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  FORUM:   General Team Discussion Forum
TOPIC:   Monday, Feb. 27th 

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2/27/12 11:42 P

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Good evening ladies,

It's been a busy day here.

Patty, Glad you got to see your grandkids and the thumb is getting better.

Ann, It's a good thing you were able to get up after your fall. Some of those lift chairs are really nice. Mom had one that reclined a bit- it sure was a great help. When she first got it she didn't even want to sit in it. She'd sit on the sofa. Eventually she sat in it like a recliner. Sweetie Pie would sleep on the leg rest along with Mom.


Pacific NW Time Zone PDT

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Posts: 5,798
2/27/12 9:40 P

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Patty I pulled a 'slip on the butt' today. Lucky for me it was in the living room where there is carpet on the floor and I landed away from the furniture. Between the two chairs DH and I sit in is a floor lamp that has a little table attached. In front of my chair is a foot stool on rollers. I came in the room and reached and set my glass of water down and I guess I backed up,, bumped the foot stool and lost my balance. DH was in the family room with the door closed. When I told him what I did he asked me how I got up. I managed to reach an old foot stool that is like a bench that I use to sit on to put my shoes and socks on. Once I steadied myself on that I could get up. Not real easy but I did. My knees are so weak.

I think I have found a place that sells lift chairs that just lift and don't recline. I don't have room for a recliner. The store is called The Healthy Back Store. I've seen on line they make one that is smaller that matches a larger one. So many living room chairs are just too deep for me and I'm not a shorty at 5'6". I'm hoping their color blue will be a nice one.

Ann in San Diego

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Posts: 2,476
2/27/12 5:30 P

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Hi Ann and everyone,
Today was Mom day.
Last night we went to DD to see our grands, they are 13 and 17. It is so fun to visit with them.

thumb is getting better.
I miss Sarah's posts. I don't do very well without that reminder in my face...sure will be glad when she feels better and is able to be back. She is slowly improving...

have a good day girls.

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Posts: 5,798
2/27/12 4:35 P

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Good Afternoon All. It was cloudy early, then we had about 10 min. of sun and now we're waiting for the rain that has been predicted. It is very cloudy outside. I got to the commissary and got my groceries home and put away and only had a few sprinkles on the windshield before I got home. Just to keep you informed gas prices $4.25 and $4.29 and going up each and every day. Just ridiculous.

#2DS gets a birthday this year and I was looking at the commissary for a cake to take to the shop Wed. for the guys. Yes, I'm too lazy to bake one. I wanted a carrot one and none in the frozen foods and the bakery dept. cakes all required refrigeration and were way too big, then I looked at the shelves with donuts, breads etc and found one carrot cake. I still don't know what I paid for it but will be just right. DS, GS and DD are into sweets very much. I know they are a strange group. I bet GS will be telling his friends his dad will be 14 this year. He is a leap year baby. So far I think we are going out to dinner on the actual day. Generally these guys prefer a Sat. night but GS will have basketball then I'm sure.

Ann in San Diego

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