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4/12/13 3:11 A

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We don't have many old pictures like you've told us about. My parents were married in 1937. They eloped and there were very few pictures of them during that time. There were a few pictures taken of me when I was little, but I don't recall any baby pictures. During the war, my mother took more pictures to send to uncles who were overseas. Then after my sisters were born and the war ended my parents started taking a lot of pictures. I have many of those pictures.

About the dropping blood sugar levels. Are you eating some protein with every meal and snack. I read somewhere, probably here, that protein will help to stabilize your sugar levels. If you are already eating protein with every meal and snack I would increase the amount and decrease the amount of carbs.

Louise, I am surprised that you think blueberries made your daughter ill. I've never heard of anything like that. There is always something new. I hope that she is getting better by now.,

Ann, you cracked me up with your quip about your hair and my birds. I know it isn't funny, especially when you've just gotten your hair long enough to go to the hairdressers. They way you said it was very funny.

I put my collected hair out this morning for the birds to take. I will put out more dog hair on Sunday while my son is here. Tomorrow is doctor day so I will be in Seattle all day. Then after the doctor's appointments I will head north to Anacortes to see my youngest son and maybe his daughters. Saturday evening he and I will return south to Fife where we will stop at a casino and see Jerry Lewis. We will come back here after that and then late on Sunday I will take him back to Anacortes and return home Monday morning. I will take my computer with me so that I can check in on Saturday. I don't want to lose my attendance streak now.

See you all later,

Love, Judy emoticon

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4/11/13 4:11 P

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Patty, I'm sorry you have having trouble keeping your blood lever where you want it to be. There must be some info on line that might help you. I had a bunch of 8 MM films put on VHS tapes. I haven't looked at them in years. Just pictures we had taken over the years of the kids.

Louise, sorry your DD is ill. Strange that she might have gotten sick on blueberries. Glenna would be the one that might have been in touch with Sarah. We haven't heard from her in a while.

I bit the bullet this morning and washed my hair over and over again. Not much left as there is more skin than hair. Judy, your birds would have loved that mess for their nests. I could not stand hair every where any longer. All over the velour robe that is navy and not fun picking the hair off. I have a light blue robe but you can't see the hair on it. Now they are both in the washer and probably ready for the dryer. I'll have DD bring the clippers over and finish what hair is left. Maybe my head will stop itching.

Ann in San Diego

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4/11/13 2:53 P

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Good Morning Patty and all who will follow!

Well, I had plans to go walking around one of the parks here in Arizona. However, DD called from work and she was throwing up and too sick to drive home. So we went and got her. We think she ate some bad blueberries. Anyway, still sick but in between trying to sleep.

I want to make sure she is all right. So we are staying close to home. I guess it does not matter what age your children are (she is 34) a parent is still concerned for them.

Well, not much is happening! Has anyone heard from Sarah?



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4/11/13 9:20 A

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Good morning Girls,
lunch at senior center today.
I cancelled the Thursday date with my cousin today. Bad weather, and my blood sugar keeps dropping low without warning. I don't think I should drive.

Any suggestions on keeping it up in the safe zone?

Just got home. We left at 11 for lunch at senior center, then went to brother's house. He had taken some 8 and 16 mm films, and had them put on DVD's for us. He wanted us to come over and watch it with him...
Mom and Dad's wedding day. They looked so happy. Mom was always smiling, I remember, unless she was mad...then watch out...

then I stopped at 87 year old cousins house to drop off one of the DVD's, so they could watch it and see herself when she was young...she could probably also help with the people there...

I was able to see my Mom's Dad, Granpa, be in health and robust. I only knew him after he had strokes and was bedridden...I was 4 when he died. memories, aren't they great...thanks for going down memory lane with me...I miss my Mom...a lot...even being ill with dementia, I miss her

Have a good day.

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