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2/15/13 4:40 A

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Good early morning everyone,

Yesterday I got to see my three granddaughters. We had Valentine treats including the mini cupcakes and raspberry frosting made with the Trader Joe's freeze dried raspberries. That was the best flavored frosting I've ever had. You all should try it sometime. Mini cupcakes are perfect two bites each. That is plenty if we are watching our weight. I won't tell you how many bites I had.

Nina, When I was in college ( 1985-1987) we all went to the U of Oregon football games and after the games we had all our friends over for a sort of potluck dinner. One of the main features were frostys. I would go up to the Wendy's just a couple of blocks from our home and get twenty chocolate frostys. This happened after several home games and finally the waitress asked me what we did with so many frostys. I had to confess we spiked them with rum. That was a great drink and no one got silly. I hadn't thought about that in ages.

I have some wonderful memories of those days. Going to college with your grown children is truly fun.

Love, Judy emoticon

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2/14/13 9:27 P

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Happy Valentines everyone. emoticon emoticon

Hubby and I went for a little ride to see where the kids church camp was. It really is not that far from us. I had not been out in days because of the weather. It was nice to get out.
On the way back home, hubby got me a Frosty at Wendys one of my favorites. He knows I cannot have a lot so he got me the smallest one. Just enough.
We both exchanged cards. My hubby made mine and drew a flower on it.

Sounds like all of you had a good day.


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2/14/13 1:56 P

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I made up my mind last night when I went to bed that I was going to buy a Select Comfort mattress for the house. We have one in the motor home but two years ago I bought our 3rd or 4th Simmons Beautyrest mattress. I hate it. You can't turn them and it is so heavy I can not tuck in the sheets and blankets. Seems I've gotten a tunnel and it feels like something is sticking into my side. I sure can't feel anything but so uncomfortable when I go to bed. So I've been looking at the varies models of Select Comfort on line. We do have a store not far away.

Judy, you sure had a nice day yesterday. I haven't even gotten my DH a card for today. I should have done that when I went to the store last week to pick up a prescription but didn't. I think I will take a shower and go to the produce store and if the bananas are ripe I'll make him a banana cream pie.

Jan, good for you for getting the prize for another loss at tops. Chocolate sure sounds good to me. I can eat it now.

This week of dr. app't isn't going to end. DH went to the Dr. this morning to get a referal for a sun spot on his ear. He got to meet the new Nurse Practioner and agreed she is very nice. He's been having stomach bothering him and tomorrow will have an ultra sound. I hope next week is better. I just have a tax app't on my calendar.

Ann in San Diego

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2/14/13 1:07 P

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Good morning, emoticon

I got up, made coffee and started our oatmeal. DH brought out a beautiful heart shaped box of chocolates. He said he thought I would enjoy them (YES!) and be able to portion them properly (another yes). I gave him a container of cashews (his fave).

It's been a lazy morning. This afternoon is the once a month Bible study for women at church.

I've got a pile of newsletters by my chair. Don't have the canned cherries for one recipe so I'll keep looking.

Judy, Sounds like a nice trip to Anacortes and how great the trip back was a good one being able to use the HOV. I haven't been in Seattle area traffic for some time but it can be hair-raising.

Hope everyone is having a great day.


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2/14/13 11:35 A

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Good Morning and Happy Valentines Day!

I am curious how each of you is celebrating this day. I am in Anacortes with my son. I had intended to go back home either last night or this morning depending on how tired I was. Well we got up here fairly late last night and he wanted me to try his malt liquor and his cheese, both of which he mad himself. The liquor was probably the best home brewed liquor I've ever tasted. I am hoping he'll make some more. I hate the tast of hops, but this had no hops in it. It was water, yeast and sugar. I couldn't begin to explain what he told me about how he made it. He told me over the period of a year that he was experimenting. He finally hit on the right combination and the product was well worth the effort.

Don't get me wrong, i rarely drink and as I said I don't like beer because of the hops. An occasional glass of wine is plenty for me. I should have qualified that further, a small glass of wine is a big plenty for me. I think he poured me perhaps two ounces and I liked it so he poured me another couple of ounces. That was enough that I didn't think it was wise for me to try to drive for another five hours to get home. So I made plans to stay.

Wonder of wonders, his soon to be former, wife needed him to fill in for their older daughter who was supposed to bring her youngest sister home from school and stay with her until the oldest girl got home from school. Well, babysitter daughter made a Valentines date with her boyfriend and wasn't going to be available. I get to see my youngest granddaughter today.

Alex and I baked mini cupcakes night before last and he brought them home with him. I had him pack butter and powdered sugar too. Last night I sent him to the store where he got cream and vanilla. We are set to make frosting so his daughter who is ten, can make frosting and frost her mini cupcakes. I am thrilled. I had him pick up some Valentine cookies and candies so she could have a small party with her dad and me. I am so excited I have only seen her once in the past three years. This is going to be a great day!

The drive up here yesterday was very pleasant. We came through Seattle during the first part of rush hour, but I pulled off to go to Cost Plus World Market. I wanted to pick up some of the wonderful curry catsup that Michael found there. I got that and several fruit spreads to put in the yogurt that Alex and I made Tuesday evening. Carol likes fruited yogurt. The stuff we made tastes good without the fruit. But, I got a nice wide selection for her. I think she will be happy.

I did find the catsup, and some sparkly metallic Easter egg boxes that Alex will fill for the girls, some lovely glasses, I don't know if they are for wine or something like that, they are just pretty and I got two of them and two practical glasses for everyday. I had no glasses at home. I was embarrassed to have to serve Alex in cups. He hadn't been to my house in years. He had been in California for at least four years and he hadn't been down to my house since he got back here. So now I have some glasses.

When we got back on the highway the traffic was quite heavy but there was a break just as we got on which gave me the opportunity to get into the HOV lane and i stayed there until we got near our exit. It was one of the smoother trips up here that I have ever had.

I will fill you in later on how the day goes.

Love, Judy
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