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5/28/10 10:57 P

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Hi Everyone! Well, I am not sure but I think it might have been 100 today. It was dry and sunny. I did not check the temperature. I know tomorrow is suppose to be warm. Ann, my friend who lives in Plymouth, MA said they got a bad thunder storm a few days ago. It must have went though the whole state.
I honestly forgot what town your mother lived in. Am
I correct to think it was in Western Massachusetts?
This morning DH, DD and I met a friend's son at a coffee shop. Our friends are having a 40th Wedding Anniversary Party a week from this Saturday. We thought it would be fun to put a little skit together for them. It was fun putting it together.
Then after the coffee shop we went grocery shopping.
We got a lot of frest veggies and fruits and gluten-free meats. DH and DD are trying to eat healthy also. I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I am a little nervous about it. I got a call yesterday from her office asking me to make sure I do keep the appointment because my thyroid levels were high. I am a little confused because I have Hashimoto Thyroid which is a low thyroid condition. I think I will have DH come with me to the appointment to see what is going on. I know you can go from hyper thyroid to low thyroid but I did not think you could go from low thyroid to high thyroid.
I am so confused by the phone call. I would have not
been surprised if they said my sugars were high but they seem to be all right. Well, I will find out what is going on Tuesday. In the meantime, I better not think about it. Well, everyone, please have a Wonderful Night.

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5/28/10 10:55 P

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Ann, It's good to hear from you and I picked up a few tips. Sounds like things are well in hand. I'm making a mental note about surplus "stuff".

Ladies, it sounds like we've all been doing well when we don't feel like doing something that needs to be done and just doing it anyway and then feeling good about the result.

Glenna, I felt that way about the nutrition tracker but when I went back to it, I discovered I had logged a lot of things in. I hope you find a way to track nutrition that will work for you. I've done "points" and exchanges. My problem has been to quit writing it down when I'm "off beam".

I heard the cruise ship horn as they left town this evening. They had a wet, rainy day. It's the last ship now until this fall to stop here.

Our youngest son is here for the weekend and our oldest is about to leave for work.


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5/28/10 8:38 P

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Hello Everyone. DH finally figured a way to run a telephone line from DM basement into the motor home so we could catch up on the computer at night. We were told the dial up number we are using is not a long distance from here. I sure hope not.

We arrive about noon on Tues. It was hot and so muggy. Wed was the same. I got right to work on the two upstairs bedrooms and 1/2 bath. There was one bookcase full of Readers Digest Condensed books and romance novels. Those books filled 4 'chicken boxes' The butcher down the road brought them to me. I could get 75 romance books in one box. Then I got all the used linen out of the rooms and bagged that up. Had a several more bags of recycle junk. Only thing in those rooms is the furniture. One double bed will be picked up tomorrow for 'Lois' daughter's son. Next up was the small bedroom down stairs. DH and I made a trip to Hazel's thrift store. Hazel and I are going to be good friends by the end of the house clean out. She must be over 85. Then to the recycle place with bags of mostly paper.

Ladies, do your kids a favor and down size. Don't save pads of paper, don't leave your filing stacked, don't save save and save some more. I have boxes of sm. envelopes, big envelopes, 9 x 12" envelopes, file folders new and used and the list goes on and on and on. My mother was into genology (sp) and notes on box after box of 3 x 5 pieces of paper. Not even the heavier 3 x 5 cards. DH and I spent an hour or more going through three boxes and taking off paper clips so we could recycle them and still have 5 foxes to go. And the books and magazines etc.

I've been working in my dads old stamp room where two walls have shelves from floor to ceiling and they are full. The living room I almost finished today but still more to do in the stamp room. Each time I empty out a cupboard, cabinet, closet or drawer I put a bright blue post it note on the door so I know it is empty. I haven't began the kitchen or the back pantry and then there is the basement.

A couple that live up the road and went to another high school than I did but we are the same age, have been so helpful. He's been down some times twice a day with info or some such. And he is having weekly chemo. Today their church pastor came and got about a dozen blankets and two 30 gallon bags of linens to take to another towns homeless shelter. I also gave him seat risers, walker, shower chair. He even took two large oval tubs DH found somewhere. Man up the road recommended three RE attorneys to give me a Market Value appraisal of the house. One gal came by today. She was most impressed with the condition of the house especially the basement. She said many she goes into are musty, damp with dirt floors. This one isn't finished but doesn't smell or have dampness anywhere. She'll have some figures for me on Sunday. The house was built in the 1812 and has 21.44 acres. Neighbor up the road said two different people have asked if I was going to sell the house and they were interested.

Wed. night we had a most unwelcome thunder and lightening storm. The power went out for several hours. I was concerned as DH uses a CPAP machine. A town 20 miles west had many trees down, and cancelled school and told people to stay out of town so they could get the roads cleared and the power up again.

I've bored you enough. I'm going to take a shower and watch TV. If I go to bed too early I won't sleep all night.


Ann in San Diego

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5/28/10 6:04 P

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Hi Jan and Cindy and all others!!

It was sunny and very hot in WV today. When I looked earlier it was 85 degrees. We did some gardening none the less. It is very cloudy now and we are expecting some rain and/or thunderstorms later. So it's probably a good thing we got the weeding done. Our veggies are growing very well. So far we have had lettuce and radishes. We could have young onions and Swiss chard.

Congrats on doing so well Jan!!! I get frustrated using the nutrition tracker because it seems to take so long to enter everything. I like the readouts I get, but it takes forever to enter everything.

Mom and I went to the cemetery and decorated her parents and sister-in-laws graves today. Decoration at the cemetery where Dad is buried isn't for a couple of weeks yet.

Hope all had a good day.

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5/28/10 5:59 P

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Afternoon Girls,
Picked Mom up to take her to the store for visiting and shopping.

84 and sunny. We need rain badly. We had a bad fire northeast of here a ways last week. Acres and acres burned, houses lost. It is just so dry here.

Exercised today. It was easy. I am liking this.
I made choc. chip cookies today. no eggs, but I had heard that you could replace an egg for 1 TB. of cornstarch. So I tried that. They spread out more, maybe too wet, but hubby likes them better, as they are crispy. So will probably make them like this again. I prefer them soft and warm, the choc. melting in my hand as I eat

Anyway, a little tip for you, to replace an egg, 1 TB. cornstarch...see all the little tips I have for you girls? Now what would you all do without me? hmmm

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5/28/10 2:34 P

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hi jan, it is about 80 outside and very gray. it rained overnight and it looks like it could start anythime.i walked down to the garden and boy does it need weeding. next wek i have got to get busy.

today i got alot of housecleaning done.when i first got home from work i didn t feel like doing anything but i got right to work and i got it done. i am so glad.

we are getting together with our youngest daughter and her family for memorial day. they have games planned with trophies for the winners. it should be a lot of fun.

jan, iam so glad that you are doing so well. keep up the great work. cindy

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5/28/10 12:22 P

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Good morning!

Today is gray and looks like rain. I'm glad I got outside yesterday.

Today I'm getting ready for the Memorial Day weekend. I need to make a quick trip to the store to get miniature marshmallows so I can make Lemon Fluff Salad.

It's really interesting since I've been using the Nutrition and Exercise features here on Sparkpeople (and not fudging by not writing things down) I get a much clearer picture. I'm actually looking forward to my next weigh in.

I misplaced my book. Have you ever done that? I'm reading a Benni Harper mystery series and yesterday I set that book down somewhere and couldn't find it last night. Arghhhh! Hubby said "Do you want to start another book?" No. I want to see what happens in the one I was reading and even more - where did I put it?!

How is your Friday going?


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