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1/12/09 10:01 A

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I've lost weight using a lower carb/gi diet and now follow the spark diet - which doesnt really restrict any particular food, but encourages more fresh fruits and veggies, fewer processed foods and empty calories. I take metformin and don't think it has directly helped weight loss but it helps keep insulin resistance in check. Exercise has been my biggest weight loss ally, but the effects are slow and it is not a miracle cure. I've lost 50 pounds in the last year - slowly but steadily. Using SparkPeople to track my foods and exercise has been very beneficial for me - whether you decide to follow a diet that restricts certain foods (like carbs) or not, the food diary/tracker is great and has given me a lot of insight into where some of my extra pounds have come from. And the support through the various teams and chat forums is great too. Good luck.

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1/12/09 12:02 A

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I lost 18 pounds and started getting periods again. I've gained all that back after getting depressed about some things in my life and just plain give up. I of course gain a whole lot easier than I lose.... like most of you. I'm still getting my period so hopefully after losing it AGAIN I find a few more hormones I lost with the weight gain. I lost it with weight watchers. I need the getting together with other people trying to lose and having to weigh in weekly. Weight watchers is pretty much just counting calories (broken down into lower easier to count point numbers)..well the flex plan anyhow. They have another that is more like a low carb plan. I tried low carb diets and they had me feeling tired and weak. I would lose the first week then stop losing. With weight watchers as long as I stick to it I lose.

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1/11/09 7:57 P

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Not suppose to have carbs like rice breads or cheese says who? you allergic to that stuff??

Anyhow, I average 250 to 300g of carbs a day (bread, pasta, cheese, rice, regular pop, etc) and have lost over 100 pounds and have kept all of it off save 3 pounds that I've regained since july 2008.)

Best I can say is working out and eating right - while getting your homones back into balance works (I lost all the weight while my hormones where in balance - and since they have fallen back out of balance - i've gone back to a sand still in weight).

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1/9/09 5:34 P

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I was diagnosed with PCOS in November after years of struggling, 2 miscarriages, crazy periods, and no weight loss. I started on Metformin in November as well. I just started at the beginning of the month eating healthy and exercising. I eat 1200 calories a day, take the Metformin 4 times a day, and exercise 3 days a week for 45 minutes at a time. I've only lost 2 lbs. so far, but it's a start.

It can be VERY frustrating b/c I have a friend that took Metformin for her PCOS and lost 20 lbs. in like a month. All I could think about was "why can't I lose that????"

But we will!

Also, you had mentioned hydroxycut and all those... they might work for some people, but when you have PCOS it's an insulin resistance problem and you need to get the insulin under control to help you lose weight and regulate periods. My periods have not regulated yet but my doctor said we might have to add another medication to do that.

Unfortunately, if you want to fix your insulin resistance, you are probably going to have to take medication. If you can find ways to fix the problem with just diet and exercise, that's great. But I didn't have that kind of luck!

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1/9/09 1:57 P

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Thank you so much everyone for responsing. I have not taken any meds... too scared but i did try hydrxycut (forgive my misspelling the word). I did lose weight... I actually lost 10 pounds but i did not see a diffence in my periods. so i quit that! I just want my period to be normal without taking meds. I gained back the 10 pounds in one months. I was pretty dissappointed in myself. Also does anyone not have the urge to have sex anymore. I have a boyfriend and I am never in the mood. LOL I think its the pcos but im not sure. I just want to control this monster called pcos so i can have my life back. Im only 22 so im getting fustrated and i get very depressed at times and i was never this way when i was younger... more help!!!!

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1/8/09 6:09 P

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I had trouble losing weight (prior to my doc diagnosing me with PCOS) unless I starved myself and worked out 3 times a day for 45-60 min. It was very frustrating. Once I found out that I had PCOS, I went on BC and was able to lose about 8-10 lbs (and keep it off). After months on trying to lose more, I spoke with my doc about it. After doing bloodwork, we decided that since I'm still insulin resistant and have very high levels of testosterone, that metformin was an option to try. I've been on that for 3 months now and am able to lose (with good eating habits and moderate exercise) the weight. I go back next week for more blood work to see how my levels are doing and making sure that there are no adverse side effects of the medication. I'm guessing that the levels should be coming down.

I don't know if medication is the right route for you (or if you even want to try it), but talk with your doctor and see what he/she suggests. You could also try consulting a dietician. I do agree with Calitomutiger that sometimes you have to listen to your body. Eat slowly and be very "in the moment" at meals and snacks; if after eating, you're still hungry, find a healthy option to add to the meal. Even now, I still listen to my body. I try to stay in my caloric range, but somedays I can't. I'm starving; I eat a little more. I will go with high fiber and/or lean protein options for the extra boost.

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1/8/09 4:15 P

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Ok ladies I have tried it all... when I say it all I mean weight watchers, jenny craig, you on a diet, the zone, starving, eating 3200 calories as one dr. recommended saying that by starving i had screwed up my metabolism and needed to eat tons, metformin, diet pills, working out 3 hours/day, working out 30 min/day... anyway you get the picture... I wasn't losing weight doing any of it. I had given up completely and then at my heightest weight 215 I am 5'3" I decided I'm going to stop tracking, stop counting stop following advice and just follow what my body tells me to do. When I am hungry I eat, I eat slowly this is what I have learned from my body works for me. I drink lots of water, I exercise I have found that water aerobics and lots of weight lifting works for me. And finally I am losing not a little weight but a lot of weight. Since throwing my hands in the air and totally giving up I have gone from a size 18 to a size 14. I have not gotten on a scale so I can't tell you want the actual weight loss has been but I feel healthy. I am getting back into tracking things now because I feel like it but I had to give up for a while to really learn what worked for me.

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1/8/09 4:03 P

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I have PCOS too and I could lose weight, but I like to eat and eat the wrong stuff. Part of me thinks, well I am going to die someday and it doesn't matter. But the other part of me wants to be healthy since my body is God's temple.

Someone suggested a food journal and that it is very helpful. I have been thinking about doing a journal, but that is as far as I've gotten.

I think if you exercise (which I do) and keep sweets and carbs to a minimum, I think you could be successful as losing weight.

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1/8/09 3:46 P

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Okay i have pcos and i am not suppose to have carbs like rice, breads, or cheese. i am trying this diet called, you on a diet... and im hungry. not all the time but i have my moments when i finish eating and im hungry. i am drinking my water and having my snacks between meals. i just need some help to see some weigh loss. i see everyone is losing weight.. maybe its just my body but i know that i cant have a sandwich from subways and lose weigh like jared did. anywho just trying to see if i can get some pointers. im insulin resistance so my body is not using insulin properly. I heard the low gi diet might work but i just want to get an opinon from someone. I do not have kids and i weigh 220 and im 5 2 inches.

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