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6/13/11 12:11 A

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Hi everyone
Read your replies, just do not have time to answer all of them.
My dad has not been very good the last 3 days. Today he could not keep anything down today. It is so hard to seem him good a few days and then worsen each time.
Did get to go to the graffete (vintage car parade in Modesto CA) Friday. Then to the creamery to have old fashioned ice cream.
Saturday we went to the car show and had a good time with my daughter and her hubby.
Today we went for breakfast with brother and wife, then to see dad, then for a ride in the hills, and then to an old military air field. They had had a Saturday dance and old planes there. There was an older bomber that was getting ready to leave and my brother and hubby just loved seeing it take off. Then back home and supper.
Thinking and praying for you all

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6/12/11 9:08 P

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Mom is 90. She is in severe pain, and if it doesn't get better, she will have to go in a nursing home where people can take care of her 24/7. She will not like that. I will not like that, but soon she will need it anyway. Brother and I can't take care of her that much, and no money for round the clock care. Sad huh, when we end up life as we came into it, dependent on others.
So far the meds do not seem to be working, but we shall see.
Will have to cancel her foot dr. appt on Tuesday, and cancel the get together with the girls on Monday. I could do that now actually. One less thing to worry about.

we just had strawberry shortcake. Oh my was that ever good.

we have our camper out by the road for sale. Anyone want to buy a nice camper. It grieves me that we will not be able to use it. My dream was to be able to travel with our camper once we retired, but we can't do that, so we need to sell it. Ann, I envy you being able to do that, and someone else does that too,can't remember who it is right now...

Well, tomorrow is supposed to be in the sixties, so that will be a bit warmer. I did walk my half a mile today.

Jan, good for you for walking so long. I envy you that ability to do that.

Gee, I sound really envious tonight don't I? Oh well, we do the best we can with what we have, and that's all that we can do.

Louise, I miss you. Praying for your family. Come back soon.
New pics on my blog.


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6/12/11 4:56 P

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Good Afternoon, It is very nice here. I wish I could share with those of you that are sweltering.

Sarah, I hope the cottage cheese list helps. I have to buy the quart size at the commissary and never know what to do with the extra before it goes bad. Our Michaels had a 50% off coupon in their flyer in todays paper and I got four of the flyers. It did say only 1 per day. I should go and see if they have the large size skeins of Red Heart that I use for my hats. It is only a couple of miles so several trips won't be a problem.

Patty, how old is your mother? I hope the pain meds help her. I wonder if she is like my mother was. Mother said the only meds that ever helped her was asprin and that was the only thing she kept in her house. Probably a bottle that was upteen years old.

Cindy, that was a wonderful meal you had at the nursing home. I don't think my SIL had a meal that good when she was in an assisted living place. She always complained about the food. Sometimes what she said they fed them I would have complained too. One grandmother at GS ball games said her DD worked at WalMart at night. Her job was to straighten out the clothing in the men's and women's section.

No cooking for me tonight. We will eat at the soup and salad buffet. In fact this will be an easy week of cooking for me. DH won't be home for supper Mon. and Wed. he'll be eating liquid for his Thur. colonocopy (sp) tests.


Ann in San Diego

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6/12/11 4:48 P

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Good Sunday afternoon,

It's about 1:30 and 57 degrees out. I've been out in the garden weeding. Got a good bit done and I'm going back out because it looks like rain. Have to get out there while I can.

I don't remember if any of you were Jeanne Bice (Quacker Factory) fans on QVC? I was sad to see on my homepage today that she passed away. Such a pleasant, positive lady who made bright and sparkly clothes for ladies but especially plus sized ladies.

Patty, I walked yesterday with DH. We decided we need to encourage each other to do this for our health. We walked for an hour yesterday and I could feel it in my hip joints. Took Advil. I'm still not set up to do Leslie Sansone in the house- that is still a goal. Yesterday when we parked by the river walk there was a group of people on folding chairs in the parking lot and some of them were headed over to the old train depot close by so Bruce and I tagged along. They just had a dedication of a boat they placed in the parking lot last year and they were giving a tour of the depot. The depot has been closed since 1952 and the city had just stored stuff in there. I've always loved this interesting brick building with beautiful circular windows and I'm so glad the maritime museum is taking it on. The inside was plain and the old bathrooms looked like they needed much help. One room was the men's waiting room and another was for women and children. Can you believe that?! I barely remember my family taking that train back to Portland when I was about 4 years old after my uncle died. We had come here for his funeral and it snowed so bad my family had to take the train home so Dad could go to work and he later came back to get the car when the weather improved. I guess I took a rabbit trail telling you that story! Anyway, I'll try to get pictures of that lovely little building sometime to show you.

Sarah, I missed that yarn sale too. I make those 8 legged octopuses out of yarn for my TOPS group. Every week they lose weight they get to tie a leg on their octopus. If they gain, they have to untie a leg. First one to tie up all the legs gets a months free dues.

Cindy, I can smell your chocolate chip cookies way over here in Oregon!


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6/12/11 4:03 P

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hi girls

it is 88 here today.humidity is high so everyting kind of sticks to you. it is supposed to cool down a little this week.

yesterday dave mowed the yard and i mowed the lot. he got done before me and i got caught in adownpour. when i got in the house and in the air-conditioning i froze. i had to dry of and change quick to warm up.

this morning dave and i went to the nursing home to minister. we ended up being invited to stay for lunch. we had ham, sweet potatoes, green beans, applesause, and apple pie with vanilla ice cream. after lunch we went out on the front porch and sat and talked for awhile. what a blessed time we had! this is a christian nursing home.

i just made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. it has been such a wonderful day. now i have to go to bed. got to go to work tonight. i really wish i liked my job so that i didnt feel the way i do about going to work. you would think i was going to have all my teeth extracted!!!!

hope everyone has a great evening. cindy

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6/12/11 12:07 P

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Hi Everyone

Hot and humid today with a chance of scattered thunder storms. A weather person's job in Florida is a cinch, read that one line over and over until mid October.

Patty your pizza and oven fried chicken sound really good. Chicken "fried" in the oven tastes so yummy. Y'alls weather is doing soome crazy flip flops.

Ann thanks for the new lists under Miscellaneous for cottage cheese and yogurt! I miss that feature from the H.E. site that you could enter an ingredient and all recipes would come up. Was it "What's for Dinner"?

So far I haven't thought beyond breakfast for my cooking today. Breakfast was fruit salad, cut up peaches, nectarines, watermelon, Athena melon and mango. With that I had Greek yogurt. Very good and filling. Summer fruits hit the spot, nice and refreshing.

What are your plans today? Jo-Ann had a yarn sale that I missed. There are a million projects I want to do. Just like there are a million books I want to read.

Enjoy your day everyone!


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6/12/11 10:34 A

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Morning Girls,
This is the 4th day in a row, that it is in the 50's. We go from 94 to 54 overnight. It makes it hard to acclimate ourselves to the temps...

I am going to walk 1/2 mile today. Jan, are you walking still. You used to do so much walking.

Brother took MOm to the hospital on Sat. Her back is just so sore, she can hardly walk. She does not do well with pain at all. Very low tolerance for it.

She came home with some pain meds, hopefully that will help her a bit with it.

Just cleaning and crocheting today.
watching tv.

We have leftovers for meals today. pizza for lunch, and oven fried chicken and potatoes and salad of course for supper. I really like having salad every day. Live food. What is on your table today?

We also have strawberries and watermelon to finish up today. So we are eating

Have a blessed day girls.

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