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8/26/08 12:53 P

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I was always a heavy so I didn't have to deal with weight gain, and all my OB/GYNs told me the reason my periods were so irregular was because I was so overweight. But I was always active as a teenager so I never understood why the weight never came off.

I hate BCP. I like my hormone levels the way they are. Except for causing me to have periods that are made up of only blood clots I don't have PMS (I do get horny like made before and during a period though). But after years of having 3-4 periods a year it is causing some not so good issues, like spotting a lot before and after a period. So it's time I start to regulate it.

The only problem I have with metformin (which I dont' think I have to worry about since I was told I more than likely could not conceive a child with out a lot of hormone therapy) is that is increases you chance of pregnancy. The only reason I will consider going on it right now is to help me loose weight so I might be able to eat a little bit more like a normal person. I do have my self on a very low carb intake diet. I still eat between 1500-1600 calories, but that's mostly made up of only 30-35% carbs.

So I'm working on getting my cycles regular without the use of the pill. I just tried the ring and did not like it at all, so I'm going to see about an IUD, and maybe see what my doctor knows about metformin...though since she has yet to even suggest it to me I'm not sure she knows anything.

Does metformin regulate your period or just help with the insulin resistance??

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8/15/08 6:03 P

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I am new to PCOS as well, but I am on metformin. I'm on birth control but it hasn't helped my periods at all. The hardest thing for me to cope with has been the weight gain.

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8/15/08 12:52 P

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I'm the opposite in a way. My combination of PCOS and being heavy has caused me to NOT have periods. So I'm either on birth control or provera to get my period. I am supposed to be taking metformin b/c I have insulin resistance (PCOS and that tend to come hand in hand). I've heard good things about metformin, I just got to get back on schedule with it. The worst part it that it can cause tummy issues the first few days.

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8/15/08 10:23 A

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I was diagnosed about a year ago. I take birth control to regulate my periods and to give me the lighter periods because I became anemic over the years when I did have a period. I also take Metformin which is a pretty common drug for women with PCOS to take. It helps to control your sugars which is important to watch when you have PCOS because your body's insulin resistance tends to store more sugar than use it. I also take a multi-vitumin because I read that taking BC can deplete vitumins in your body. Other than that, I do a low GI diet and workout atleast 5 days a week doing cardio and strength training. A really good book out there is "A Patient's Guide to PCOS". It is really good at covering all areas of PCOS and even covers what to discuss with your doctor. Good luck!


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8/15/08 7:47 A

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but I moved from north carolina to florida before I went back to the doctor to talk about it and see what I
need to do. I am making an appointment but wanted to know a little about it from you guys point of view... I have read about it on the internet... do any of you take pills for it... help....

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