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1/13/11 3:18 P

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I have chosen to weigh in only once a week, wearing the same clothes, at the same time of day, and that works well for me. That way I don't worry about the little fluxes on the scale that happen from day to day, but still know I'm on track. Adjust your eating here and there, but don't try to adapt your eating to get back to your goal weight within a couple of days. Do that too often and you'll start an unhealthy eating trend that you can't maintain. Take it one day at a time and remember to ask yourself, "Am I really hungry? Is this something I really want? Is the portion size correct?" If you answer yes to all those questions, go for it!

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8/3/08 4:12 A

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I understand the frustration all to well. But I can fluctuate 5 lbs in once day. I know that sounds ridiculous . But I can weight 125 i the morning and 130 at night! I can weigh 125 and then take a shower and gain 3 lbs!! So I kinda have to judge by the mirror and my clothes in that case. Now when I'm 140 (15lbs over weight)I have to do the scale thing to get back down... but with 5 to 10 lbs. the scale is just confusing.

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8/1/08 11:15 A

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I agree with Foleyartist. Hormones, salt level, water retention and (this is gross) bowel movements can have a lot to do with our fluctuation in weight. Try to weigh yourself at consistent time during the day wearing the same thing. I always weigh myself at 1 pm (right after my workout) on the same scale wearing just a bra and underwear. That way I know that the weight loss is consistent.

Also, if you've been exercising, I bet you've gained some muscle. And sense you don't weigh much AT ALL, I bet that you've put on weight due to muscle mass. Which is awesome!!

Please make sure you're eating and drinking enough!! And don't let this little setback get you down.


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7/31/08 8:37 P

Okay, first of all, stay calm! It's actually NOT unusual at ALL to fluctuate 2 lbs. in 5 days in maintenance. Most of us in maintenance have a 5-lb "maintenance range" (example: 130-135 lbs) to account for this. Hormones, water levels, salt levels, etc. (and even whether you're weighing yourself at the same time of day, or after exercise, etc.), can all affect the number on the scale. So we only worry when we leave the RANGE, or when there's a consistent upward trend over a period of a few weeks.

Also, it does sound like you've starved yourself some days. I'm glad you're worried about that, because it's not a good thing! 800 calories is too little for an adult to eat in a day without going into starvation mode. What I would do is, take a deep breath, and then eat IN your range (not above your range, but not BELOW your range either!!) for a week. THEN weigh yourself for a few days, look at the scale trends, and see where you're at. That will be your "real" number that you need to decide how you feel about.

Also, check and make sure you've been getting your water! (And exercise.) These are keys to be consistent about. Fluctuation is normal, but letting water or exercise slip can lead to bad places. Just don't weigh yourself immediately after a workout, because the salt balance will be different in your body and you won't get a "real" reference number on the scale.

Finally, I know you're dedicated to being healthy, so I bet you've already asked yourself this, but--make sure you know WHY you want to weigh your goal weight and how you decided that number. In other words, make sure that weight is really a healthy one for your body given your height, build, and exercise level. Sometimes people gain weight even though they're getting healthier and losing inches, because muscle weighs more than fat, so the scale stops being as important as size and muscle tone. Sometimes people gain weight because their body is honestly trying to tell them "This weight is too little for me and I'm not healthy here!"

Of course, sometimes people (like me) gain a little because we ate a few extra cookies. That's normal, and as long as you get yourself back in control it DOESN'T have to mean anything. I've been in maintenance for almost 2 years, so take it from me!

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7/31/08 12:46 A

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Hi there…I started my weight loss on 15 June and a was 110 pounds. My goal weight is 100 lbs which was to be reached by end of july.
On 17 July, after a month of calorie counting and working out consistently, I came down to 104. I was thrilled…I’d not been down to this weight in so long and I felt great in my body which was much more toned….BUT THEN…came the vaca….and I promised myself to eat as healthy as possible….which I did…though of course everything is not in your control when ur eating out. But I stuck to healthier less fatty food and allowed myself occasional treats, but as far as possible counting calories….I was eating the amount of cals I would need to maintain my weight, which I thought would be fine…but when I came back after just 5 days….I’d gained 2.2 lbs…how on earth could I have gained that much in 5 days??it’s not like I was eating an elephant or anything! But I didn’t bother too much ..I knew that getting back on track would be easy. After a few days, I had to go out of town for about 4 days. And again, I was very conscious about what I was eating, tracking on spark whenever I could. I tried to make my own meals a few times so I’d be in control. I even worked out a little wenever I could…but when I came back…guess wat! I WAS UP TO 108 lbs! What the heck?? And both of these times I was eating just enough to maintain my weight…previously I never put on that much weight on such a short span of time…even if I’d eat more than I did on these occasions.

110 to 104(1 month)
104 to 106 (5 days)
106 to 108 (4 days)

I think that what went wrong is that my body went into “starvation mode” and got used to a lower calorie set point and when I took in few more cals enough to maintain my weight, my body instead stored it as fat cos of my now lower metabolic rate…I have to admit that I had on some days been eating about 800 cals when my intake recommended by sparkpeople was 1200-1500.So that’s where my mistake may have been. But still, most of the time I was taking about 1200 cals. SO NOW WHAT?? I wanted to lose weight and maintain it through this new healthy lifestyle…but I don’t want to be playing with my body and making it go haywire. I don’t want to put on weight again after such a huge effort..then wat’s the whole point??
What would be the best thing to do now?Calorie cycling?


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