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8/16/12 9:51 A

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I belong to a very large local running group (about 300 or so participants). It is a bit pricey to join but every time i have ever had a question or needed advice i would email my coach and get a response with a few hours or a day. He does not actually run with the group but he is at every session giving advice and feedback. With how much it costs i guess if i did not get any kind of feedback or advice i would probably be pissed lol... I know that this is his business so he runs it very professionally which is probably why he has so many people. He also knows each person by name and customizes training plans. On top of that he has resources that he can funnel people to for injuries or VO testing... etc.

So to answer your question, i guess it depends "how much" you paid to have this person coach you. Prior to joining this group i did belong to a Galloway group. It was much smaller, very nice people, very inexpensive but aside from that not much additional coaching or training. We were lucky we got a shirt for the cost!

In other words, you get what you pay for.

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8/12/12 2:56 P

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I can understand your anger, but to answer your question about what is reasonable to expect from a running coach, I would say, "It depends."

If you hired the coach to work with you one on and one and that coach ignored your e-mails for whatever reason, then that's not a good coach and I would find another. I say "ignored" because no one misses several e-mails from one person unless that person is suddenly sending messages with a new e-mail address. If you are working one on one and you're paying her a lot of money, then she should have called to check up on you.

However, if you're running as part of a group, then I wouldn't expect a call. As a previous person pointed out, coaches who work with groups have members dropping all the time for various reasons. It's not worth their time to call everyone who has missed a couple of sessions, regardless of whether they know why the person dropped out or not.

I hope you heal up soon, and are back to running so you can do your October 7 HM.


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8/12/12 2:41 P

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I personally would listen to my body with hte half marathon. If you have already walked one then you know that it is quite long if not then work up to the milage and see how you feel. If you are in pain when you increase the miles don't do it.

As for the running coach I have never had one but I do have a trainer for weights who is a runner. I expect and always get an answer to my emails. She would check in with me to see if I was healthy enough to schedule sessions but if I was off for 5 weeks I am pretty sure she would expect me to contact her when I was able. Not the other way around. They deal with a lot of clients and get a lot of emails so you may expect to much on that part but as for answering questions and responding to emails I would expect more. My trainer runs personal training like me and bootcamps with many people in them and still manages to answer questions and all of her emails.
Bottom line yes you have the absolute right to feel slighted. She should be apologizing.

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8/12/12 12:52 P

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I would have been very frustrated if this happened to me. Our paid running coach never runs with the group. After my initial rest time with icing and rolling, I would have shown up during one of the sessions and talked to him while the group was gone or while he was observing the track runs. I would never expect a followup phone call because so many people just drop out without notification, especially during the summer (I'm guilty of this so I didn't even sign up this summer) but an e-mail answer would definitely be expected.

As for your upcoming half marathon, best wishes with your training. Look at the course time limits, many people just walk a 4-hour time limit. If a shorter time limit, training "to finish" instead of a fast time or PR would probably be the best choice.

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8/12/12 8:28 A

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I understand why you're angry. I would be too.

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8/12/12 7:56 A

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if you had a (not so inexpensive at all) running coach and had about 6 sessions, which mostly went well
and you liked her and were also in the process of joining the group program she also worked at AND you developed excruciating pain during one of the group sessions and left early because of it,
and emailed her about it, and she said, ice it, take 2 days off, then try again and let me know
and you did and that was agonizing and you told her so and asked some questions
and she answered 5 days later saying she'd lost your mail but she hoped you were doing better,
and you wrote back 5 days later saying the doctor had said not to run for a while, no answer,
and then you wrote back 10 days later, after restarting with galloway walk/running and asking lots of questions, no answer
and 10 days later (a little more than a month since the onset of your tendonitis of the hip), you still hadn't heard from her,
is it unreasonable to be feel hurt and angry?
she claims she never got the emails, but she certainly got the one i expressed my anger in.
and it's all my fault for not calling her instead (we'd pretty much always communicated by email) -- she can't understand why i feel abandoned and hurt. she doesn't call clients. huh?
yes i realize i could have been more adult about it, and not asked if she always abandons her clients because they're hurt or wimpy, but is it really unreasonable to expect your running coach to check in occasionally on injured clients?
(cross posted to blog & my running teams)

coming up tomorrow
is an oct 7 half marathon possible or is it time to face reality?

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