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7/31/13 1:52 P

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Preorders are sold out at most places, try Target online if you are still interested in a Launch Day XB1 or PS4.

I'm interested in both although I prefer my 360. The console MP community as it stands today can tell you if you want competitive MP, get the Xbox. If you are more casual or a Sony fan, get the PS3 or 4. Maybe that will change with the next gen of consoles.

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6/17/13 9:24 A

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Thanks for your opinion. However I was not really impressed with the PS4 except for the price announcement. I have a PS3 now and it doesn't seem to have lots of play time. I understand that people are upset with some of the things that XBOX one is doing. You first have to understand the product first. You do not have to be online all the time. It has to do one 24 hour system ping. Traditional used game is horrible right now. I go to a gamestop and turn a game that I pay 60 for 20 bucks at the most. I dont buy use games because I only get 5 bucks off the price. I have internet connection and that is not a problem for me. I like your point on exclusives. THe ps3 conference showed many games that are going to be appearing on both platforms anyways. Watchdogs, Destiny, Kingdom Hearts 3(yes soemthing that has been exclusive for Sony is now on both) We have to keep moving forward with technology. Sometimes it takes a big leap to promote improvements in infastructure. The US is behind internet speeds and like the cell phone when it first was introduced the infasture was not their to support it. Now its a thriving marketplace where everyting is connected. Gaming studios are going under because they are nto getting the profits from first party purchases. If this solves that issue then I could see more and more developer being XBOX one exclusives because tehy want bigger piece of the pie. Sorry for ranting but just seem to want people to be informed about implications that would have on things. I am not a big Killzone, God of War, Infamous, fan so that maybe why I am not leaning towards the PS4 this time around.

Oh I have to say one more thing. Nobody seem to noticed that online multiplayer is not going to be Free anymore on the PS4 and everyoen will need to get a Playstation plus membership just for that reason. I think people are too hung up on issues on XB1 that they dont seem to noticed Sony sneaking in stuff they have been known to offer for Free.

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6/12/13 12:31 P

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IMO, there are too many terrible things about the XBoxOne to purchase. You have to be online all the time or you can't play games. It doesn't support traditional used gaming and frankly the PS4 blew the XBoxOne out of the water this year at E3. I see no real reason why anybody would get one unless they really really love Halo.

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6/11/13 12:41 A

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So preorders are now going out for the new xbox I got an email today from Best Buy and I was so tempted to go ahead and order it....It's going to be 499 any one ready for this....

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