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2/28/13 10:08 A

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I've head of that cheesecake but never had the recipe, this is my favorite of Jo's recipes for cheesecake. I don't care for the cherry sauce, but I love the cheesecake part. I think some her sugar free jam would be better on top!

My favorite "milk shake" recipe is

1 cup strawberries
1 cup milk or liquid of some kind-this works with ANY milk, soy, almond, etc etc. I haven't found one it doesn't work with. Sometimes I will also do like 2/3 milk, and 1/3 juice like oj, to give it a twist!
sweetener to taste-Stevia or whatever
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

blend till smooth

Glad you have a good caregiver. I wish my mom could get one that's not a crack head! ARG! One of my mom's life long friends just died last week, never could find a good caregiver. And she was so young! (only in her 40's). :( She had been super morbidly obese for decades though. And started having bowel problems, died in the hospital after surgery.

Ann a lot of my family has had that surgery. All except I believe my dad, has to wear reading glasses. I would love to have it some day!

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2/28/13 1:44 A

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Hello everyone,

I'm feeling on top of the world tonight! Today was TOPS and I got there after five weeks when I couldn't make it. I couldn't believe I'd lost eleven and a quarter pounds during those five weeks. I am so grateful for that.

When I got home, Gloria, was cleaning the refrigerator. She has everything from the door out on the floor. She and I went through all that stuff and I decided what to keep and what to discard. It looked for a while as if I weren't going to discard much. When she got to the shelves though, I started a wholesale discard. The only things I was concerned about keeping were things I cannot replace. She emptied the waste basket twice and it was almost too heavy for her to carry the first time. We filled the trashcan. Now we get to tackle the freezer on the frig and then the chest freezer outside. There will be a lot more discarded there.

Gloria's supervisor visited for a few minutes late this afternoon. She has to do an in person interview with clients every six months. Nothing had changed, except she finally found a good caregiver for me. I am happy.

I ate a weird lunch today. Three wasa thin crackers, one and a half tablespoons of ricotta divided among them and the same amount of garlic jalapeno jelly on top of the cheese. Yum! I added eight spears of asparagus to the meal and was thoroughly satisfied.

Its past dinner time now and my blood sugar reading was still high a while ago so I am not going to eat much tonight. I'll probably go down and get a chicken breast out of the freezer and heat it up. I can also have some spinach because now I can find it. I could even have some cheese, but it doesn't appeal right now.

I've been hungry for corn lately. I am going to have to eat some before I start bingeing with a vengence. I did some of that last night and paid the price. I was ill during the night and got very little sleep. I don't want to do that again.

I am trying to remember how I made "cheesecake" when I was in Weight Watchers. I had a great recipe that called for Knox gelatin, crushed pineapple, ricotta cheese and was topped with blueberries. If any of you know that recipe please post it for me. I think I have reconstructed the strawberry "milkshake" recipe. I am going to try it as soon as I can buy some frozen strawberries.

I am going to take my "High" off and see what mischief I can get into.

See you all tomorrow.

Love, Judy emoticon

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2/27/13 9:25 P

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Good Evening all. Not a lot going on here. I took DH to the eye doctor so he could have laser treatment on his eyes to make adjustments after cataract surgery that was a month ago. I think when I get ready for my cataract surgery I will have the old fashion one and just continue to wear glasses. DH had a new proceedure that is suppose to eliminate glasses but I think he is still going to need them for reading.

It has been a nice sunny day but still on the windy side. DH found out tonight DS, DD and GS need a ride to the airport tomorrow. They are flying to Tampa for baseball spring training games. DS said I thought I told you about this trip. We'll be back on Tuesday. DS birthday is the 29th but we generally celebrate it on the 28th. I guess our dinner out celebration won't be until they get back. We seem to have a lot of trouble getting together for dinners out.

Ann in San Diego

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2/27/13 12:02 P

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Granny Square came up with a EXCELLENT come back thread. Our old book club! I loved having a book club. I'm sure hoping we can continue it. If you know any one else who would be interested in joining it, please please invite them to this team! I think the more people the more fun it is!

That being said, we used to call it a book club. Would you like to start having the book club threads in the Newsletter and book forum, or would you like me to make up a new forum just for the book club. (it would be under this forum-the General Team Discussion Forum).

I'm already working on putting HELP in to mastercook. Granny and I have decided we're doing the Diabetic Healthy Exchanges Cookbook next month. I don't think I will be putting it into MC since all the recipes are in former newsletters, and I'm working on getting ALL the newsletter recipes into MC already. BUT, if any one wants to put the Diabetic Healthy Exchanges Cookbook into MC, I'll be more then happy to upload it to our yahoo group!

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