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4/15/14 8:21 P

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I walk 4 to 5 miles daily, interval walk most of the days; strength exercises 4 times a month, besides Hatha, Vinyasa, Power and Restorative Yoga and Meditation to help me balance body and mind.

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4/15/14 6:52 P

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With my cardio and circulatory problems and how slow I usually could walk, I'll try to walk as I can. I live among steep hills, and walking does nothing ...

But yoga, as well, is in low rotation ...

So happy to hear swimming works well for you.

Now the mystery of many years swimming laps causing sugar cravings and constant thirst, had been solved about 14 months ago upon firm diagnosis ...

Other lap swimmers had teased me about my "knocking down vodka highballs at the lane's end.."

need not go into what some "undiagnosed condition" had done ... with what amounted to may classes power slow-flow yoga /martial arts fusion ... but it had been a big game of "Fooled You!" Bloated upper body muscles made me look quite the sprint swimmer, as well, far from Jenny Thompson ... but you know ....

Walking is my favorite workout ... but R.I.P. walking as a workout

Lesser artists borrow, great artists steal.

- Igor Stravinsky

Find a way.

--Diana Nyad

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4/15/14 4:31 P

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In addition to practicing yoga for the past 25 years, I swim laps 3 times weekly, take Pilates classes twice weekly, and take deep water aerobic classes 4-5 times weekly. Keeps me pretty fit.

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4/15/14 4:03 P

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I did treadmill and walking videos

I hope the kids learn as much from me as I do them.

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4/15/14 3:10 P

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Before my yoga practice became almost daily, I spent several days of the week in the gym. I practiced HIIT interval training. I worked various circuit sets, supersets, and trisets of primarily bodyweight work combined with bosu, medicine, and stability balls, some dumbbell work, jumping rope...Today I practice a hot power vinyasa yoga 5x or 6x/week. I am no longer a gym member. This is new for me. Working out at home is new for me. I put a trainer on my bike, wear an interval timer and practice HIIT. I jump rope every day. I recently got a suspension trainer which I'm finding to be very challenging and an excellent compliment to my yoga practice. The suspension trainer requires enormous balance. It works one's core like crazy! A pushup with the trainer, with feet on the floor but not hands, wow! I also have a pull-up bar and I'm still progressing towards a full-pullup. I also have some bodyweight exercise books, an ab wheel, old bicycle inner-tubes for adding resistance or assisting me in pullup work... There are so many possibilities! The difficulty for me is to create a program which would compliment my yoga practice and not wear me out. There are also many asanas I would like to practice outside studio class time. Where to begin?

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4/15/14 11:21 A

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I do an indoor cycling class twice a week and do strength training classes three times a week in the early mornings. I then do yoga in the evenings, sometimes in a group class, some times on my own. For me, it works. I tend to be a morning person, so the high energy stuff first thing in the day. And then the yoga later in the day to help me still my mind and relax.

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4/15/14 11:13 A

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You bet I do.

But for 6 years I had not been.

It's tough as h#ll with painful heel spur and plantar fasciitis on both feet, as well as a pained knees/inflammation on both knees to do another workout, but type 2 diabetes management demands as intense a cardio workout as I can do within these constraints. By "cardio" I mean, and mean only: exercise that leads to both rapid AND deep or shallow breathing at the same time. Rapid and deep or shallow breathing, not just your heart pounding, not just a raised pulse rate! And using the lower body repetitively: the legs.

And certainly not just by breaking a sweat!

Or sweating under a bathing cap, while swimming ...

Well, my ankles and hips are rather inflexible, and so I cannot do endurance-type swimming very fast or well ... so as with yoga, it's the arms that take the hit. Not cardio in the sense that the legs do much work in swimming. HOWEVER, I do miss swimming. And for most people, it is somewhat cardio.

I'd had better-looking shoulders as a swimmer than many of the most accomplished of acro-yoginis (did not do very, very much yoga at that time! If it looked like yoga, it was coincidentally a workout I'd innovated on my own that seemed to look very much like Rodney Yee and Mariel Hemingway's yoganow workout, but a little more upper-body intensive than anything THEY ever marketed. I disliked and avoided inversions!)

It's what you bring to the table, always .. !

So, yes and double-yes!!

To keep some of that "yoga flavor" (I really fell hook, line and sinker for the spirituality and the cultural trappings over those years), I'd taken up:

The Masala Bhangra Workout (in the form of a live series of classes for a time--no room to do it at home)
Yoga Therapy School of Vinyasa Yoga (deciding NOT to rely on yoga for ANY cardio, finally ... inversion-sparse and well before I'd become diabetic as well, through Freeform Yoga classes; plus currently)
Bollywood workouts with Hemalayaa (on mp3 and DVD)

Going more away from yoga, and retaining much of similar spirituality and sensuousness:

Cardio Belly Dance
5 Rhythms Ecstatic Dance


returning to old-school Hi-Lo Aerobics (done as low-impact as I can and exaggerating arm movements and lateral leg movements ..)

Throughout, there was pilates when I did not wind up w/ my legs cramping ...

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Lesser artists borrow, great artists steal.

- Igor Stravinsky

Find a way.

--Diana Nyad

(Said after swimming from Cuba to Key West without fins or shark cages)

My blog is at (topics vary; words are the most important things)

Now 110 pounds less than at age 24--w/o weight-loss surgery!
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4/15/14 9:01 A

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I am newer to yoga, only have been practicing about 6 months... I was a die hard gym rat but love the mental break I feel in yoga. I know from wearing my heart rate monitor that I am getting a great workout, but wonder, does anyone here do other workouts?


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