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11/3/10 11:01 P

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Well girls, I knew what I meant, but I didn't write it so you could understand it.
Our son lost the house. They filed bankruptcy, and are getting a divorce. It breaks our hearts.

So, they will get nothing from the sale of the house.

Hope this clears it all up.

My body is aching a lot more from the fibro, since I went back on meat. Thinking of trying the diabetic diet vegan. we shall see. Shouldn't be too hard, right? I want to feel better.

Paulissa, so glad the surgery went well, even if it was a tough one. You will be on the mend really fast...

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11/3/10 9:53 P

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Paulissa, good to hear from you, even from the hospital. I know you are glad that ordeal is over. Now just take it easy when you get home and remember to be pampered. I wish you a speedy recovery and no more pains.

Jan, I agree and I use instant potatoes often too. I can make some for DH and not myself if I need something to fill him up with.

Patty, I hope your DS house sale goes through quickly. The house across the street has had the escrow date changed 3 or 4 times now. Seems the lender is short of cash.

Cindy, I can understand you wanting to get all ready for the holidays. Surely your store will get busy and you will have to work extra hours. Is your store a Super one?

Ladies, can you believe it is 6:45 p.m. and still 80 degrees outside. It has been a hot and dry one today.


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11/3/10 9:24 P

The surgery went well though the dr. says it was tough. She made the incision and my abdomen was full of endometrial adhesions so she had to deal with those before she could remove any organs. Then in the process of removing adhesions, I ended up with a tear in my bowl, so my bowel had to be stitched up. I am actually in less pain that before the surgery and feel pretty good. I may be released tomorrow since the plumbing is working well.


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11/3/10 9:12 P

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hi girls,

i am still around, just been very busy. today our middle daughter and i went shopping again. i am 98% done with christmas shopping. next week i am going to take down the fall decorations and start putting up the christmas decorations. i am so excited. this is the first year i have ever gotten ready for the holiday so early. i want to have everything ready by thanksgiving because work will be crazy. customers can be very irritating and the store is always a mess so we have to try to keep it in order, and i always have to work extra hours. by the middle of december i am ready for it to be over. so, this year i will be all ready and will be able to enjoy.

dave and i went out for supper tonight. we went to china garden. every thing was so good. usually we go to our youngest daughters for supper but they are all under the weather. hope they all feel better soon!

it has been on the cool side during the day and a light frost at night. this weekend the time changes so it will be dark early. not looking forward to it.

i am glad everyone is doing so well. paulissa will be sore for the first few days but in the long run she will feel so much better. my prayers go out for a speedy recovery.

hope you all have a wonderfully blessed evening. cindy

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11/3/10 8:24 P

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Good evening ladies,

What a sunny day and can you believe 71 degrees?!

This week I lost 1/4 lb. Little losses lately so I need to make some changes. One of our ladies was reinstated as a KOPS (she met her goal weight again). It was the end of the Turn Over A New Leaf contest and we had two winners. They got a gift bag of fall goodies like a note pad, autumny dish towel, etc. It was a good day.

Tomorrow DH & I decided to not go to the workshop so we can attend our neighbor's memorial service instead.

Louise, I also like a cool breeze when we're walking. Hope you both enjoyed your walk today.

Ann, Our youngest son has always brought us the turkey he was given from his previous employer. I doubt if his new employer will give turkeys so maybe in the future we can just use a turkey breast. I like that idea anyhow. I sure know what you mean about chicken and turkey. DS#1 makes good gravy. We love Idahoan instant mashed potatoes. Our youngest son doesn't love the idea of them but I think if he didn't know I just opened that wonderful little packette to make them, he'd think they were the regular potatoes peeled & mashed. They are a wonderful time saver at that crux in the Thanksgiving meal preparation.

Patty, I hope all goes well and for the best with your son's closing. It's such tough times financially. I have had that same concern about the house next to ours. There have been some good renters there for about two years but the owners lost a job and put it up for sale. The renters are trying to qualify to buy but don't know how that is going. I really hope whoever buys it doesn't put it up for rent or have obnoxious people in there. When we replaced our old wooden fence (and the current owners mother and brother lived there) we put up chain link so we could visit across the fence. I've really regretted that decision. We used to have complete privacy back there and now can't afford to change the fence.

My thoughts and prayers are with Paulissa and Glenna. I am also really missing Sarah, Cindy and Judy and those we usually hear from regularly.


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11/3/10 6:32 P

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Good evening everyone!

Hope everyone is feeling well and had a great day!

It was a bit chilly here today. The sun felt warm, but the air had a nip to it. We had a light frost this am. The garden looks so sad now. DH sowed winter rye on it for a cover crop. So it is put to bed for the winter.

DH helped his brother in law with some fire wood today. So I went along and mostly watched. It was so pleasant outdoors today.

I did get to take a bike ride today. That is the first time in a long time. I had just been walking.

I think we will be going into town tomorrow. So I guess it is shopping day. I look forward to it until I get there and start shopping!!

For supper (dinner) this evening, I cooked okra, tomato sauce and frozen corn together. We like that. I also opened up a jar of my canned pork. And we usually always have cottage cheese. And I had mandarin oranges. I love those! And my homemade bread.

Hope everyone had a good day!

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11/3/10 5:07 P

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Afternoon girls,
I left at 9:30, to take MOm to the dentist. Then we went to senior center for lunch. Then she rode the bus home.

I walked 1 mile this afternoon. Part of it uphill. hard goind, but I did it.

Looks like son's house is almost in closing. Remember I told you that they lost it last year?Praying that they get in an older couple that is not noisy. Where we lived before, the poeple that bought the house next door, were parties and druggies. Lots of noise, and we finally had to move.

Have a great evening girls.

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11/3/10 3:11 P

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More summer like weather for us. Since the nights are colder, I've kept the house shut up and it has stayed 10 degrees cooler inside. DH likes the heat so he is outside washing DD trailer. She finally has gotten a storage place for it. She doesn't use it so she would save herself some money if she sold it or donated it but you can't convince her.

I have a bunch of cans on the counter to make a black bean soup. It only needs to be in the slow cooker 4 hours so too early to get it started.

Shar, a 6 week old baby sounds like a lot of work especially if you have some other toddlers. I couldn't take the screaming any more.

Louise, I hope you and your DH get your walk in. I walked 1 mile with Leslie when I first got up and then did another mile after I read the paper.

Jan, a Thanksgiving restaurant dinner sounds great but I couldn't get my monies worth. Probably not lot fat and low calorie either. A grocery store prepared meal might be cheaper but still too much for the two of us. We generally just get a turkey breast. DH will fix that and the stuffing with gravy. I'll do the vegetables. That is the extent of his cooking. I told him when we first married I didn't do chicken or turkey. Could not stand the thought of handling them. I use to watch my grandmother pluck the bird and that didn't appeal to me at all. I can do boneless, skinless chicken breast now. The rest of the meal will probably just be mashed potatoes, frozen peas and butternut squash with cheese biscuits and cranberry sauce. How about those high carb vegetables!!

One thing I keep meaning to do is go to the grocery store that I think carries frozen baby onions. One gal fixed them with frozen peas at a campout and I didn't know they came frozen. DH and I like onions.

Yesterday I made a pumpkin fluff recipe with some left over pumpkin I had in the freezer. It is very good but I could get tired of it really quick. This recipe made only 4 servings so two days worth I can take.


Ann in San Diego

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11/3/10 10:46 A

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Hi Louise and all,

Louise I am glad your hubby is doing good! That walk sounds nice. By the time all my kids leave it's either time to start dinner or getting dark. I did not do good with my eating over the weekend. I get so mad at myself. I have no willpower at all.
I hope Paulissa done good yesterday. She was in my thoughts and prayers.
I got a new baby this week, he is 6 weeks old. Mom held him pretty much all the time and I am paying for it! He is a doll but that is all he wants is to be held. Plus he eats every 2 hrs.
Well girls I will try and write more later as I have screaming in the back ground. I hope you all have a nice Wed. It was 25 this morning so it's darn chilly! Hopefully we will get some rain today. take care girls,


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11/3/10 8:56 A

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Good Morning Everyone! It is still dark out so I have no idea what type of day it is going to be. It has been chilly in the mornings--for Arizona that is.
Actually, it has been great walking weather! I am going to get my DH up later this morning and go for a nice walk at one of the parks around here before he
has to get ready for work. I am going to make a great big salad with lots of fresh veggies that I have in the ref. and also make a stir-fry with the veggies. I think I will also make some brown rice up. I might make polenta for this morning's breakfast. I am praying that Paulissa is recovering
nicely from the operation. I imagine that she will be sore for a little while but then will feel much better than she has been feeling. How is everyone is
wonderful Wednesday? Well, everyone, please have a
Great Day!

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