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I didn't realize they had a team for
Joanna.I got to meet her a couple of
times before she passed away. A very
kind and gracious lady.

John 3:16 So God loved
the world he send his
only begotten son.

Rahh, it's the roar of
the CowardlyLion59!!

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JoAnna's Healthy Story, as told by her-

For twenty-eight years I was the diet queen of DeWitt, Iowa. I tried every diet I ever heard of, every one I could afford, and everyone that found its way to my small town in eastern Iowa. I was willing to try anything that promised to "melt off the pounds," determined to deprive my body in every possible way in order to become as thin at last.

I sent away for expensive "miracle" diet pills. I starved myself on the liquid diets. I gobbled diet candies, took thyroid pills, fiber pills, prescription and over-the-counter diet pills. I went to endless weight-loss support-group meetings - but managed to turn healthy programs such as Overeaters Anonymous, Weight Watchers, and TOPS into unhealthy diets ... diets I could never follow more than a few months.

I was determined to discover something that worked long-term, but each new failure increased my desperation that I'd never find it. I ate strange concoctions and rubbed on even stranger potions. I agreed to be hypnotized. I tried reflexology and even had an acupuncture device stuck in my ear!
Does my story sound a lot like yours? I'm not surprised. No wonder the weight-loss business is a billion-dollar industry! Every new thing I tried seemed to work - at least at first. And losing that first five or ten pounds would get me so excited, I'd believe that this new miracle diet would, finally, get my weight off for keeps.

Inevitably, though, the initial excitement wore off. The diet's routine and boredom set in, and I quit. I shoved the pills to the back of the medicine chest; pushed the cans of powdered shake mix to the rear of the kitchen cabinets; slid all the program materials out of site under my bed; and once more felt like a failure.

Like most dieters, I quickly gained back the weight I'd lost each time, along with a few extra "souvenir" pounds that seemed always to settle around my hips. I'd done the diet-lose-weight-gain-it-all-back "yo-yo" on the average of once a year. It's no exaggeration to say that over the years I've lost 1,000 pounds - and gained back 1,150 pounds.

Finally at the age of forty-six I weighed more than I'd ever imagined possible. I'd stopped believing that any diet could work for me. I Drowned my sorrows in sacks of cake doughnuts and wondered if I'd live long enough to watch my grandchildren grow up. Something had to change. I had to change.

Finally, I did.

I'm just over fifty now - and I'm 130 pounds less than my all-time high of close to 300 pounds. I've kept the weight off for more than five years. I'd like to lose another ten pounds, but I'm not obsessed about it. If it takes me two or three years to accomplish it, that's okay. What I do care about is never saying hello again to any of those unwanted pounds I said goodbye to!

How did I jump off the roller coaster I was on? For one thing, I finally stopped looking to food to solve my emotional problems. But what really shook me up - and got me started on the path that changed my life - was Operation Desert Storm in early 1991. I sent three children off to the Persian Gulf war - my son-in-law, Matt, a medic in Special Forces; my daughter, Becky, a full-time college student and member of a medical unit in the Army Reserve; and my son, James, a member of the Inactive Army Reserve reactivated as a chemicals expert. Somehow, knowing that my children were putting their lives on the line got me thinking about my own mortality - and I knew in my heart the last thing they needed while they were overseas was to get a letter from home saying their mother was ill because a of food-related problem. The day I drove the third child to the airport to leave for Saudi Arabia, something happened to me that would change my life for the better - and forever. I stopped praying my constant prayer as a professional dieter, which was simply "Please, God, let me lose ten pound by Friday." Instead, I began praying, "God, please help me not to be a burden to my kids and my family "

I quit praying for what I wanted and started praying for what I needed - and in the process my prayers were answered. I couldn't keep the kids safe - that was out of my hands - but I could try to get healthier to better handle the stress of it. It was the least I could do on the home front. That quiet prayer was the beginning of the new JoAnna Lund. My initial goal was not to lose weight or create healthy recipes. I only wanted to become healthier for my kids, my husband, and myself.

Each of my children returned safely from the Persian Gulf war. But something didn't come back - the 130 extra pounds I'd been lugging around for far too long. I'd finally accepted the truth after all those agonizing years of suffering through on-again, off-again dieting. There are no "magic" cures in life. No "magic" potion, pill, or diet will make unwanted pounds disappear. I found something better than magic, if you can believe it. When I turned my weight and health dilemma over to God for guidance, a new JoAnna Lund and Healthy Exchanges were born.

I discovered a new way to live my life - and uncovered an unexpected talent for creating easy "common folk" healthy recipes, and sharing my commonsense approach to healthy living. I learned that I could motivate others to change their lives and adopt a positive outlook. I began publishing cookbooks and a monthly food newsletter, and speaking to groups all over the country.

I like to say, "When life handed me a lemon, not only did I make healthy, tasty lemonade, I wrote the recipe down!" What I finally found was not a quick fix or a short-term diet but a great way to live well for a lifetime. I want to share it with you!

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10/7/07 1:58 P

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JoAnna Lund is the creator of Healthy Exchanges. One of her primary books is HELP, which is the abbreviation for her program-

H-Healthy Eating
E-Moderate Exercise
L-Lifetime Changes
P-Positive Attitude

She has authored over 50 cookbooks, and has a ongoing monthly Newsletter, since 1991, and many cookbooklets.

She had Four requirements for all her recipes she published.

1. Must be Healthy.

2. Must be Easy to Make.

3. Must be As tasty and good as it looks.

4. Must be Made from ingredients found in her small home town of DeWitt, Iowa.

If you are interested in hew Newsletter, go to her official site . There is a Free Sample Newsletter, from January 2002. Or call the office direct at (563)659-8234 and they will send you a free sample newsletter, for the month we are in, for instance this month is October so they will send you a October Newsletter, it just won't be a current issue from this year, it will be from a year gone by. If you call in March, it will be a newsletter from March, from a year gone by.

JoAnna had IBC, Inflamatory Breast Cancer, and died in May 2006 from it's complications. Yet, her recipes, and Newsletter lives on! And in fact even a new book will be released in December 2007! She has enough recipes on file for the Newsletter to continue to be printed for another 20 years, with 30+ recipes printed each month with out any repeated recipes!

If you decide to subscribe to the Newsletter, which I just love! And give direct credit for my 100 lb weight loss, use me as your referal, Heather Woodford, in Jamaica, NY. I will get one free month, and you will get a deep discount on any books you buy.

Right now Gina, her good friend, and long time employee is now running Healthy Exchanges, along with editing, and publishing the Healthy Exchanges Newsletter.

HE is the abbreviation for Healthy Exchanges.

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