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4/15/08 1:59 P

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I am relieved to know that I am not the only one experiencing these things. It seems to me from what Ive read from you ladies is that the things that help us with our physical symptoms will also aide in our emotional well being as well. Perhaps Im not doing enough exercising and still not eating right. I thought I was but Im still facing these ups and downs often. Well thanks for the support ladies!

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4/11/08 10:07 P

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same here. Over the years the "funk" can last from a few minutes to days to weeks.... but then during "normal times" I am totally upbeat Pollyanna satisfied happy person. I do think a LOT of it is the PCOS hormone fluctuations, which I never knew about before of course, just thought I was a bit "cuckoo".
Like others, the single thing that helps me the most is exercise. for sure. And it's tricky b/c if I'm real moody all i want to do is lay on the couch and have "breakfast" for dinner. I signed up for a few training sessions at the gym, and then having an appointment forced me to go, and now I can sometimes force myself b/c I know it will help. The very close second thing that helps for me is getting outside, especially if there is even an ounce of sunshine. There's just something about fresh air. Being active outside is the perfect scenario, but even just pulling weeds for a while is good too. It's perfect- I can pluck my chin and then pluck the weeds. ha ha Hang in there. Pay attention in the moment to what might help your mood, and just go for it. I've deferred chores, put off some extra work or skipped the gym if it's a sunny day and I know that getting outside will help the most. One am I went to the farmer's market spontaneously instead of the gym, because it sounded fun and is only once a week. Then went running outside later.
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4/11/08 10:14 A

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Spirited - When I first read your symptoms it sounded just like Bi-Polar, but I have the same thing. Right now I am in my crabby about everything and not wanting to get out of bed stage. The weather here has been cold and rainy (Wisconsin) and my period is coming more often but still not with any regularity that would make it "predictable."

I have also been off the wagon on exercise, which I know is contributing to this. I have been doing an "aerobic" version of yoga. It helps with weight loss, but also gives me peace and calm associated with yoga.

The DVD I use it the "10 Minute Solution" series. It targets each body part for 10 minutes at a time and you can customize which ones you want to do and in what order. I have noticed a huge difference both in my weight and in my mood.


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4/11/08 9:37 A

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I hear ya!!!!!

I have been diagnosed with chronic depression, PCOS and thyroid problems. I just think they all go hand in hand, at least for me!

Right now I'm on regime of exercise and medication. Both seem to be helping, but I still have a lot of off days. One thing I just remember when I'm having those is something my sister said to me a long time ago, when I first went on anti-depressants. She has really bad eczema problems and she just looked at me and said "if I don't take care of my eczema right away, it becomes a major problem later. Your depression is my eczema." I also remember that I just need to keep pushing on, that in a few days, everything will be back to normal and I've made it through another bad day.


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4/11/08 8:32 A

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This is me, too! I have *constant* motivational struggles. I am thinking that for me, there are other things going on w/ my body, too, besides just PCOS -- for instance, my body temperature is over a degree too low on a daily basis -- yet supposedly, my thyroid levels are normal??? I've been getting my period more regularly since staring a lower carb way of eating, but my mood swings are still HORRIBLE. There are days when I just want to lay in bed because I feel so lousy, and my muscles all over my body ache so much. *sigh*

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4/11/08 3:22 A

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i have the same problem but i never thought it was associated with PCOS until recently, but it makes since. for me it seems worse lately because i have alot of things going on right now trying to find s new job since i got laid off, and losing weight and going to school and it all seems to pile up and all i wanna do is sleep all day. or if i am up all i wanna do is eat something sweet. especially this past week. i cant get enough food!!!!


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4/8/08 10:15 P

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I really hope that I am not depressed! I am in a slump right now and I am trying to get out of it. It really might be a combination of PCOS (the constant achiness/pain!) and the SAD (seasonal affective dissorder). I live in Vermont. It is supposed to be spring but I do not feel the temperature not see the effects of it becuause I have an 8ft + mound of snow and ice in my yard.

Yesterday I tried to get my husband to take a walk with me since we actually say sunlight!! We do not get much of that on our property. The sun makes a difference.

I am usually a very active person who gets cabin fever, but lately, I have not wanted to do anything or go anywhere. emoticon

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4/8/08 9:22 P

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I have also struggled with the same ups and downs. I was diagnosed with depression almost 10 years ago, and have been on medication for that. But, since my PCOS started (I just got diagnosed two weeks ago, but in hindsight, it's probably been on the upswing for a couple years), my depression medication (Zoloft) just wasn't cutting it. Given that hormone swings are so much a part of a woman's mood, maybe talk to your doctor about being treated for PMS, even if your cycles aren't normal. Myself, I've changed depression medication to Lexapro and Wellbutrin, and that seems to help. It certainly has provided the extra omph I need to make myself exercise when just telling myself I should isn't enough. And once I've exercised, even if I *really* didn't want to, my mood seems more even-keeled over the course of the day.

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4/8/08 9:11 P

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I agree, exercise has helped a lot. In fact, if I don't exercise I get really moody. It's like my body craves that release of chemicals. I am the exact same way. It is not as bad on bcp (YAZ) but it is still there. I've noticed my pattern since I joined SP. I'm up and motivated and eating right 2 weeks and then the next 2 weeks is a HUGE struggle physically and mentally.

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4/8/08 7:57 P

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It's because of dips in our hormones - a BIG problem for PCOS women. I used to be the exact same way for years - except I would have mood swings of depression AND anger for no apparent reason.

The one thing that has worked wonders for me is consistent exercise. I mean heart-pumping, sweat-inducing, going for the gold exercise! This really helps keep our levels under control and releases all the good chemicals into our brain :)

Even on those days where you feel like doing absolutely NOTHING, try to get at least 10 minutes of heart-pumping exercise. It may just be the key!

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4/8/08 7:44 P

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I am just like that. When I'm in a slump, it's like my brain and body are weighted down and every little thing is an effort.

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4/8/08 7:42 P

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So I've noticed that I go in these little cycles where ill be really motivated and activly doing the things that I need to. Exercising, doing house work keeping up with the bills.

However then a few weeks or month later I find myself not wanting to do anything. Id love to stay in bed all day if I could. No matter how hard I try I physically am exhausted and I dont get the motivation to do anything. Simple day to day things seem so hard and I usually end up just not doing them. emoticon I do not consider myself a lazy person. However on the outside looking in or well looking at my house during such a time youd think I was. I get very easially upset and angry at people (for no apparent reason or any little thing I feel is huge(my hubbys words)) I smile very seldomly I remain quiet and Im tired, very very tired and very very hungrary during these 'bad times'.

However come over during a time when Im not facing one of these slumps and my house would be sparkling, I would be smiling, talking up a storm and feeling really good inside. Id be eating way less, sleeping normally, exercising like I know I need to and more. Just all over feeling better and doing more.

Is this just me or have any fellow PCOSers experienced the same thing? This is getting to the point where its annoying and although my hubby hasnt said anything to me about because he is an awesome guy, Im sure he has thought a few things to himself regarding some things.

Thanks in advance.

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