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TOPIC:   Sunday 

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GRAMMAJUDY1's Photo Posts: 3,348
7/29/13 2:16 A

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Good evening,

These last two days have been hectic. Yesterday my daughter, Amanda, and I went up the mountain to gather more of my stuff. Because we were in a hurry we didn't do a lot of sorting. There is a garage sale coming up for my TOPS group here and I will have plenty to contribute. All ready I have one medium packing box full and am ready to start on a second. I will have a great deal more if I can get back up the mountain before the sale.

We got home fairly early yesterday evening, but we were both exhausted so she brought up a few things yesterday and she and her son brought up the rest today. I am ever so glad she lives close now.

Amanda also invited me to go down to their place to do my laundry so before she left yesterday I had her take my laundry downstairs so I could take her up on her invitation. There are machines here, but they cost a lot and I can do the laundry at her house for practically nothing. I did notice today that she is nearly out of soap and bleach and I have those to contribute. I think that it will work out fine for a while at least.

Nina, I am so sorry that you are having difficulties with the DIL again. Eventually things will smooth out, but for the moment you and the children have my prayers. BTDT and I just watched my granddaughter having similar problems with his ex-wife. It is too bad when children become the collateral damage as their parents fight to keep a close relationship with them.

I am exhausted tonight. The weather has been delightfully cool the past couple of days so I have done a great deal more physical work than usual. I guess taking advantage of the good weather is about to end for a short time. I will catch up on my rest eventually.

See you all later,

Love, Judy emoticon

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NANASKNOLLAZ's Photo Posts: 229
7/29/13 1:34 A

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Jan - thanks for the prayers - yes I wish she would think about the kids too.
Ann-all your Ex stuff sound like a night mare but I am trying to just get use to the idea and just go on with my life. Just try and be there for the kids.

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Posts: 5,802
7/28/13 10:49 P

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Not much going on here this week end. Yesterday we had lunch out with the EX square dancers. Two ladies came that hadn't been in a while. One of the square dance ladies is a widow. Her husband use to be a square dance caller. She grew up on a village on the Rock of Gibraltar. When she was 13 the government gave them two hours to get ready to relocate to Germany or France. I think it was France that threatened to invade the island. Then later they go to go back to Gibraltar and were later relocated to England where she finished school. Not sure what brought her to the U.S. I never knew there was a village on Gibraltar. I thought it was just a rock.

Nina, from our experience with the EX DIL your situation isn't going to run smoothly for some time. Just don't let it get you down. Right now DS and the EX share 50/50 during the school year. During the summer is one week at mom's and one week at dad's. That works out so they can get vacation time in. GS will be 15 in Nov The EX will not pay one penny towards his school activities or sports. Even on her week or days she rarely will take him to practice. GS is just lucky Aunt Sue gets off work at 2:15 and can be the taxi.. Helping GS with school work is another problem. Mom thinks he's old enough to do his home work with out her help or being sure it is done. DS has even had him tutored in the past and of course the EX won't contribute to that either. She makes very good money as a CPA for a company. Has a new car, diesel truck and a toy hauler. She did have a boat but I think that is gone now. Her motor cycles were stolen and I don't think she as replaced them. DS and she get along o k but DS always has some gripe.

I've been reading today while DH went to GS baseball game. They played a team from Seattle. I didn't know the high school played traveling teams. He will be a freshman next month and plays on a freshman team.

Ann in San Diego

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PEACEFULHOME's Photo SparkPoints: (55,459)
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Posts: 5,173
7/28/13 4:12 P

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Good afternoon,

I've had a headache and the yucky feeling that goes along with it since I got up. Took Excedrin awhile ago so things should be getting better. The weather is a bit different and I think the pressure changes caused it. So we missed church this morning which was out at the lake at a covered area with a potluck following.

DS#2 will be going home this afternoon so I'm glad to have time to spend with him.

Nina, I'm sorry to hear your son's ex is choosing not to cooperate. I wish she'd consider what is best for those children. I'm glad you were able to situate things so she doesn't have to come there to retrieve her things. Thinking and praying for you and your family.

Patty, You've been doing good at your goals. Keep up the good work.


Pacific NW Time Zone PDT

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NANASKNOLLAZ's Photo Posts: 229
7/28/13 3:15 P

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Good morning Patty and those that follow

Did not go to church today. I am sitting on heat pad with sore muscles.

My son and us did a lot of moving boxes in the last few days. DS was sorting through the storage that had his and his ex boxes in it. We moved his and some of our stuff to another storage unit. We also had things in the garage, so we sorted and boxed and moved it to the ex's storage. Now I do not have to deal with her coming here with her family to move back to Show Low.

EX did not bring the kids in time for orientation and she did not do the summer schooling the judge ordered. So now we know she is going to be difficult about educating her kids. So DS had to have a meeting with lawyer to find out what he can do and get more specifics for the 50/50 with the kids. Praying the judge signs the extras of the final decree of the divorce. So it has been an emotional and physical stress on us all. I am sure we will all get through it. In between all that we have been house hunting as we have to find a new place to rent or buy.
At least it was we did have a productive week.

Will be helping a friend take care of her animals while she is in Phoenix taking classes as a Special Ed teacher. Another busy week. Kids will be coming on the 2nd but do not know if we will see them till the 14th when school starts.

Chat later

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Posts: 2,477
7/28/13 2:58 P

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Afternoon Girls,
We just got home from town...had a nice time. Went to lunch to goodwill, did not find anything to buy...dropped some yarn off for Sis, then came home.

How was yesterday?

did you move?

did you drink your water?

did you stick to your lifestyle food plan?

Let's make today a healthy day.

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