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5/11/12 7:06 P

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I find having my evening meal planned help (NOT SOLVES) the problem. I ALSO FIND THAT KNOWING YOU ARE NOT ALONE HELPS THANKS FOR POSTING.

To my Sp friends
"How can life be true without friends" Enius
Thanks for extending your friendship to me
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5/11/12 6:12 P

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Ohhh yes, I know EXACTLY what you mean.
Infact, I've been going crazy because I've been promising myself "tomorrow" for a good month+ now.

I do pretty well throughout the day, then when dinner time comes, everything is ALL out the window. However, I would say that even though I have still been binging- I'm doing better. I don't wake up & eat the entire day away. I used to wake up & the first thing I'd do is go to the kitchen & stuff my face the ENTIRE day. So, I'm thankful for that. I had a huge binge last night & couldn't fall asleep until around 5 AM because I was just so sick to my stomach.

It honestly IS NOT worth it. We all know that.
I read this quote someone here on SparkPeople mentioned & I keep thinking about.

It goes something like this:

Say you're driving down the highway & your car gets a flat tire. It throws you off a bit & you have to slow down. You completely get out of the car to see that you have one completely flat tire & three 'regular' tires. What do you do? Do you go around popping the other three good tires? No! You do what you need to do to repair the damaged tire & keep going.

I thought this was so true! Just because we may have a slip-up, we shouldn't let that completely destroy what we've worked hard for. When you make a mistake, brush it off & look forward. Do the best you can for the rest of the day.

Hang in there! I'm working on getting back on track today. It's not easy, but I know that it WILL be so worth it.


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5/11/12 5:37 P

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I have lots of tomorrows that never came.
I just started back on track Monday after a few weeks of "tomorrows".
I tracked all my food and just hung tight and followed that plan.
I am making much better now. emoticon emoticon

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5/11/12 2:50 P

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I totally agree with getting back on track that same day. But it's hard and we all know this. If I have have a bad lunch, I will fixate on that all day if I don't distract myself. But it gets easier the more you do it. I have to actually talk to myself to remind myself of whatever I need to be remembering.

Persevere. Even if you fall on your face, you have moved forward.


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5/11/12 9:07 A

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Yes, I do this alot. BUT you can get out of the spiral. Just getting through one good day helps get the willpower back on track. emoticon

My name is Jacqueline but I prefer Jacqui :)

I live in the South West of England

Trying to learn to eat to live not live to eat

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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5/11/12 8:12 A

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it's not just binge eaters who do this. It is common among nearly all dieters to go hogwild after even just a few bites extra. It's called the what-the-hell factor (yes, really) in psychology. And what Kaytee says is right-- at some point, you just have to start going back to your original plan if you slip.

But to even get going, you might have to really hold on tight just a an hour at a time. Plan meals and snacks(not just "diet" versions) with a few hours in between, and when you get an urge to eat outside of those times, just keep telling yourself that you either just ate not that long ago or you will in a few hours, os this can't be a real need for food. Put all the food you're going to eat at a time out and really enjoy it. Once it's gone, pay attention to how content you feel or at least to how you are not actually hungry. EVen if you have a desire to keep eating more, recognize that that is not true hunger. You've fed your body and you're fine.

And try this: have a plan for what you will do right after each eating event. When you're done eating, go do it. You may have to set a timer in 15-minute increments to make yourself keep choosing different tasks to do until that next meal/snack.

Know that your desire to stop eating is just a fleeting through in your brain and does not have a brain pattern of behavior to back it up yet. Your compulsive eating has a very ingrained brain pattern and the THOUGHTS YOU HAVE THAT TELL YOU TO EAT, THAT IT DOESN'T MATTER, THAT IT'S JUST THIS BITE, ETC ARE ALL PART OF THIS PATTERN- they are the beginning of a cycle that is reinforced by eating. You have not created a pattern of reinforcing the thoughts NOT to eat yet. That's all, but it takes quite awhile to truly overcome it, and it seems its more buried than destroyed.

So just keep trying. You may not get through a day. Call it a victory to get through one period of day that you usually give in during. And keep building from there.

*To seek happiness, identifying the Self with the body, is like trying to cross a river on the back of a crocodile." Ramana Maharshi
*The No S Diet saved me from my emotional eating defeats. SEVEN years and counting! *Be happy with this moment. This moment is your life.
*Get to the next meal hungry!

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5/11/12 3:40 A

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Yes, I think it comes down to 'all or nothing' thinking, which is common with binge eaters. We think if we've gone wrong we might as well give up on today completely, and fool ourselves that tomorrow will somehow be perfect.

I'm working on not giving up at the point when I go a little bit wrong, but getting back on track ON THE SAME DAY. Okay so I gave in and had too much of everything at the buffet lunch BUT I can still have a healthy dinner. Today is not a disaster.

It's definitely a mental battle to get out of that way of thinking that if the whole day wasn't perfect I might as well mess up the rest of it. It's really hard to do actually, and I don't always succeed, but I think it's the way forward.

5/11/12 12:22 A

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Sometimes you have to force things to happen. Perhaps you can log your meals ahead of time for a day or two and stick with what you planned until you break the cycle.

Never give up! You're in control. emoticon

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5/10/12 9:01 P

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starting over will come! I also say "oh next weekend I won't binge" (weekends are my biggest downfall-once I screw up on fri night-seems i blow it for the rest of the weekend UGH) just keep plugging away, and one of these days it will happen!!!!!!!!

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5/10/12 5:32 P

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No it isn't the title for the new James Bond movie lol (just thought of that as i was typing it lol) but has anyone else done this....oh I screwed up, I'll just start fresh tomorrow and then it goes like 4...5...6 days in a row and so on? It's a little depressing cause I mess up and I'm like oh I'll have a good day tomorrow then I realize this is my 4th day in a row starting over :( How in the world do u get back on track? It seems impossible :(

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