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I'm sorry you are struggling with this. I can't take bc either as it increases my blood pressure and that causes other problems. Have you talked with a specialist in endo or pcos? Personally, as a fellow sufferer of several medical issues, I would seek help for the issue that is the most debilitating at the moment. If your migraines are daily or almost daily, work with a headache specialist to get those under control. My SIL is on a special diet as well as a new med to help get her chronic migraines under control. She has been avoiding certain foods and it really has helped with the severity of her headaches. They aren't the foods you usually see recommended either like onions. She has to avoid nuts as well as pork among other things. If your endo pain is the most debilitating then seek out an endo center in your area that may have additional resources to help you manage the pain.

Hang in there.


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6/8/12 10:02 P

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I am sorry to hear that you are going through such a struggle and that your options are limited. With such a mixed bag of answers I would keep looking before taking such a drastic measure. I would seek a doctor who has had a similar patient and check what they did for that patient and if they have a patient who is similar may be see if the doctor would contact the patient who opted for the removal and see if they were truly helped and the removal did what it was supposed to. I wish you the best.

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6/7/12 2:47 P

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I am so sorry to hear what they are recommending to you.
I would be devastated because I am 32 with no children yet and I really want them. I would always seek 2nd opinions.
Have you considered natural remedies?

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6/7/12 11:19 A

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I am a 31 year old who has been dealing with Migraines, Chronic Epstein-Barr Virus, Endometriosis, and PCOS for many years now. Laparoscopy and ablation helped for only 3 months, and I have tried basically all birth control options. The last one tried was the depo provera shots. I can never seem to take anything for more than 2 months because it increases my migraines. I saw my OBGYN's nurse practitioner yesterday and she explained things better than anyone else has, and told me bluntly that my only options at this point would be to try a Mirena IUD or have at least my ovaries removed. My PCP is voting for the Hysterectomy as she had similar issues when she was younger. However I have had 2 OBGYN's tell me I was too young (and especially since I've had no children) for the surgery. One also said that it would do me no good.
I am really confused and was just wondering if anyone else had been through anything similar, and what their experiences have been. Thanks!!

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