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11/8/11 6:38 P

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We also have some acorns or some nut falling on the roof of the motor home. DH said we'll probably have to listen to that all night. I would rather have been parked in the sun now that the weather is colder but I guess it isn't important.

We left the lodge around noon. DH vacuumed the rig and I did some clean up and put down clean throw rugs. DH had scoped out a gas station for diesel. He told me it was easy in and easy out. Well just as we were getting to it in pulls a gasoline truck with a second tank in tow. This was a very small corner station and DH was sure he could get in. We circled the block and we got in but DH wasn't sure we were going to get out. I had to get out and direct him. Now we are 36 ft long plus towing a car. By the time that little episode was over my blood pressure was surely up. We had to drive all of 45 miles to where the camp out will be.
One couple was already here and another arrived after we got in. The rest will be here in the next two day.

I had an email from the realtor in Massachusetts that she had a serious buyer for my mothers house but they didn't want the land and would I only sell them 3 - 4 acres. Sounded good but what am I going to do with the land but keep paying the taxes on it. One of these days it will get sold.

Patty, I am so proud of you for the good doctor report. Those walks are surely helping.

I made a dentist app't for Monday at home to get 'fitted' for an inlay replacement. Can't you just here the cash register ringing.

Louise, we watch Dancing with the Stars. I think Nancy Grace will be going home tonight. I really like JR and also Ricki and Ron. Isn't that his name, the Kadashian brother. He has come so far and is really doing great. All three of them have great partners. I think the soccor player will go home next week.

I don't have a clue what is for supper. DH and I played 64 pick up plus a bunch, when a package of fresh raspberries fell out of the refrigerator and all over the floor. I'll be glad when at least one camping meal is out of the way. My refrigerator is so stuffed it doesn't have breathing room.

Jan, I hope your doctors report is a good one.


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11/8/11 1:45 P

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Patty, emoticon on the weight loss! Jan, I will be praying about your doctor's appointment--please let us know how it went. I will continue praying for Troy. Sarah, it is sunny and cold here in Arizona. Northern Arizona is suppose to get snow so that is why we are getting cold air here in the Valley Of The Sun! Sabrina's asthma is acting up--she does not do well when the weather changes. However, she went to work. Today is going to be spent doing housework. Did anyone see Dancing With The Stars last night? I loved, loved, loved JR. I like Nancy but I think she will be going home. Well, everyone, please have a Great Rest of Tuesday! emoticon


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11/8/11 1:28 P

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Good morning,

Cloudy and 46 degrees here.

Last night I found a Weight Watchers dvd & cd I got some time ago with walk exercise. I decided to do that instead of Leslie's annoying chatter (love her but not the chatter) so I'll do that again tonight.

I'm thinking/planning Thanksgiving. I love this holiday and what it represents.

This afternoon I see the surgeon who did the endoscopy/colonoscopy and hear what his report is.

Troy felt okay about his evaluation yesterday. He has another for physical things later on this month.

Sarah, I remember the Chicken spagetti and I loved it. Will have to pull that recipe out. It was a newsletter as I recall.

Patty, Congratulations on the weight loss.

Hope everyone is having a good day.


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11/8/11 10:15 A

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Hi Everyone

Bright and sunny here today. Tad cool. They say by the weekend we are expecting a cold front.

Patty congrats on the weight loss!!!! You are doing great. I know you will be so happy to get off your bp meds. Your menus sound really good.

Jan I'm thinking of you today. Hope all went well with Troy.

Louise how are you feeling today? Praying that the stone passes with as little pain as possible.

Ann what is on your schedule today? How is DH feeling? Sometimes the day after the soreness sets in.

Today is going to involve some straightening up and cooking H.E. Chicken Spaghetti. Not that there is much cooking involved in that dish! I'm thinking of making a cranberry recipe I found that has pears in it. If not today then tomorrow.

The acorns are falling off the oak tree in front of the house. Sounds like a hail storm! Little squirrels running around this morning.

Hope your day is filled with only good!


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11/8/11 9:23 A

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Good morning Girls,
It's overcast and 41 here today. A typical day here in NLM. (northern lower Michigan)

A bit of cleaning to do today.
some knitting and crochet
making an apple pie

last night I planned out my menus for the week. ONly 4 of them, but since each recipe is for at least 4 servings, that will last through the week.
Wanna hear what I will be making?

mexican casserole
it is taco chips in the bottom of the pan
canned chili poured over it.
sour cream next
bake for 30 min. at 350
then top with chopped up tomatoes and lettuce
Our whole meal is there, protein and salad so a dish in one

broccoli smoked sausage quiche
4 eggs
2 c. cheese
1 1/2 cups milk
cooked broccoli
cut up smoked sausage
salt and pepper
pie crust
easy peasy

sweet and sour chicken
this is an old ww recipe.
chicken nuggets
pineapple chunks
green pepper slices
make a sauce out of the pineapple juice with cornstarch, cook the green peppers and onions, celery. cook the chicken
cook the rice. serve over rice

tuna noodle casserole
you know the drill, noodles, tuna, mushroom soup, maybe some milk

That's it for supper for us this week.
I love casseroles. I only have to cook every other night.

What is on your menu for the week.

Sarah always has her daily menu worked out in the morning...good for you Sarah.

ok girls, I will check back in with you later.

Putting a new pic on my blog in about 5 minutes, Can't as all my batteries are charging. Maybe later today.

did you read the report from the dr. visit. Here it is.
my dr. appt. went fantastic
lost 5 more pounds, that makes 10 since Jan.
for a total of 45 pounds gone.
I was just so fat fat fat
my bp was down again, and I can not cup my bp med in half, soon to be off it completely
my blood sugar as been great. Last month in the 90's...yay

Have a blessed day

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