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2/24/09 2:13 P

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many butchers will re-add blood for better coloring. so even a standard steak is not safe.

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2/24/09 1:57 P

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We buy all of our meat at the local meat market fresh cut so we should be avoiding most of this. We bought all of the children gift certificates from there for x-mas. They couldn't believe the difference in the flavor of the meat.


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2/24/09 1:06 P

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This is getting disgusting. Everything we eat seems to be getting tampered with. I figured most chicken was safe, until I started reading the labels and found all this added stuff. I do so much label reading now, my shopping trips are getting longer and longer just to find out what is safe to eat for us older folks with lots of health issues.

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2/18/09 2:33 P

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Any meat, chicken or otherwise, that is prepackaged with a name brand, will likely have these injections. Meat that you buy from your local store, cut and packaged there, is probably safe. However, read the label. Meats bought from the deli counter will also be injected, and of course, ANY packaged lunch meats are. The added water is to make the package heavier, so they make more profit. They get you coming and going.

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2/18/09 1:29 P

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Am a vegetarian, so don't have to deal with this personally, but I'm passing along to relatives who aren't so they can make better meat choices.

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2/18/09 10:47 A

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Any consumer NOT ALREADY aware of this has been sadly duped!!!!

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2/18/09 8:48 A

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from what i have recently read, that practice is with all meats

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2/18/09 8:30 A

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This has been in several news blogs lately I thought I would share it. The sodium injection was first brought to my attention by RAYLINSTEPHENS. Here is the quiz:

True or false:

1 All chickens labeled "100 percent natural" are just chicken, nothing added.

2 If you read the small print, about half of the chickens sold as "100 percent natural" have been injected with broth and salt.

3 USDA rules allow chicken processors to inject chickens with water, broth and sodium and still label them as natural.

4 Some enhanced chickens (broth-injected) contain as much as 330 mg of sodium.

5 A chicken that has not been enhanced generally contains 40 to 65 mg of sodium.

6 Some natural chickens have carrageenan on the ingredients list. Carrageenan is a seaweed product, and therefore qualifies as natural.

7 Injections increase the weight of the chicken, so consumers pay more for protein they aren't getting.

8 If the label on the chicken has a Heart Check symbol, it indicates that the chicken has not been injected with sodium.

9 Consumers can tell if a chicken has any injected ingredients by reading the ingredients listed on the label.

McClatchy Newspapers

SOURCES: Nutrition Action Healthletter, published by the Center for Science in the Public Interest; Truthful Labeling Coalition; California Poultry Federation

ANSWERS: 1. False; 2. True; 3. True; 4. True; 5. True; 6. True; 7. True; 8. False; 9. True

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