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12/18/10 1:16 A

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Hi everyone
Worked all day on presents. Mostly in the kitchen and then did some embroidery for my mom's T-towels.
Fixed a meat loaf I took out of the freezer, baked potato, mixed veg, and broccoli. So glad I put those meals in the freezer.
Tomorrow will take out a beef pie and have a salad for supper. Will have to make a desert for supper. Check my Joanna recipes for that. Maybe a apple crisp. That would be easy as I have the sugar-free apple pie filling, all I have to do is add the crisp or cobbler topping.
Tomorrow is another busy day, putting tags on all those mixes I made.
Only one more week to go. This Sunday is our Church Christmas potluck. I am taking green beans, jello salad, and a pie. Sending hubby to buy one as I am too busy.
Well must go to bed here soon.
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12/17/10 8:37 P

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haha, I sure don't want to send my bad luck to


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12/17/10 5:13 P

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This has been a very interesting morning. Painter is doing touch up and DH spent a good 2 - 3 hours looking for the screws to put a bifold closet door on. I cleaned out a chest of drawers. Gave the painter some old sheets, Have two bags of fabric to go to the thrift store. Many years ago south of Tucson there was a store that made silk screen prints on fabric. I bought many yards of different kinds to make Square dance dresses. All beautiful Arizona type of plants and animals. Of course the dresses never got made. Out is goes.

Then the door bell rang and it was a young man (55) that had lived next door with his parents and 3 brothers. They bought the house the same time we did. His parents are gone now so he filled me in on the brothers. The youngest, DD age, went in the Army but got a medical discharge. Now over weight, and type 2 diabetic and not doing much. Brother #2 the age of our middle son, divorced and married again. #3 who stopped by has more college degrees than I could count. Unemployed, Unemp insurance ran out last Feb. Lost his home, filed BK, and sounded like the longest he has held a job was 4 years. Has a son age 25 that he's never seen. He lives with his girl friend of 18 years. The oldest brother got a pharmacy degree and then got his MD degree. His first wife took an over dose of meds and died and he was charged with giving them to her but not prosecuted. Later he was charged with medicare insurance fraud, and spent time in prison, lost his medical license and now works in a Pawn Shop in northern Calif.

Doesn't this sound like some novel. All four of these boys had a college education. If their parents had lived I wonder if things would have turned out different for them.

Back to my putting things away and tossing stuff, mode


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12/17/10 4:31 P

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Paulissa, I admire you and your exercising that you do. You are so dedicated to it. I hope all goes well for you back at work.
Judy, sounds like you are going to have so much fun! I haven't been on a hayride in years. I know you will enjoy it.
Jan, clean your way to my house! I have just not felt like doing much. I have to get in gear this weekend. My daughter and her hubby will sleep in the basement as we have a family room down there which we never use anymore. So I have to clean there and on the main floor. I also need to bake some holiday cookies.
Tomorrow I am going to the urgent clinic. I have fought this sinus and throat problem long enough. I lose my voice on and off. I will have 2 weeks with no daycare kids. I took off next week to spend time with my girl then the following week all the parents will be off, so it will be a much needed break.
Patty, I thought you sent me some of your luck earlier today. I had no hot water! Well I had no idea how to check to see if the pilot light was on so hubby looked at it and that was the problem. I depend on him too much.
Sarah, I could come down there and enjoy your weather for a bit! 72 sounds so nice about now. But I do love having snow for Christmas.
Well girls going to get. Where has Heather been? Did I miss something? Have a good evening.


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12/17/10 3:00 P

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Good afternoon,

It is a nice but cool day. There was a huge fire in town last night that destroyed several businesses. We heard the fire engines but thought it was just one going across the bridge. If we'd looked out we probably would have seen some of the light from the blaze. We've been housecleaning today and after this break I'll get more done.

Sarah, I'm watching An Affair To Remember. Glad things have warmed up where you are. Cary Grant is standing at his grandmother's piano remembering Deborah Kerr playing and singing the theme song and wondering what became of her.


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12/17/10 2:28 P

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Just got home. Went to lunch at senior center, then took Mom to the store, then went to Mom's and brother came down and we 3 visited.

Then I stopped in to meet our new neighbors. I saw him out plowing, so stopped in to say welcome, and hello.
I had not met them yet.
He seemed nice.


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12/17/10 11:42 A

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Hi Everyone

It is starting out beautiful here. Bright sunshine, low humidity and right now it is 67 degrees headed up to 72! So much nicer than the 40's and 50's.

Paulissa it is great you got the "go-ahead" to return to work. You have really done so good. Enjoy your friend's visit and also your time with Asia tonight. I made that salad and I do like it, it reminds me of a salad with cottage cheese in it. I'm going to make it again.

Judy the hayride sounds like so much fun! Seeing the decorations really brings out the Christmas joy.

I didn't go backwards and read the posts so I hope everyone is well and your families are doing great!

I'm not sure about cooking today, I'm thinking big salad with plain tuna on top.

Do you realize a week from tomorrow is Christmas day? I have mixed feelings, I love this time of year and hate to see it pass but I look forward to a brand new's like a clean slate.

I hope everyone has a blessed day.


Catch Ya Later
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12/17/10 10:17 A

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Hello all....

Paulissa...I know about that early rising you,re having to do. I worked at a bakery for years and had to be there at 5AM. I loved the job though, so that made it easier.

As for today..I am heading out to the commissary and BX at the air force base here in Tucson, to do some last minute shopping. It will probably be very crowded, but I love the hustle and bustle. After that it will be home for a quick dinner and then out for a hayride!! They take you through a section of town where all the houses are decorated to the max for the holidays. Tonight they close the streets to traffic. Looking forward to it. Also get to see DS this morning, who flew in from Wash. to spend Christmas with her daughters and us.

Enjoying sitting for a spell, but can feel the "itch" to get the wheels on the motorhome heading east to Louisana.

Everyone have a great day.......Judy

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12/17/10 8:32 A

Good morning friends,

I hope the morning light finds you warm and well rested. It is 18 degrees here this morning and will be sunny but up to 40. A heatwave for us at this time of year.

I am working on my back to work schedule so I was up at 4:45,made coffee and got 45 minutes of exercise done, got in the shower, and am dressed for the day. It will take rising at 4:45 if I want to get 45 minutes of aerobics done each morning before heading to work. We'll see how it goes.

Not much going on today: a friend is coming by for lunch and poppyseed cake. I can't wait to give him his gift. I framed some of the pictures I've taken that he was particularly taken with and am giving those to him. I can't wait to see his reaction.

We have Asia tonight so I need to wrap her gifts and figure out what to make for dinner that she will eat. Perhaps some tuna salad and soup.

What are you all up to today?


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