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TOPIC:   Wednesday 

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5/6/09 9:50 P

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Housework is one of those things that is always with us, lol. My joyous chore today was cleaning the bathrooms.

DH & I wanted to walk outside but it rained most of the day. It's not raining now but we'll go to an evening church service pretty soon. The weatherman is saying tomorrow evening should be pretty nice so there is still hope for a walk. I'm remembering in HELP (Joanna's book) she tells how she started walking.


Pacific NW Time Zone PDT

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5/6/09 9:46 P

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It has been a beautiful 70's day here too.

Patty, the doll you were given to finish reminded me of a sweater someone offered to finish for me. My oldest DS eons ago wanted a wrap type of sweater. He probably was in high school at the time. It was cream in color with red, navy, med. blue colors in a pattern around the body like one big strip. Same pattern on each sleeve. Kinda reminded me of an Indian zig zag type. Anyway the colors took a guzillion bobbins for the stripe that were such a pain. I got tired of working on it. When the bank I worked for was closing our division with a new computer system coming in, our work downsized too. One gal offered to work on the sweater for me instead of no work. She had the darnest time trying to match my knitting guage. She didn't finish it but did get more done. My now DS retired from the Air Force, was married with a daughter and I knew he would never wear the sweater. I finally unraveled the main color and used it for my knitted hats. The unravelling wasn't easy either. I remember my DH saying why don't you just toss it and go buy some yarn. Have you ever tried Alavert for your allergies? That works good for me where Claritin does nothing. My doctor suggested the Alavert that is over the counter. Wonderful that your DM is able to drive again.

Linda, I think reading is a hobby if it relaxes you. Are you a reader during the TV commercials?

I bought me another crock pot today. I've been toying with the idea of a 1 1/2 quart one for small quantity items. When I've looked at them they look so small. Taste of Home Magazine had one on sale for about $13.00 last week. I went to WalMart today and found a Rival 2 quart for $10.88. It looks a little bigger than the 1 1/2. According to the very few recipes that came with it, it will hold a 2 lb. roast.

Now I have a project trying to find the smaller crock pot recipes. I think the ones that you cut up the chicken breast in chunks will work very well. I've also got a couple of desserts to try.

I also got my newsletter and want to try one of the pie recipes minus the crust.


Ann in San Diego

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5/6/09 2:34 P

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Just got back home. We went to lunch at the senior center. My Mom was able to drive over there. Then I met her at her house, and we went to the nursing home where she stayed for 3 weeks after her knee surgery. We wanted to see her roommate. Her name is Helen, and she is such a nice lady. All the nurses oohed and aahed over how well my Mom is doing. Isn't that great?


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LRAPPS's Photo Posts: 93
5/6/09 10:35 A

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Morning Patty, that doll sounds fun, I wish I had some sort of hobby to keep me busy, I've tried just about everything and I get quickly bored. About the only thing I like to do is read which is fine but not as productive as crocheting. I'm with you on keeping the house clean, I'm so tired of cleaning. Of course I've got two kids to help make the mess. It's not as easy to get them to clean up though :-) Have a good day.

Miss Linda

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5/6/09 7:18 A

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Oh what a beautiful day. Supposed to be in the 70's today. A lady at the senior center gave me a dolly to finish up the crochet trim on. She made the dress and the body, but I need to do the grapes, and trim on the hat and dress and shoes maybe. I think this is a grape one. This is the kind that just has the head and hands, and you crochet the body and outfit for it. This lady will be 88 later this month, and sits right across from me at lunch usually. I will enjoy finishing it for her. I will put a pic on my blog when I am done.

My Mom is doing nicely. Very good.

My allergies are acting up terrible this spring. Soon, the pollen will be down, and it won't bother me as much. Then I can hang laundry outside. I can hardly wait. I love hanging laundry.

Today is kitchen cleaning. So I will work on that today. Why oh why can I not keep my house picked up and clean? You would think at my age, that it would be easier to keep orgainzed, but no, hubby and I are clutter-ers, both of us.

Have a great day all.

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