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6/4/08 4:10 P

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I think we all suffer this way. It is part of our disease. I would think that all the sodium in the cheese puffs may have had something to do with it.

I am allergic to MSG. It is in almost all flavored chips so I can't eat them. I don't really miss them. I get my salt fix from pretzels.

Girl Scout cookies are my evil demon. No one can eat just one of any of them.

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6/4/08 1:39 P

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Reply are not alone. I would tell my Hubs that I was experiencing the same senario. He would say .."thats not must be retaining fluid" But, then the diagnosis of PCOS..and IR,YES, it was happening and it WASN'T fluid retention. At the time I was eating a heart healthy diet plan, more on the low fat. With that diet plan and even with exercise i was only able to maintain, then if i "cheated"..up the scale would go, i had gained 15 lbs. before discovering what was going on. I have had a weight problem all my life, but before this I knew WHY i had gained, and i knew how to take it off. own body has a mind of it's own. Since then, I'm on Met, low carb/high protein, low on the calories and i run/walk everyday for at least a half hour. I've managed to take off the extra I'm down to my normal chubby self.. I feel better and my strides to continued weight loss are working. Good luck to are not crazy!!

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6/4/08 1:37 P

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That happens to me sometimes too, but usually I gain it if I eat a bigger amount than you mentioned you had, and if I don't work out.

Maybe your weight the next day was either some water weight, or from the day before you went over your friends house. Sometimes it takes a little longer than a day for your food to show up on the scale. There could be other reasons too...our weight fluctuates so much off an accumulation of things.

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6/4/08 1:36 P

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I stepped off the scale this morning thinking exactly the same thing. My fiance and I celebrated his 30th bday with banana splits last night, which as you said I knew I shouldn't but I used a full banana and just a small scoop of ice cream but when I stepped on the scale I had gained 2lbs. What is up with that????? so now that I am back to eating well and I have renewed my exercise routine I'm wondering why it is just so easy to gain and such a struggle to loose!!! I don't have any suggestion, guidance or help with this other than to say I'm struggling right along side you.
I keep thinking positive thoughts that this extra two pounds will help motivate me to stay on track with my exercise.
- Shay

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6/4/08 1:08 P

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i have been following a low glycemic diet for about a month now. two nights ago i was at a friends house and ate one brownie w/ a small scoop of ice cream and about 2 handfuls of cheese puff balls. i knew i shouldn't, but i figured i don't eat the stuff ever anymore and it was still in my calorie range for the day. well, i stepped on the scale the next day and i had gained 2.4 lbs.!!!!!!!! seriously?!?!?! yesterday, i went back to low GI and today i have lost only one of the lbs. i gained eating an unhealthy snack basically. does anyone else experience this?!? it's so frustrating that you literally gain weight overnight by eating something you shouldn't . . . and then it takes a lot longer (and more work) than overnight to get rid of it!

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