fast heartbeat. Thiamin deficiency does occur in alcoholics because of impaired absorption.

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2/24/11 8:54 A

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At first, I just guessed at answers, and boy, was I lousy! I got about 2/3 right, but then the competitiveness of the situation kicked in and I started looking things up. And that's when I discovered that USUALLY when I was surprised by an answer, it was because I hadn't read the question as carefully as I should have.

In other words.... I should have been watching for a TRICK QUESTION ALERT!!!!

There HAVE been a few questions that I think are wrong, and there is some debate about the answers, and I thought this forum might address them as well.

Here is one that my doctor, the DH, disagrees with, and thinks they don't give an acceptable answer:
What is the 'valsalva maneuver'?
• A yoga pose
• A heart attack
• A broken valve
• A mixed martial arts hold
• A breathing problem- This is the SP acceptable answer

Explanation that SP gives- Many people have a tendency to hold their breath during strenuous activity like weight lifting. Known as the valsalva maneuver, this breathing issue, which involves exhaling forcibly without any air actually exiting the body, can limit oxygen delivery to the brain and cause dizziness, fainting, a spike in blood pressure and other complications.

Sometimes we just have to go with what they say... if I ever get an audience w/ Spark Guy, I'll ask about it.

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2/23/11 1:00 P

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I had been doing the quiz consistantly, but have stopped for a while. I would research the answers on the site, and sometimes come up with definitive answers that were marked wrong. Ithink I got all three right just once, but that's all.

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2/23/11 9:35 A

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Not much going on in the Texas Aggies Spark Team, so I thought that I would suggest an Aggie Quiz file of Trivia questions that we have encountered on SP.

So far I'm running 97% correct for this month (up from the abysmal 67% when I first started doing Spark Trivia at the beginning of my Spark journey)

Having a quiz file will give YOU a forum to post your questions of the day and get points, too, for posting... Join me in helping everybody nail that elusive 100% Correct status, will you?

I've been saving up for a few weeks so I have some questions and answers (and explanations) ready to go:
In no particular order:

True or False: Your body needs cholesterol to be healthy.
True- Cholesterol is a building block of body cells and hormones. It makes up 50 percent of your nervous system, and is necessary for metabolism. In moderate amounts, it is essential to good health. But the dangers of high cholesterol, including artery blockage and heart disease, are well-documented. Other studies suggest that very low cholesterol levels can also be harmful and dangerous. The key seems to be making sure your body has enough--but not too much. Read "What is Cholesterol?" to learn more.

True or False: Starches, sugar and fiber are all types of carbohydrates.
True- Carbohydrates include starches, sugars and fiber, which is an indigestible form of carbohydrate.

True or False: Alcohol is metabolized DIFFERENTLY than other foods and beverages.
True- Alcohol is metabolized differently than other foods and beverages. Under normal conditions, your body gets its energy from the calories in carbohydrates, fats and proteins that need to be slowly digested in the stomach but not when alcohol is present. When alcohol is consumed, it gets special privileges and needs no digestion. The alcohol molecules diffuse through the stomach wall as soon as they arrive and can reach the brain and liver in minutes. This reaction is slightly slowed when there is also food in your system, but as soon as the mixed contents enter the small intestine, the alcohol grabs first place and is absorbed quickly. The alcohol then arrives at the liver for processing. The liver places all of its attention on the alcohol. Therefore, the carbohydrates (glucose) and dietary fats are just changed into body fat, waiting to be carried away for permanent fat storage in the body.

True or False: For a muscle to get stronger, it has to get bigger.
False- The amount of force a muscle can generate depends not just on the size of the muscle fibers but also on the number of fibers that can be activated and used. Each time you challenge your muscles to do more than they usually do, they learn to use more of your existing muscle fibers. Muscle fibers won't start getting bigger until after you reach the point where you're activating most of them--and you can gain a lot of strength before you get to that point.

If you made chocolate chip cookies with half the chips called for in the recipe, how many calories would you save per cookie?
22- Use miniature chocolate chips in your cookies and reduce the amount by half. Though mini chips and regular size chips have the same nutritional content, by reducing the amount, you'll get more, smaller chips throughout the cookies. You'll save 1,050 calories per cup of chips you eliminate, or about 22 calories per cookie.

What does the 'glycemic index' rank?
Carbohydrate-containing foods- The Glycemic Index ranks carbohydrate-containing foods (on a scale from 0 to 100) based on their effects on blood sugar levels in the body.

True or False: If people only ate healthful foods like fruits and vegetables they would never gain weight.
False- Even healthful foods can result in weight gain. Although better for you than processed foods in numerous ways, too much of anything--even fruits and vegetables--can result in weight gain. It's all about calories in vs. calories out. That said, the calories you eat should come from the healthiest, most nutritious sources possible

True or False: Eating soup before your meal can help you consume fewer total calories during your meal.
True- Soup may curb your appetite. Studies show that people who eat broth or vegetable-based soups (not creamy or high-fat ones) as the first course of a meal consume fewer total calories during their meal. In fact, study participants consumed 20% fewer calories when they started their meal with soup!

True or False: Even if you are at a healthy weight, your risk for developing hypertension is greater if you do not exercise regularly.
True- Sedentary individuals have a higher risk for hypertension than individuals who are active. Regular exercise can lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. However, if you are overweight, your risk of developing high blood pressure is two to six times higher.

What is the most accurate method of measuring body fat percentage?
• BMI formula
• Skinfold calipers
• Handheld body fat analyzers
This one- Underwater weighing
• Bod Pod
Hydrostatic (underwater) weighing immerses a person in a large tank of water to calculate their body composition. Hydrostatic weighing is currently considered the "Gold Standard" of body composition analysis. It is the most accurate way to measure one’s body fat.

True or False: If you smoke, you should check with your doctor before starting a new fitness program.
True- A document called a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) can help you determine if you need a medical evaluation before starting an exercise program. You can get one here.

To build greater muscle strength, you should do ___ repetitions of each exercise.
• A - 8-10
• B - 12-15
• C - 18-20
• D - fewer
• E - more
• All of the above
This one- Both A and D
• Both C and E
If your goal is to build strength and muscle size, then aim for fewer reps (such as 8-10). Because you are doing fewer reps, you will need a heavier weight to reach muscle exhaustion in each set, so that's where the phrase "heavy weight, low reps" come from.

Help an Aggie out, won't you? Knowledge is power!

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