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TOPIC:   Saturday 

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12/22/12 2:28 P

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Good Morning. The sun it out here too but still cold outside.

Louise, I ran our heater all day yesterday and kept the family room, and two bedrooms shut up.

Patty, your snow pictures are lovely but please don't send any this way. I don't have the snow clothes.

Judy, if you wil click on you can pull up a 23 page guide on thier gluten free foods. I bet our local store doesn't carry them all but there is good information there on gluten free items. I made a copy of it and put it in a thin 3 ring binder for DD. It will be easy for her to read with out lots of detail.

I got the few gifts wrapped yesterday and still have two items coming in the mail. I hope they arrive no later than Monday.

DH went to DS's shop to do a plumbing job but just now came home and said he didn't break anything and the job was easier than he thought. I can't believe DS can't fix these things. His brother certainly could. I guess having dad do them is easier.

Ann in San Diego

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GRAMMAJUDY1's Photo Posts: 3,348
12/22/12 1:15 P

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Good morning everyone,

It is clearing here today. There is actually blue sky visible and that is really unusual as far as I am concerned. I haven't checked to see what is happening at home, but I would guess that there is snow and clouds.

I have to call to remind people to feed and water my bird. He doesn't need to be fed often, every other day seems to be his schedule. I think because his dish is very large he can't eat everything in one day. I lost my other bird several weeks ago. He was very old so that was no surprise. Oliver though, is very young. I like to hear his song in my room. I hope to get another bird for a companion for Oliver before very long.

Things are quiet here. Amanda, my daughter is off for the weekend and Khalil, her husband will be going to work shortly. One grandson is away until this evening and the other is asleep.

The grandson that is away is at a wrestling tournament. He has been trying to get his weight down to wrestle, but he is finding that it doesn't make sense to starve himself to make weight. I am glad that he is figuring that out now because I dieted early in my life and completely screwed up my metabolism. I don't want to see him do the same. I am upset with the coaches for even asking him to lose weight. It seems they didn't have a team member at the weight so they want him to fill in. That is a lousy excuse for asking someone to diet. He has never been overweight in his life and messing with his body now has lifetime ramifications that aren't good

The sun has come out!!! It is beautiful!

I'll talk with you all more later.

Love, Judy emoticon

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12/22/12 11:07 A

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Patty, I forgot to answer your questions.

No to Exercise

Yes to the water

Yes to eating on plan

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SparkPoints: (86,393)
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Posts: 12,292
12/22/12 11:06 A

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Good Morning Patty and all who will follow! Patty, for Arizona it is cold. I am not sure what the temperature is but it is cold and I do not get cold very easily. Infact, I had the heat on for a little while.

Today we are seeing DD best friend (more like sisters) and best friend's DH. They live in New York now but she is visiting her family and us for Christmas. She is like a second daughter to me and I cannot wait to see her and her DH. They surprised DD at her work on Wednesday. She was so happy to see them. The three of them are going out to lunch and the movies today.

We got some sad news the other day. A friend of ours passed away a year ago and we just found out about it. He was two years older that DD and he was married with four children. No one told us about it when it happen. I know it was a year ago but since we just found out we are sad. I am praying for his wife and their four children.

Well, I am not sure what I am doing today since DH is working and DD will be going out with her friends.

Everyone, please have a Very Wonderful Saturday!


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12/22/12 8:40 A

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Good morning,
Cold here today, only in the 20's. brrr

How was yesterday?

did you move?
yes, shoveling for 20 min.

did you drink your water?

did you stick to your lifestyle food plan?

did I tell you, new pics on my blog yesterday?
Let's make today a healthy day

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