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1/29/13 12:31 P

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I don't think that adding fiber negates the number. I think what it means is that they have to count fiber in their 'carb' count because its not fat or protein but some of the carbs are not absorbable as sugars/starches. So, thats why you get to subtract the fiber (not absorbable) fr
toy store!

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1/28/13 8:04 P

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Oh I'm not making bread with Benefiber!

I was just using that as an example. I have no idea what kind of fiber is added to store bought foods, as I said I've even seen it added to milk.

No worries :-)

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1/28/13 7:43 P

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You're forgetting that Benefiber has carbs as well as fiber. A 2 tsp serving has 4 grams of carbs and 3 grams of fiber, so it is not a carb-free item.

So, if your bread recipe makes 12 slices, and has 8 gr carbs per slice, you would have to add 24 tsp (8 TBSP) of Benefiber in order for each slice to have 1 serving of Benefiber. Even if you did that, the difference in net carbs would be minimal - so no real advantage.

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1/28/13 6:13 P

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That's one of the reasons I avoid most packaged foods. You have to be very vigilant not to be taken by some of them.

Let us know what the doctor tells you, more information can't do anything but help.

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1/28/13 6:09 P

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It's a pickle ain't

Total Carbs...............25
Net Carbs.................20

However dietary fiber such as benefiber is added it's fiber count is listed only as fiber, so the label we see looks like this:

Total Carbs...............25
Fiber........................10 (manufacturer added 5 grams to bring this up)
Net Carbs.................15

Seems a trick to me, fiber is being added to everything even milk! Atkin followers only count the net carbs. I can't help but wonder if this really works. The calories go up, but Atkins dieters don't count calories, only net carbs.

Can't wait to see what the good doctor says, I wonder if he will even tackle the conundrum.

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1/28/13 5:44 P

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I agree with you on the no part. Adding fiber can't lower net carbs.

Since simply adding fiber would also add to the total carb count, what you are seeing in products is probably replacing sugar/starch with fiber. This would indeed lower the net carbs. However, with some of the stuff they add, I'm not at all sure it is worth it.

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1/28/13 5:39 P

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Low carbers count net carbs.

Example: If they are on a diet that limits their daily carb count to say 30 grams a day, they only count NET CARBS, not total carbs because fiber/dietatry carbs are non-digestible (resistant to digestive enzymes).

What I want to know is this if a person adds DIETARY FIBER to whatever it is they are consuming, does that bring down the carb count.

My thought is no, however it seems that is what the community at large is accepting as true.

Dietary fiber is now being added to all kinds of foods so the 'net carb' count will be lower. To me this seams a 'trick' on the public, but is it?

Anyhoo, I've posed this question to cardiologist Dr. Davis and his followers.

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1/28/13 5:23 P

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Because fiber counts as a carb.

One of us is really missing something here. To me it sounds like you answer your own question and then ask it again.

If you have a product listing 20 carbs and 5 fiber, you have a product that is 15 non fiber carbs and 5 fiber carbs. Not a product of 25 carbs. This is basic carb counting, if you agree with this, then we both are at least of the same understanding.

If you add another 10 fiber carbs, you would have 30 carbs of which 15 were fiber. Adding fiber carbs can never reduce the net carbs. Only replacing non fiber carbs with fiber carbs can do that.

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1/28/13 5:11 P

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"The fiber number you subtract is from the total that was listed. The total carbs includes the fiber carbs.:" Yes I realize, I know how to count net carbs :-)

"Adding some other form of fiber will not result in fewer net carbs since you first have to add that fiber in to the total carbs" - How do you figure this?

3 Tablespoons of Cream -half & half
Total Carbohydrate 1.94g
Dietary Fiber 0g

So your belief is if I add 2 grams of fiber to my coffee with cream that, that does not negate the 1.94 carbs in the cream used in my cup of coffee with cream, but if the cream itself did have1.94 grams of fiber, then (and only then) would the net carbs be zero?

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1/28/13 4:54 P

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I might have misunderstood you. The fiber number you subtract is from the total that was listed. The total carbs includes the fiber carbs. Adding some other form of fiber will not result in fewer net carbs since you first have to add that fiber in to the total carbs

If I am still misunderstanding your question, sorry about that.

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1/28/13 4:50 P

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I think you're confused? I know how to count net carbs, My math is correct :
14 minus 8 does indeed equal 6, but more so it's not the point of my post.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding you?

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1/28/13 4:29 P

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In your first example, you need to keep in mind that total carbs include the fiber which is a carb, but is not digested quite the same. That's why you subtract them.

In your bread example, you could add your fiber carbs to the total and then subtract them out again, but that only makes sense if you really like doing pointless math. emoticon

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1/28/13 4:23 P

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To calculate net carbs 1 cup of blackberries has 14 grams of carbs & nearly 8 grams of those carbs are fiber. Total Carbs Fiber = Net Carbs

14 grams 8 grams = 6 grams of net carbs.

O.k. fine that's easy, HOWEVER: Lets say there are 12 grams of carbs in a slice of bread.

If you add 4 servings (8 teaspoons) of Benefiber to that meal consisting of one slice of bread say in your water or whatever, does that REALLY negate the carbs of the bread?

Truly I can't see it- I just don't 'get' how one can only count net carbs, as if they are really getting away with eating bread or whatever with less or no carbs depending on the fiber count.

I can easily add Benefiber to my bread machine and bake carbless bread according to the Net Carb logic that most have adopted as true/accurate.

What say you Smart Carbers?

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