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4/5/12 11:35 P

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Good evening ladies,

It was cold this morning (37) but warmed up to about 45 and not much rain.

Well, yesterday when I got home from TOPS I sent an email, then went to do something else online and my laptop started smoking! I turned it off promptly and we took it in to the computer shop this morning - still waiting to hear if we need to have a funeral or not. I'm using DH's laptop.

I bought a turkey breast for our Easter dinner.

Ann, that is interesting about your newsy neighbor. It got me thinking we only have one neighbor who was original to this hilltop and then we're the next who have lived here longest. Sure isn't the continuity we had in the neighborhood I grew up in. That's nice your daughter's friend was here to visit.

Louise, I hope you get over the soreness.

Judy! What a surprise to hear from you again. Seattle area must have enough immigrants to stock the Fred Meyer with unusual things. A friend who is a KOPS uses it to boost her metabolism.


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4/5/12 10:44 P

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Here is an article on using Peppers for Weight and Pain control. I have been aware of this since 1974 when a fellow student gave me some capsules filled with hot pepper to help me to stay warm. I was having a lot of difficulty during that winter and the help was much appreciated. It worked. Perhaps you could use a little boost too. Love, Judy emoticon

Can Peppers Aid Weight Control?
Hot and sweet peppers show weight and metabolic benefits
by Craig Weatherby

Soon after the arrival of Columbus on Caribbean shores, chili peppers spread from the Americas and conquered cuisines from Budapest (think paprika) and Benghazi to Bombay and Beijing.

Recent research seems to add another reason to savor these spicy, colorful, antioxidant-rich vegetables.

It turns out that capsaicin – the chemical that makes chilies hot – can help with weight and inflammation control.

Capsaicin creams have become common on drugstore shelves, as a topical anti-inflammatory and analgesic aid.

Metabolic benefits
from bell peppers?
Two years ago, researchers at Ontario’s McMaster University reported that purified capsinoids from sweet peppers increased calorie burning substantially in people engaged in aerobic exercise (Josse AR et al. 2010).

Scientists from McMaster’s Exercise Metabolism Research Group recruited 12 healthy young men (average age 24) with average BMIs for crossover, double-blind trial.

The men were randomly assigned to receive either a placebo or purified capsinoids.

Their metabolic and thermogenesis rates were measured while they were at rest and after 90 minutes of moderately intense aerobic exercise (stationary cycling).

As the Canadians wrote, “… compared to the placebo pills, [supplemental] capsinoids increased resting energy expenditure by about 20 percent, and … capsinoid ingestion induced greater lipid oxidation [fat-burning] at rest.” (Josse AR et al. 2010)

Neither of these effects was seen during the exercise period, but the McMaster team found that the men drew more heavily than usual on stored body fat (versus stored sugars) as fuel after 30 minutes of exercise.

As they put it, “The changes we observed confirm previous data on the thermogenic and metabolic effects of capsinoids at rest and further promote its potential role as an adjunct weight loss aid, in addition to diet and exercise.” (Josse AR et al. 2010)
We also examined the weight and metabolic effects of capsaicin in our 2007 article, “Hot Factor in Chilies May Hinder Fat Build Up”.

It’s less well known that sweet bell peppers contain similar compounds that may also aid weight control.

Let’s examine the results of a new evidence review … which should make peppers of all kinds more appealing than ever!

Review confirms peppers’ weight and metabolic benefits
When it comes to weight control and metabolism, the capsaicin in chilies appears to do at least three desirable things:
Suppress appetite.
Stimulate thermogenesis (raises the metabolic rate, thus increasing the body’s propensity to burn stored body fat and sugars).
Inhibit post-meal rises in blood sugar, thereby moderating release of insulin and curbing craving for starchy/sugary carbs.
Earlier this year, Purdue University researchers concluded that the available clinical evidence supports weight control claims made for chili powder, whether added to food or consumed in capsules. (Ludy MJ et al. 2012)

In addition, the evidence affirms similar benefits from consuming the non-spicy counterparts in sweet peppers, called capsinoids (e.g., capsiate).

However, the Purdue team found that while capsaicin promotes thermogenesis in lean people, it may not do this as consistently in overweight and obese people.

(Four out of six studies found that capsaicin boosts calorie-burning in obese and overweight people, while two detected no such benefit.)

In addition to body composition affecting the efficacy of chili peppers and capsaicin supplements, dose also influenced the outcomes.

Studies that used ground red pepper tested doses ranging from 0.2mg per meal to 33mg daily for a full month.

Studies testing supplements employed doses from 0.2mg to 7mg of ground red pepper in capsules, providing from 130mg to 150mg of capsaicin.

As the Purdue scientists wrote, “Collectively, the studies reviewed provide supportive evidence for roles of capsaicin and capsiate in weight management.”

They added a note of caution: “Published studies occurred under controlled conditions and may not apply to environments with free choice of foods and dietary supplements.” (Ludy MJ et al. 2012)

Josse AR, Sherriffs SS, Holwerda AM, Andrews R, Staples AW, Phillips SM. Effects of capsinoid ingestion on energy expenditure and lipid oxidation at rest and during exercise. Nutr Metab (Lond). 2010 Aug 3;7:65.
Ludy MJ, Moore GE, Mattes RD. The effects of capsaicin and capsiate on energy balance: critical review and meta-analyses of studies in humans. Chem Senses. 2012 Feb;37(2):103-21. Epub 2011 Oct 29.

Published by Vital Choice Seafood
Copyright © 2012 Vital Choice Seafood, Inc.. All rights reserved.
Information in this newsletter is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by medical professionals, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Copyright is held by Vital Choice Seafood, to which all rights are reserved. Other than personal, non-commercial use or forwarding, no material in this newsletter may be copied, distributed, or published without the express permission of Vital Choice Seafood.

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4/5/12 7:14 P

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I've been gone for such a long time I am way behind on the news. Ann, I am so sorry to hear you have cancer. I know that most cancers are being healed nowadays, I hope yours is one of those. During the healing process I hope you are able to feel good at least most of the time.

I guess I need to catch up with all of you. I will be reading back through the posts so that I can get an idea of what is going on with each of you.

I am doing well. I have few complaints. I am healthy and still ornery. I have a new caregiver, James left shortly after he was diagnosed with MS. He is doing well now and living with a boyhood friend and his family. I don't often go to TOPS anymore. I just can't seem to get going at that time of day. I still make many trips to Seattle for medical appointments. I can stay with my son up there so I don't have to make the round trip in one day. That makes it much easier for me.

I think you probably remember I like to cook with the unusual ingredients. My son, Michael, found a newly remodeled Fred Meyer store that has an unbelievable variety of stock. I find many things there that I've not found elsewhere. That makes my trips to Seattle even more rewarding. There is also a new Uwajimaya store in Bellevue I can find things there that just aren't available elsewhere.

Last Monday while I was up there I bought a lot of lamb. I haven't been able to find lamb anywhere else. The local store and meat market do not carry lamb. I got a roast, some ground lamb and some bones and a shank to make stew, (irish style). My mother used to make that every year, but I haven't been able to. My stew is cooking now and we will have it for dinner tonight. The ground lamb and the roast are in the freezer for future use.

I'll be watching for any questions you might have.

Love, Judy emoticon

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4/5/12 5:15 P

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Good Afternoon Ann and all who will follow! Ann, I am praying that you will be able to sleep longer. I know that with cancer the longer you can sleep, the better. I am also praying for you to be completly healed.

Nothing really exciting is going on today. I danced for two hours today. Now I am having trouble walking. Nothing is wrong, I am just a little sore. I also joined Walk With Walgreens after seeing it advertised on The Celebrity Apprentice Sunday night. I was going back and forth from that and the Country Music Awards. I actually stopped switching and stayed looking
at The Celebrity Apprentice. Yesterday was Bible Study. We had a small turnout but it was an excellent time.

Well, everyone, please have a Wonderful Thursday!


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4/5/12 3:50 P

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This has been an interesting morning.

Yesterday I saw the neighbor lady that lives 3 houses down and one who knows all that is going on in the neighborhood, walking by the house. I went out and told her to come in and talk to me. I wanted to know why the two door down lady was taken to the hospital in the ambulance on Sunday.

Seems Elly Shepler (taken to hospital) had fallen at home and her son, (who has been living with her and a very weird fellow) called the paramedics. Thelma said Elly had a bad leg for several years and doctors had been giving her meds for the pain. Well the hospital took xrays and she had a broken leg high on her thigh. Poor lady cared for her DH for 2 years before he died and Thelma said she always was hobbling around in pain. They put a rod in her leg with three holes covered by 3 band aids. No cast. I guess she's in rehab for a few days.. (thank goodness)

Anyway Thelma didn't know about my cancer. I was sure another neighbor might have told her. Then Thelma told me about the lady that use to live across the street who she still stays in touch with also has ovarian cancer. Later Thelma came back and wanted my email address to give to the exneighbor.

Back to this morning. The door bells rings and Thelma is back this time with the daughter who use to live next door to her and was our DD best girl friend. She now lives in Eureka Springs, Ark. DH and I know the Eureka Springs area well. A beautiful part of NW corner of Ark. She had her 7 year old granddaughter with her. So we had a long catch up. Thelma got my email address again as she had lost her first note. She and DH don't do computers. I'm amazed that Thelma has kept up with the former neighbors that go back to the 60's. We're still the only original owners on our end of the street.

Last night I slept in longer spurts than I have before. Four hours instead of two. DH is keeping busy moving his dirt from one end of the back yard to the other end.

Ann in San Diego

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