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1/15/09 11:08 A

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Hey WonderJane - that is amazing - good for you!
I am going to check out the nutrition data page - I've never heard of it before.

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1/14/09 10:06 A

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I take metformin, exercise about 6 times per week and follow a low-ish GI style of eating - I focus on reducing empty carbs rather than eliminating them and have found the information on very useful to get ideas for what to try to eat more of and what to try to eat less of. Between that and using the SP food tracker, I am losing slowly but consistently, and honestly don't feel deprived. One thing I like about the food analysis on NutritionData is that she provides the nutrient break down of foods, the glycemic load and the inflamation factor - so regardless of what characteristic of food is important for you to learn about, the information is all there. She also doesnt preach a one-diet-fits-all approach, which is important for me. What works for my friends and family doesnt necessarily work for me, after all. Good luck.

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1/13/09 1:38 P

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I am taking metformin and I also have insulin resistance. my fertility doctor suggested seeing a nutritionist but my GP does not belong to a Family Health Team which means i would have to pay for it. I read the Insulin Resistance diet book and joined the Low GI diet grop on here and have slowly been experimenting and changing my eating habits to something that will be better for me. As someone mentioned below i have focused on eating whole grains and less processed foods. I also read the patients guide to PCOS and it has a small amount of info on diet with some suggested recipes Hope this helps!

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1/12/09 3:25 P

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I think, as with almost anything, you need to learn the general principles and apply them to your life, one step at a time. Remember, you're making life-long changes, so anything that you feel you can't live with, you probably won't!

I think the general principles of a LGI diet work very well - it's a way of trying to find a balance. (Obviously, some people are going to find loop-holes like the snickers bar - nothing is perfect!) Obviously, people are all different, so you need to do what works best for you and your lifestyle, but it's a good starting point.

I personally have seen a HUGE difference just cutting out ALL processed foods. That means that I don't eat anything "white" (like pasta or bread), and try to make as much as I can myself. I found a bread-maker, a crock-pot and a rice-cooker at a second-hand store for dirt-cheap, and I use them a fair bit. I also cook with a lot of dried beans (cheap, lots of good carbs, and tons of fibre and protein!!!!) It's been interesting - I've had some flops, but a lot more success than I thought I'd have. I still have an occasional treat, but I'm finding that sugar gives me a headache now, so I don't enjoy it like I used to. During Christmas, I decided to not worry about things and just eat whatever, and I ended up feeling so sick!!!

If you do decide to "jump in" and go cold-turkey, then give it a minimum of 2 - 3 weeks. I found the first 2 weeks felt almost like torture, but then my body adjusted, and I started feeling good again. In my case, I was also doing an elimination diet to test for food allergies, so I had to jump in, but it was well-worth it. I found out I am allergic to dairy - and didn't have a clue!

Anyways, remember this - any step you take towards health is a step in the right direction. Keep doing it, and you WILL get there! emoticon

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1/9/09 5:43 P

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Like NYXWOLFWALKER, BCP's did not work for me. Well, they worked in forcing me to have a period every month at the same time, but they just hid what was really going on. Not to mention, if I take BCP's, I can't get pregnant! So it was not doing me any good. I have been off BCP's for 3 almost 4 years now and have had 2 miscarriages and my periods are very irregular. So taking the BCP's for me, just masked the problem b/c as soon as I stopped taking them, my period became irregular again and I'd go months and months w/o a period.

For me, taking the Metformin, exercising at least 3 times a week, and eating a healthy diet is the best option. My doctor recommended the LGI diet to me as well. I haven't done it and I am still losing weight. So good luck to you and remember that everyone's body is different and where one thing might work for me, it won't work for you!

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12/30/08 9:18 A

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I prefer a more whole food approach then low glycemic...and example of low glycemic is a snickers bar and some how that is not diet friendly...but then south beach didn't work for me either...I find a regular diet of fruits and vegetables with less meat and whole grains works for me ...but there is nothing wrong with the glycemic diet

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12/27/08 9:55 A

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about a year and a 1/2 ago i did a low gylcemic diet. one of the docs at work swears by it. also bought some stuff from usana to get me started. and to be honest the 1st week i did lose like 10#, and maybe 3 the second. but found the diet to hard to stick to, for me at least. started cheating, and then gave up all together. and of coarse gained back more then i lost. the thought behind it is sound, and if you can live with it great, but it wasn't for me!

Keep on keeping on!

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12/18/08 11:40 P

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Like everything, one deal is not for everyone - going low glycemic might work for some but not for everyone.

I don't eat high, but I don't eat low either - i found for myself what works best for me (which is similor to what also worked for my mom who is also a type two diabetic).

For some BCPs work well enough, but they are not the answer for PCOS in general many find that BCPs just mask the PCOS for a short time, or for others make it worse (for me it made it way worse - which ultmatly lead to a hyster as a result).

The ADA web site does have some info on an GLYCEMIC diet (since its now promoting that as a good idea for many diabetics in general). Yo umight chekc you local libray for copies of the glycemic diet books that are now on the market - the new glycemic revolution is the latest book to hit the shevs on this "diet" trend.

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12/18/08 2:02 P

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I was recently diagnosed with PCOS/IR. My DR suggested a low glycemic index diet along with metformin and YAZ bc pills. Has anyone tried this type of diet? Any good resources for information? Tips regarding good foods or low glycemic recipes, books, etc? Any and all info much appreciated.

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