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TOPIC:   Thursday 

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9/26/13 10:01 P

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This has been a crazy day. They changed my chemo app't from 8 a.m. until 12;30. Probably didn't have a chair available. They only have 6. If I was having chemo at the hospital they probably have 30 or more. The smaller group is nice. I just read and take Readers Digest for DH to catch up on. Lately there hasn't been another man for him to chat with.

Well I was hooked up to the saline and then the nurse is looking for my chemo. Looking all over for my chemo. She said she ordered it on Tues. and FedEx should have delivered it yesterday. It doesn't need refrigeration so not in there. It is only about 1/2 cup of clear liquid in a drip bag. I asked where it was coming from and she said Louisiana. FedEx said someone there had signed for it and several of the staff came in to help her look. Finally the small box was found under two larger boxes. We were home by 3 p.m.

Jan, I guess the grocery stores are trying to get their construction done before winter sets in. One of our mini malls where there is a grocery store and Kohl's has the biggest mess redoing their parking lot. I bet business is way down.

Patty, I had some pumpkin/peach yarn I used for the stripes to get rid of it. Three stripes each 2 rows and I ended up with about 12" of yarn left. Next time I'll use red. Does your brother have any apples for picking this year?

Judy, I can see you getting the walk from the car to your apartment but not carrying a load of laundry. As I've been cleaning cabinets it has been a good time to see what items are needed. I find I had cook and serve choc. pudding mix but no vanilla. I try to keep a small supply of jello and pudding boxes on hand.

I had a nice note from DIL that she and DS are going to work on their marriage. I think they just need to work on getting out into the community and get involed with something to meet people. DS said they never argue or fight and I believe him. Neither one are the type. He works too much and she is bored and gets depressed. In my opinion they need to change their life style. They stay up at night until about 2 a.m. and then sleep late into the morning. Breakfast is at lunch time, lunch is about 4 p.m. and supper is around 8:30 p.m. She is not a good sleeper. Probably part of her depression.

Ann in San Diego

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9/26/13 7:37 P

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nope, not cousins from Oregon, but cousins from down writer cousin ...she had 3 books published this year, and will have at least 3 more next year...I am so proud of her...


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PEACEFULHOME's Photo SparkPoints: (55,387)
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9/26/13 6:31 P

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Good afternoon,

I went to Safeway this morning and they are reburbishing the inside of that store. So Fred Meyer is all torn up with construction and now Safeway is moving things around. I like the Safeway Just For You program. I got two free items today. One little splurge I made today was on two little sugar pumpkins in a mesh bag with spices and directions on how to bake them and use them for pie filling. I was surprised you just wash and bake the whole pumpkin and then cool, scoop the innard out after that. It said you could toss the seeds or save for roasting.

It's a beautiful day. Rains coming back tomorrow so I want to soak this in.

Ann, Someone I know once said she cooks bacon for company in the oven but no clue how she did that. If you try it, let us know. I do mine in the skillet (whole package) and then freeze what I don't use. The oven method could be nice if it doesn't make a mess. My oven already needs cleaning from the last pie I baked. No excuse - I have one of those under pie gizmos that catches dripping but I didn't use it.

Patty, That's great your sister will help out with dinner. Hope you have a good time with the cousins. Are these the ones from Oregon?

Judy, Mums the word on the baking soda. Hope you find the other missing things. It will be nice having dinner with your daughter and family. It's great you are managing walking a bit farther but good the chair is getting repaired.


Pacific NW Time Zone PDT

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GRAMMAJUDY1's Photo Posts: 3,348
9/26/13 6:01 P

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Good afternoon,

I put the baking soda on my list, Patty. I find it interesting that the only things I have missed since I moved are really basic items. Measuring spoons, baking soda, bowls, specifically bowls made for mixing I think I must have missed a couple of boxes. I have to go back up shortly so I will check then.

It occurred to me that Christmas is coming and unless I turn on my big oven I won't be making any cookies this year. I have made cookies for most of my life. I love decorating them. I guess I am going to have to give in and turn on the big oven,. There will be a side benefit, I will be able to use my Romertopf pans. They do a better job than slow cookers for fix it and forget it meals.

I am headed over to my daughter's to do my laundry today. I will have dinner there and then come home. I will lose my parking place in the interim and will have to walk a very long way to get to my apartment. I think that long walk is the only drawback to doing laundry over there. Since my chair is only just now getting back to work I have been doing a lot of extra walking and perhaps the walk in from the distant parking area will not be so painful.

I'll see you again tomorrow.

Love, Judy emoticon

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Posts: 2,476
9/26/13 9:19 A

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Good morning Girls,
Judy, just put it on your list, the baking soda, and don't tell anyone but us...we won't

Ann, that sounds really pretty with the red, give it a bit of POP...

The 26th of Sept...where has the time gone...I do not know...

My cousin called yesterday, the one I see on thurs...well, she is not available today, so I will come home after lunch...and crochet of course,...what else would I do?

I am anxious to see all those stripes in the afghan. So far I have 3 colors, and I want the 5 colors, to see what it will look like, know what I mean?

Nothing else going on here today...

Planning meals for cousin or cousins here for the weekend, and sis of course...she says, do not start cooking until she gets here, as she wants to help me...bless her heart...
Ann, sis is Kathy on the HE group at yahoo

ok girls, have a good day. eat healthy, drink water, know the drill


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