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5/25/12 5:20 P

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we live in a quad level.
There are no bathrooms on the main floor, upstairs and downstairs to go potty...laundry is 1 & 1/2 floors down from the bedrooms. Quite a climb back upstairs with a load of laundry.

oh well, we didn't plant very well in any area, for old


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5/25/12 4:52 P

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Patty, I'm glad you are feeling so much better and your plan is working for you.

Louise, The last apartment we had in Portland was a townhouse with three bedrooms upstairs. I thought Mom could spend the weekend sometimes but soon realized those stairs to the bedrooms would be too much. Also the bathroom downstairs was only a half bath. Since then I've been glad we are on level.

Glenna, Glad you are getting back on track. You sure got a good workout!

Ann, Sounds like you have a nice weekend coming up. We had the same thing happen to us when we went to British Columbia. On our way up through Washington state we got some wonderful fruit at a fruit stand only to lose it at customs. Your hubby might have been sorry if he finished off all the cherries at once. You are right about the fires. I am very thankful for a good, responsive state coordinator who gives direction, support and "has my back". I am also thankful for lots more supportive people.

Yesterday went well. I was a bit higher than usual in calories so I will be careful to keep my calorie range on the lower end today.
Drank my water.
My exercise was housecleaning, sweeping, mopping, laundry and the exercises my doctor gave me for bursitis. Those were interesting and actually felt good.

I went to Costco right at opening this morning and there was a huge of people streaming in. Bruce and I were going to take a walk this morning but as we were close to leaving he was called to drive.


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5/25/12 4:49 P

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Dear Team,
I would like to make my comments in the order of the mail I read today.

Patty, I used to belong to Flylady and have been meaning to join again. I lost some of my subscriptions when various computers crashed. It always takes me a long time to resub. Thanks for the reminder.

I have to drink lots of water, no matter what. I get very bad heartburn if I don’t have enough water. I take medication , but it doesn’t always do the job. Water helps a lot. The heartburn goes away almost immediately when I drink lots of water.

Louise, I too live in a two story house. Our Lindal Cedar cabin had been remodeled before we bought it. The upstairs was added. I bless those steps every day. I see other people who cannot climb steps because their bodies are in bad shape. I climb every day and can now climb to my son’s apartment on the third floor several times during my visits with him. I am winded when I get to the top, but I can make it and that is a plus.

Ann, When I read about your cherries I had to chuckle. We have learned not to take homegrown fruit to California. However, I have often been asked if my fruit was commercially grown. They let that fruit in.

When my kids were in school I was a room mother every year. I also worked as a coordinator for an ECAP pre-school, (like HeadStart, but sponsored by the state) Those volunteer jobs lead to being a Family Support Coordinator for our local National Guard Unit. I worked as a VISTA and have gotten many other paid positions based on my volunteer work.

Putting out fires when volunteers don’t show up is frustrating, I agree, but the rewards of volunteering are myriad. Now that I am looking for a new place to live, on of the critia for location is what are the volunteer activities available? If there aren’t opportunities in an area I will not move there. Volunteering is a necessary part of my social life. I make contacts while I am doing some good for someone. It keeps me healthy and banishes depression. Keep up the good work.

After many years of professional driving I avoid driving on any holiday. Too many people do not know how to handle recreational driving and it becomes dangerous to be on the roads. We live close to a National Forest Campground and our place is bordered by National Forest, which permits camping anywhere as long as certain rules are followed. Today the traffic past our house is similar to that I find in the city. Steady and lots of it. This traffic will continue all weekend. I just stay at home and leave the driving to the amateur's. I am much more comfortable that way.

I hope you all have a memorable weekend. Have fun!

Love, Judy

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5/25/12 3:05 P

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Good Lunch Time. Looks like another day without any sun. It is on the cool side and there is a little spritz in the air. I had lab work this morning and also went to the hearing place and had my aides cleaned. Both are in the same building.

DS, GS and DD will be leaving tonight for the Palm Springs area where GS has a week end base ball tournament. Thank the lord the weather looks like it is cooling down over there. At least the paper shows a cooling trend for the next two day. DH and I are staying close to the house where there will be no traffic. We have a Sat lunch bunch tomorrow and that will be nice and I won't have to fix supper.

Jan, I guess the fires you had to put out were from those that never volunteer. Isn't it always the way. Sorry your neighbors cherry tree is such a mess and no cherries. When our #1DS and DIL lived in Boise they had a sweet cherry tree that had lots of cherries. They picked a big bag full for us to bring home with us. As we crossed into Ca. we were stopped at the border. "Do you have any fruit" Just cherries. 'Sorry, you can't take them into Ca." DH thought he would eat them all right there but decided against it. I'm sure the agent took them home.

Patty, I started a hat yesterday with lavender yarn. That is not my favorite color but decided I needed something different. The verigated that matched it had shades of blue in it. Now I do like navy blue with touchof lavender and also navy with bright green.

Louise, I am so happy that when we bought this house eons ago it was a one story. Now that we are elders I'm even happier. All the houses in our immediate area are one story unless a second addition has been added on. And a lot of them have had a second additions.

Ann in San Diego

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5/25/12 3:04 P

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Hi Patty and Louise and any others,

Hope you are having a good Friday and looking forward to a nice weekend.

I got in some good exercise last evening. I run the weed eater for an hour or so. Not on all level ground either! So that was a good workout.

I still need to work on my eating. I have been doing better with the water. I think the hot weather has helped with that!!


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5/25/12 9:39 A

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Good Patty and all who will follow! Patty, I am so happy you are feeling better. My foot, mainly my toe is still hurting. Yesterday I was not in a lot of pain. Today I have been in more pain but I guess that is expected. However, I have been walking around my house with a cane for a little exercise. Yesterday for the first time since I broke my toe I was able to go upstairs to our bedroom. I have been sleeping on the couch. I really don't like having two levels. We really should have thought of that before we bought this townhome. Well, nothing much is happening today. Everyone, please have a Great Friday!


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5/25/12 9:29 A

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Good morning Team,
Hope you all had a blessed day yesterday.
Today I am staying home. yay
I also joined Flylady, to get my house in order.
I am feeling so much better now, with the fibro, thanks to moving and Atkins, that I can now see to it that my house gets looking lots better. I am so pleased with how I am feeling, I can't begin to tell you.
I am 2/3 done with another baby sweater. So far, I have been just making the 6 month size, next one will be 12 month size. I think I will have 15 of them, with the one that I am working on now.
Still working on a hat, and I have ideas for another hat, once I am done with the yarn for this sweater...

OK, now down to business
How was your yesterday?

Did you move?
no, my back has been sore for 2 days since I was at the chiropractor, but it is fine today, and I already stacked wood for 15 minutes.

Did you drink your water?
yes, lots of water yesterday

Did you stick to your diet?
yes, I did, even though I am not losing anymore weight at this time, I feel so much better, that I never want to go back to the way I was eating.

If your yesterday wasn't great, how can you make today better?

Have a blessed day girls.


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