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8/26/08 1:29 P

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I, too, try to avoid "trendy" diets and didn't want to do Atkins (not a big meat eater, anyway) or Sugar Busters, the Five Factor Diet or any of those other crazy fads. Once I researched South Beach, though, I realized it wasn't so much a "trend" as a lifestyle change. It's doctor-prescribed many times, as it was for my aunt who was diabetic. She has been able to stay off of insulin (and lose 45 pounds) by simply living the South Beach Diet lifestyle. You're already kind of doing that by eliminating bad carbs and only eating good carbs.

I think Spark does calculate percentages - you can see how many of your calories are made up of carbs, fats and proteins. However, Sparkpeople isn't a big fan of low carb diets and suggests that almost 50% of your calories come from carbs. So I'm constantly on the wrong side of their calculations! :-)

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8/26/08 12:43 P

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I don't like any of the "trendy" diets. I especially am against Atkins due to the fact it tries to put you body into a state the diabetics are specifically trying to avoid!

I have found, however, that I cannot loose weight unless my diet is made up of 30-35% carbs only. To me that means the carbs (sugars) I get from normal every day foods and a few fruits a day. So I don't eat any bread or pasta, rice is a very minimal and only an occassional food for me. Almost all of my carbs come from fruits and the protein bars I have for mid morning and afternoon meals.

I've been trying to loose weight since right after Christmas and no matter how much I exercise the only periods of time I have lost anything is when I only eat that percentage of carbs (unfortunately Spark doesn't calculate percentages I don't think so I use a different food tracking program). Only lost about 25 pounds this year because it took me so long to figure this out.

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8/26/08 11:06 A

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I decided to try a low-GI diet of my own accord when I found nothing else was working. As part of my PCOS, I gained 40 pounds in a year for absolutely no reason at all. I'm generally a healthy eater - always have been. I tried Weight Watchers and ended up gaining 17 pounds on that plan - simply because I was still allowed to have sugar and "bad" carbohydrates. My family is already plagued with diabetes, and I had several symptoms, so I decided on my own (before I was ever diagnosed with PCOS) to try a low-GI diet and see what happened.

I read the South Beach Diet book, which made a lot of sense to me and how sugar affects your body. I decided to give it a go. My three-month anniversary was yesterday and I've lost 19 pounds. So I DEFINITELY believe in a low-GI diet.

Sugar is pure poison for your body. 'Nuff said. I really try to limit sugar and processed foods as much as possible. No white flour, white rice, processed sugar. I limit my fruits (I LOVE fruit) and when I do eat fruit, I eat lower-glycemic choices (berries and apples). I eat a lot of lean protein (mostly fish, chicken and lower fat cheeses) and lots of veggies. I snack often so my blood sugar never crashes. I find myself fuller throughout the day, more energized and eating less calories.

I highly suggest trying a low-GI diet. If you need any tips, feel free to message me.

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8/23/08 11:43 A

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That's pretty much what I am trying to do... I'm just trying to eat healthier choices like cutting refined and overly processed foods out and sticking to whole grains and lots of vegetables and low GI fruits. I'm reading more about the glycemic index and it seems pretty logical. It honestly doesn't really even feel much like a "diet", just healthy eating. I haven't lost much weight yet but I feel A LOT better and I don't get the food cravings and headaches I've had on other "diet systems" or whatever.

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8/22/08 7:17 P

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I've had great results w/ a low GI diet. I've lost over 40 pounds, my periods are MUCH MUCH MUCH more regular, and my bloodwork has improved tremendously. I avoid processed sugars and starches....especially anything white like white flour or rice. I do eat quite a bit of fruit, and probably should reduce that, but try to pick fruits w/ less sugar content. I eat a lot of veggies, fruit, nuts, peanuts, meat, dairy products, eggs, and also use a whey protein supplement regularly. Occasionally I'll have a few beans or a piece of whole wheat bread, but in general I limit legumes and grains. I'm very happy w/ the results so far! In spite of the fact that I eat a lot of eggs, meat, and dairy products, my cholesterol numbers have improved, so I'm sticking with it for now!

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8/19/08 2:42 P

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I pay close attention to my carbs, GI and GL (glycemic load.)
In general I avoid white flour, refined sugars, pasta, potatos and white rice.

I do eat whole grains, but I limit those as well.

I did really well with south beach, but I realized I just can't live that way for life.

So far though.. honestly.. I haven't lost any weight in 10 weeks.. and I'm pretty careful with what I eat.

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8/17/08 5:23 P

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I'm thinking of trying it. All the books I've read in regards to PCOS recommend the diet.

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8/16/08 12:30 A

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I don't follow any diet what so ever, just eat as I have been for most of my life .. only changes I've made have been to avoding anything with sweetner in it - that stuff is pure posion to the body (aka cutting that stuff out and let see weight has started coming off - that and increaseing what I eat cal and carb wise).

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8/15/08 5:36 P

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I started one and lost ~9 lbs in 2 weeks. I was bad and slacked off this past week, but only have regained 3, which isn't too bad for me. Now that I've been shopping again, I'm back on and the weight is already coming back off. I joined the IR/low GI team and they have a lot of good information. I don't completely know what I'm doing, but I'm trying to learn as I go.

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8/15/08 4:26 P

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I am usually ona low GI diet, i limit all starches in general, and the ones I do eat are whole grain, mostly I eat meat, veggies, and dairy. It has been great for me. I am less hungry and more satisfied, I don't have funny highs and lows that I'm pretty sure were from blood sugar changes, and I lose weight pretty much only when I am low GI. I don't really calculate anything, just make sure to start with protein and include healthy fats with all my meals/snacks.

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8/15/08 2:42 P

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I was just curious to know how many people do a low GI diet and what sort of success or experiences you have had with it. I read that a low GI diet is recommended for women with PCOS. I'm learning more about it, but would like some real life experiences and opinions. Thanks!


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