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TOPIC:   Thursday July 2, 2009 

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MAGNOLIAHONEY's Photo Posts: 3,996
7/3/09 8:43 A

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Thanks Jan, I'll look that one up!

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PEACEFULHOME's Photo SparkPoints: (55,387)
Fitness Minutes: (19,121)
Posts: 5,169
7/2/09 11:09 P

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Good evening,

Louise, Happy Birthday to your daughter. I'm sorry to hear you lost your job but glad you have faith that God will take care of you. I would have thought they would have kept you but also agree with you that God has a plan for you and it will be fun to hear what it is.

Heather, I think it's Heart Smart has a good chocolate mint pie.


Pacific NW Time Zone PDT

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MAGNOLIAHONEY's Photo Posts: 3,996
7/2/09 12:49 P

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We are soggy today too!

I am so sorry Louise, but great outlook! I know God will take care of you.

We are bottle breaking Lela and potty training her, and it's been hard the last few days, but I think we're finally through the worst part of it!

I have a lot of expired pistachio and white chocolate instant pudding. I don't care though since it's powder, they have no bugs or anything, just out of date. I want to hurry and eat them up though. I also have a few Chocolate Fudge puddings in there.

Let me know what your favorite recipes of Jo's are with these three puddings, as I want to try them. I'll probably make the Apple pistachio pudding in the Man book as we love that one. And white chocolate buried treasure pie, as I think that one taste like a kit kat bar! lol hahaha And I love kit kats!

But, would love some more to try, as we have a lot of pudding to make!

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SARAHINFL's Photo Posts: 1,457
7/2/09 10:28 A

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Hi Louise and all!

I'm so sorry about your job Louise but you are right in that we can't see the big picture.

We are having another soggy day here in Florida. I didn't get on the computer yesterday because of the storms but so far today it is just rain. Rain is always welcome down here. In the last two rainy days all the yards have really greened up.

I hope everyone is having a good day!

Catch Ya Later

SparkPoints: (86,393)
Fitness Minutes: (23,689)
Posts: 12,292
7/2/09 9:40 A

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Good Thursday Morning! I have not been on the computer a lot so I have not posted in a while. Well, last week I was told that July 28, 2009 would be my last day of work at the Christian School I teach at. They are only having two 2's classes. Most of the staff is upset because I have been there the longest of the other two teachers. I am not upset because I know that GOD has BIGGER and BETTER things for me. One of the other two's teachers thought that since I am now Cancer Free and that they should have let go of the one who is still fighting Cancer. However, I don't feel that way because she needs the job to give her a purpose of living and really fight the Cancer the way I did. Sometimes we cannot see the big picture but GOD can. I think I was too much in my comfort zone. I have been there off and on since August 2000. I thought it was since 1999 but it was 2000. I think it is time for a change. For a little while if I can, I am going to not work and really work on my weight. However, I am not sure that I can stay out of work for long as the company where my husband got the new job is very slow. They are not letting him or anyone else go but one never knows. I think for me it is time for a change. They are putting 16 two years olds in a classroom daily and in my opinion that is too much. Of course, there will be an assistant and a teacher but honestly one cannot do a lot with 16 two year olds. They are very active and they need space. I think I am getting out at a good time. Since my daughter is the PE and Music Teacher and that is one reason parents put their children in the school, her job is safe for now. One never knows though. She is praying for GOD's leading if HE wants her to stay or look into someplace else. Transportation is the big key for me as my husband and I have only one car for now. GOD IS IN CONTROL so I am not worried. Today is my daughter's 31st birthday. She was on vacation this week and so am I.
My husband's job gave everyone the day off today since work is so slow and he was getting Friday off anyway. So my DH, a good friend and I are taking DD out for lunch for her birthday. I will have an healthy lunch. I probably will not be on the computer a lot since this computer is very old and is giving fits! Everyone, please have a GREAT THURSDAY and A VERY WONDERFUL FOURTH OF JULY!

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