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8/16/09 5:52 P

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Because over 80% of us have Insulin Resistance (or some form of it or diabetes) as the main trigger of our PCOS, real treatment usually tackles things from that end, rather than just covering up symptoms with BCP. Because of that, I would highly recommend that you see an endo (if you can, or a good GP) and see if they will let you go back on the Metformin again (usual dosage is 1,500 mg/day).

While BCP is good for covering up symptoms like acne and some are good for hair issues, too (and, of course, they do help you have a regular period), they don't address the usual underlying issue, and long-term use of BCP's are connected to worsening metabolic issues (like IR).

Other ways to manage PCOS include a low-GI-type diet and exercise (basically Sparks with a stronger focus on high-fibre, wholesome foods and a little fewer carbs). Basic supplements include fish oil, chromium, and a good multi.

For hair and acne issues (which are linked to higher testosterone levels), some women swear by drinking a cup of herbal mint tea every day. Just don't do that if you think you might be preggers! emoticon

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8/15/09 6:15 A

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Hi! Over the past several months I started seeing a dermatologist for this exact problem. He tried a bunch of different pills and creams to help. So far Ziana is the BEST I've tried. The first couple of times you use it, the medicine doesn't seem to be working because it doesn't burn or dry out your skin... But I went from having ten new spots a day to nearly scar and bump free. I get one every once in a while, but other than that I'm clearer than I've been since I was diagnosed with PCOS.

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8/14/09 12:38 P

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I've not had any treatment for my PCOS since April 2008, so its been over a year since I had treatment for it and in truth I've not had any sign of it (save the issues with getting the weight off, but surprise surprise no weight gain regardless of how bad I've been eating for the past several months).

I'm on ER version of metformin to treat the the IR and type 2 diabetes, plus insulin 4 times a day, but that is treatment for the diabetes and IR not for the PCOS, my GYN has discharged from from her care saying my GP can handle it from here, and my GP is like your Endro knows what he'd doing, not my area.

Oh well it doesn't matter, as long as things are progressing in the positive I do not have an issue. .

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8/12/09 9:09 A

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I am looking for more of treatment of PCOS. I have mild symptoms of acne, upper lip hair darkening, and over weight. I have the Mirena so BCP is not an option for me. I am not sure of my hormone levels. I was wandering what other women took as a daily medication regimen for PCOS that are not TTC.

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8/11/09 10:45 P

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My doctor is willing to put me on the birth control patch with the warning that it might be less effective because of my weight.

If you are looking for something permanent, my doctor has an in-office procedure where a spiral-looking thing is inserted into the fallopian tubes to block them. Again, this is permanent.

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8/10/09 2:08 P

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Hello Ladies. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2005 when TTC. Was on Metformin and Clomid at that time. Concieved my daughter in 2006, went off those meds and on to BCP. Stopped BCP in 2008 and two month later concieved my son with no help of meds. Now after his birth we are done with kids and I got the Mirena placed. Now my acne is getting bad and my upper lip hair is getting darker. I am not an any meds and am wondering if I need to be. What are you ladies on? I have an appt with my doctor this month on the 28th to hopefully discuss this.

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