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6/14/10 7:45 P

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I just lost my post so I'll just say hello and good night to everyone. The phone service here is just terrible. I was told tonight that the phone lines are under a big water hole. That area use to be brush and the beavers got in there and made their dams and now it is like a lake and not a shrub to be seen. So sad.


Ann in San Diego

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6/14/10 5:21 P

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Jan, I will be praying that your headache goes away. They are no fun! I am glad the cats like catnip. When we had our cat he did not like catnip but if you put coffee in an old sock and tied it he would play with it for hours. I don't drink coffee very often but when I did the cat would try and get the cup away from me.
I miss him. I am trying to convince the family it is time to get another cat.

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6/14/10 5:15 P

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Good evening ladies,

My you area busy group!! I had a routine dr apt this morning. Mom went along and we had lunch afterwards and did some shopping. So it was afternoon before I got into much work.

When I got back DH was working in the garden. So I went down and hoed for about 1 1/2 hours. A good workout!! Things are growing nicely.

Louise, I hope your yard sale goes well. I am a pack rat, also. I have been trying to weed out things and get some more order. I figure the more things I have, the more time they require.

Jan, Hope your headache is gone by now. I get headaches occasionally. I looke up the Frosted Orange Salad recipe. It sounds delicious. I'll have to give that a try.

Patty, I looked at your pictures and patterns a day or so ago. I love colors, too. They brighten things up. The hats are so cute. I am anxious to see that baby sweater.

Cindy, You got a lot accomplished today. Do you have to work again tonight? How are the quilts coming along? I always enjoyed making quilts and knotting (or tying) them. Much quicker than quilting. Guess I am too impatient to get done.

Sarah, The coffee's on Bread sounds interesting. I'll have to check that one out, too!! I love trying new recipes. It's hot and humid here again, too. I have been expecting rain or thunderstorms, but nothing yet.

Hope everyone has a nice restful evening,

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6/14/10 3:03 P

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Good Morning Everyone! Boy, everyone is busy today.
I am still going through all my preschool books and toys and getting them ready for the yard sale on Saturday. I still have a lot I have not put in boxes
for the sale. Since I worked 10 years in preschool and homeschooled before that (I taught a boy in our former church after I had taught my daughter) I have a lot of books and teaching materials. Also, we had a lot of knick knacks and stuff we had put away and never used or displayed. The way I figure it if we have not used them in years, we don't need them. My husband is the "pack rat" in the family. I am not except for all the teaching stuff that I used until I stopped working. Years ago we went through what Ann is going through now. When my parents passed away we had a two family house full of things in all the rooms from the attic to the basement. I don't want our daughter going through that. It is so easy to get a lot of stuff and keep it. Well, it is lunch time. Everyone, please have a very wonderful and blessed Monday!

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6/14/10 12:11 P

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Good Morning,

Sarah, How would you rate Coffee's On Bread? Good idea to be an early bird so you can cook.

Patty, I have some walking poles that would automatically give your arms/hands that stance and I think I'll use them the next time I walk. Haven't used them for some time but they are great because they take pressure off your hips & knees. It would be fun using Netflix.

Cindy, You got a lot done this morning, too! I like the sound of the washing machine working and the smell of fresh, clean clothes. I really need to replace my clothesline. I'm still remembering you mentioning that the baby laughed- what a sweet image.

I woke up with a headache this morning. I think it was the teriyaki chicken I had last night. Have to remember not to buy that from Costco. I usually wait to see if it will go away or if coffee will help - it didn't so I took Excedrin Migraine and I'm waiting to feel better. One of my cats is curled up by my feet on the hassock.

I made the Frosted Orange Salad (H.E.L.P.) and it was as good as ever. A pretty salad. It's good to know there's more for today.

Yesterday at the Sunday Market both son and I got some catnip toys from a vendor. The vendor took different kinds of wool and made balls filled with the catnip and the one I got is a creature with ears and a long tail. The cats were in 7th heaven.

Time to make the oatmeal.


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6/14/10 9:12 A

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Morning Girls,
My, you are up early and late..

I walked 3/4 mile this morning. I think that is easier on my back than the exercise tape. We shall see. I may walk tonight again, or may not. Depends on how I feel.

Going to lunch at senior center today. I will have a salad. They don't have much other than the salad bar for vegans. Sometimes a veggie soup.

Then will take Mom to the store for shopping and visiting with cousins.

Towels and rugs are in the washer.

Need to change my sheets and vacuum and dust up here...This vacuum should be fine, as it is an Oreck. Very light.

Watched our church program this morning. If you are ever interested, it is Andrew Womack. Called the Gospel Truth.

Knitted a bit on the hat. I love the colors, orange and red, but the shades of them make them go nicely together, at least in my mind they

Want to finish the sweater today. Maybe the hat too. Just the sleeves to do, sew on the buttons and I am done. But I have to pay attention to the pattern and the stitch more than the knitting. Knitting is like therapy for me. Mindless repetitive movement. Raises the serotonin in your brain.

Jan, I was thinking of you when I was walking. I just automatically would squeeze my fingers up, periodically. Have you tried that? I also bend at the elbow and hold them up for a bit too. I read someplace, that it is the hanging down constantly that makes them swell. Hoping it is working for you.

My son gave hubby a Netflix 3 month subscription for Fathers Day. We had fun choosing movies last night.

Nothing much happening. I have too many projects going. Three afghans, 1 baby sweater, 1 hat. Well, the small projects will be done this week, the afghans are another story. The one, is the big granny square ghan, that uses up yarns until it is big enough for the nursing home. I like it, sort of scattered with lots of color, and very random. Many would not like it, but I love color and the way it looks against other color.

Have a blessed day girls.


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6/14/10 8:51 A

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good morning girls

i just got home from work. i did the grocery shopping after i clocked out. i have them put away and a load of wash in the washer. i want to clean both bathrooms and work for a while in the flowerbed.

not much going on yet, i hope you all have a blessed day............cindy

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6/14/10 7:23 A

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Hi Everyone!

I'm being an earlybird today. I wanted to do a bit of cooking before it gets too hot. Cooking makes the air work harder.

We had a quick thunderstorm around 9 or so last night. The rain is welcome, the lightning isn't!

Well yesterday I had a moment of "what was I thinking"! I knew I needed to use up my bananas but sat right there and made the Coffee's on Bread from Fresh from the Hearth cookbook. Jan I am determined to make Becky's Banana Bread. You have given it such great reviews I want to try it.

That is what is on my plate today. How about you, what are y'all up to today? Cooking?

Hope it is a great one for everyone!!


Catch Ya Later
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