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TOPIC:   Wednesday, March 13th 

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GRAMMAJUDY1's Photo Posts: 3,348
3/14/13 11:39 A

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Good morning Jan and all,

It is nice to see you again Jan, I miss you when you aren't here. We are having the rain up here, but no flowers yet. The pussy willow a few hundred feet lower has bloomed and gone to green, but up here nothing yet. I can see the buds on the trees where the leaves will be, but they are still very small and certainly not ready to open.

Yesterday after the TOPS meeting Gidget's groomers gave me a grocery bag filled with the hair from two of their dogs with very silky soft hair. I heard the call of a varied thrush and a warbler shortly after I got home so I started spreading the hair. It has rained steadily since then so I imagine the hair is getting wet, but I will go out and spread more today.

Today is my monthly food bank volunteering day. I am excited because I missed last month and I really look forward to my work at the food bank. I wish I could find more volunteer jobs like this one.

One of the exciting things about working today is I have finely discarded enough weight to change a size. It will be interesting to see if anyone notices. I hope so, but they may not. People who must utilize food banks are generally so wrapped up in themselves and their problems to notice what is happening with the staff. Still, some might notice. If they do I can recommend Spark People and TOPS, both of which are affordable for the people who have little or no money to spare.

Gidget's green shamrocks are fading. Her hair grows really fast. I suppose I could darken them, but I don't know if the ink her groomer uses is the same as I have here. I wouldn't want to put anything on her that might harm her.

Well, today I put my nose back to my personal grindstone. I have not eaten as I should for two days and it will show next weigh-in. I will keep better track of my intake today and work more on exercise. I got the results from the Dexa scan that was done recently and it shows some bone loss. To regain the bone lost I have to add more exercise to my day. I can do that. I have all the tools and equipment I need, I just have to use them as I have been taught.

So right now I will be getting done with my sign-in and reporting and then will come exercise. I'll see you all later, if not today, then tomorrow.

Love, Judy emoticon

 current weight: 248.0 

PEACEFULHOME's Photo SparkPoints: (55,717)
Fitness Minutes: (19,171)
Posts: 5,185
3/14/13 10:25 A

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Dropping in to say "hi".

Ann, I hope this rotation of chemo goes well for you. Too bad about the haircut. We don't have your blast of spring weather yet - rain mode again. There are lots of daffodils blooming and I have crocuses.

Patty, I can't imagine you being lazy.

Judy, Good point about perfectionism. My TOPS installation/awards ceremony is next Wednesday.

Louise, How are you and your family?


Pacific NW Time Zone PDT

 current weight: 212.4 

SparkPoints: (86,393)
Fitness Minutes: (23,689)
Posts: 12,292
3/14/13 12:44 A

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I will post more tomorrow but Ann I want you to know that I have been praying for you and will continue praying for you.


 Pounds lost: 9.0 

GRAMMAJUDY1's Photo Posts: 3,348
3/13/13 10:11 P

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Hi Ann, Patty and everyone else,

I went to TOPS today. We had our area Captain as our guest for the installation of our new/returning officers. He gave a marvelous program that was, for me, extremely inspiring. I wish you could all have heard it. The theme was We're only human. What a powerful message to those of us who are perfectionists.

Did you know why some of us have such a difficult time getting started with projects. It is because we are perfectionists and we know we will not be satisfied if the task isn't finished perfectly. That is the story of my life. I struggle to get things done perfectly. However, when my daughter told me why I have difficulty getting started things got much easier. I have given myself permission to make a few mistakes along the way. I am getting a lot more done these days, and having a lot more fun doing them. I have even gotten to the point where I enjoy, occasionally, doing dishes and I am still very much a perfectionist about that task.

Have you noticed that I've tried to refrain from using the word, "chore"? The implication of the word is for me very negative so I have replaced that word with task, or project or any other word that fits the occasion.

So Patty, perhaps you weren't being lazy, just figuring out how to do a task to perfection.

Ann, I have to say you are one tough lady. I am learning so much from you about maintaining a positive attitude. Keep up the good work, you are following in another tough lady's footsteps. JoAnna was an inspiration.

See you all again later.

Love, Judy emoticon

 current weight: 248.0 

Posts: 2,481
3/13/13 7:24 P

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Patty is here , just being lazy.

 current weight: 200.6 

Posts: 5,811
3/13/13 5:26 P

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With Patty missing I hope she's not sick again.

Finally at my Dr. office we have a new plan. Chemo will start on Tues. and on a 3 week rotation. Week 1 chemo, week 2 lab work, week 3 dr. app't. Then we start over again. You can see we won't be going any where. This chemo will be one I'll probably lose my hair again. (just after I got a hair cut today) the dr. office can't give this chemo so I will have to go to the hospital out patient clinic. that will be a lot easier drive in the mornings Traffic isn't so bad in that direction. Still will have the same dr. following me. I think this will only be one bag of chemo so probably in and out quicker.

Ran a couple of errands after the hair cut and pedicure. Tomorrow I must get busy and get my ironing caught up. Spring is coming ladies. For the second day in a row I've had the front door open.

Edited by: ANNINSD at: 3/13/2013 (17:34)
Ann in San Diego

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