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8/22/07 11:43 P

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Junebug is finally with us in Texas and here on Spark

~~ Day 1 ~~

Breakfast: 627 cal
Lunch: 842 cal
Dinner: 810 cal
2 Snacks & 1 regular soda: 477 cal

Total: 2756 cal

58.5% carbs
18.5% protein
23% fat

4 fruits
1 veggies

no exercise today; running around getting enrolled in Junior High, vaccinations, sport physical, getting enrolled in Tackle Football - Yeah!! (in Seattle, junior high only offers Flag Football)
He is VERY excited!

The local Junior Highschool is nutrition concious.
Kids have 2 food lines to chose from:
Line 1 has meat, potatoes, fruit & veggies
Line 2 has pizza, hamburger & fries, macaroni cheese, etc.

If the parents can teach the kids the benefits of eating healthy, they will chose the healthy food line for school lunches most days. Junebug seems to be OK with eating healthy most days, but not every day.
Monday - Wednesday & Friday he will eat lunch at school, and he promised to eat veggies most days, except for salads & greens.
Tuesday - Thursday & Weekends he will eat healthy at home, encouraged by grandma ...

Grandpa also showed him the "Nutrition Report" on Spark so he could visualize his healthy nutrition.

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8/22/07 10:50 P

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I am a third grade teacher and one thing that shocks me everytime is when we go to lunch and the kids try to buy 2 ice creams! I always tell them they can only get one and to save the other .50 for another day. I feel like they eat enough "crap food" at school that they don't need the all the extra calories of another ice cream on top of it. We've (the teachers) been trying to get them to change some of the foods on the menu but so far all they have done is add salads every once in a while and sometimes have sweet potatoes as a vegetable. Don't even get me started on what they serve for breakfast usually!! UGH!!! As a teacher, I would love it if the parents would get more involved in what there kids ate at school. (speaking as a parent too here)

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8/21/07 7:55 A

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I can see why you got upset, but how about instead of getting pissed at the teacher you call and ask if you could make a healthy snack to bring in and maybe take in a sign up sheet for other parents to participate too. You could use this as an educational spring board not only for your child, but others around you.

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8/20/07 10:02 A

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These are prevailing issues in our society. I posted already that when I got braces off this past March the orthodontist gave me a 'goody' bag full of candy, regular popcorn and regular gum! I made it a point to address this with the office manager. Truly it will take a 'revolution of thought' in this society to turn the tide on obesity in adults and our children.

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8/19/07 11:57 P

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What's sad is that most parents probably didn't question their children or care to know what they ate. Good luck in your community.

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8/19/07 3:22 P

All good points and I thank everyone for replying.

Actually, I'm not particullarly upset with myself, I can't police my daughter and her activities all the time and shield her from everything. I have a certain expectation that adults act in good interest to the children and I honestly don't think it unreasonable that most adults and teachers should think that ice cream shakes at 10am is a bad choice.

We will not be putting our children in a similar event however without discussing the activites prior to enrollment. What a shame that a fun child opportunity was wasted.

Anyhow, one of my goals is to get my community educated on health and eatting right. So hopefully this won't be an issue for another mom in the future.

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8/18/07 1:55 P

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Yes, I would be upset, but more at myself for not checking into it beforehand. Make a suggestion to the teacher, but don't get all pissed. He is a teacher, not a dietician. Perhaps he just thought it would be a real fun idea for an activity. Maybe it has not even crossed his mind that healthy snacks can be made fun for kids too. I would definitely say something, but kindly, keeping in mind that he had no bad intentions.

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8/17/07 7:27 P

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I think they should have at least told you that they were going to be giving them food like that...I don't blame you for being a bit upset, I think I would be too. You've gotten some great advice...good luck!


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8/17/07 11:49 A

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I don't know if this is a trend, but i hope so. In my children's elementary school, they used to give cookies to students for picking up track or doing other errands. Additionally, for some fund raisers, the "winning class" would get cookies or something to that affect.

Last year, though, they made a rule that there wouldn't be any more junk food like that permitted. So, now they give out popcorn or pencils or some other treat like that. Additionally, if it is a child's birthday, you can no longer bring in cupcakes or some other sugary treat. They do, however, encourage alternatives to junk like, again, popcorn, books, pencils, etc.

I was a bit against it at first, but after seeing how it worked the first year, i've bought into it and think it's a good idea.

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8/16/07 9:38 P

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Hi, thought I would throw my two cents in.

You have all made some valid, super points. Anbd it makes me have a thought...

If you don't like the way it was run, and I can wholeheartedly agree, if in fact that was all that was done... then call and ask if you can volunteer for the next one, or start one yourself, focusing on healthy habits, eating and exercise and such. Maybe people here would help, give ideas and set up a schedule and menus. They too could use it in their areas.

I bet there would be a huge calling for it, maybe more then you expect, so be prepared for that too.
Write up a proposal that shows what foods and activities would be used each day, and what the overall purpose of the even would be. Don't forget to include cost. It is unfortunate that it is a huge factor in what they can, and cannot provide.

I think you sound like you would be ideal leading it.

Whatever happens, know that you are teaching your kids right at home, and making choices on their own is part of that.

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8/16/07 3:40 P

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There is more to a picnic than just the food - it is also about enjoying nature and having fun with friendes or family. Are you sure that all they did was talk about junk food the whole time? I personally think that if someone has sugar problems, the people running programs need to be informed - otherwise - quite honestly, I don't have a problem with a treat once a day.

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8/16/07 3:17 P

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I agree that I would not have been happy about what was given to my child. But I would not make a big deal out of it simply because as a parent it is my job to check out what I am signing my child up for. You didn't ask what the curiculum was going to be in advance, if you had you would have known and then probably would have choose not to do the program. There are so many programs out there that are based on healthy living and lifestyle choices, I work hard to do my research and choose those programs for my kids, but I still ask questions to make sure thier ideas and mine are the same.


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8/16/07 3:14 P

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I'm inclined to say that what is past is past. You've learned a lesson, that is, to ask questions before-hand about these types of things, including after-school programs, vacation bible school, treats in the classroom, etc., etc.

I would encourage you to contact someone at the program and express, first, appreciation for what they did well, then indicate that you had some concerns with the nutrition side of things. Maybe offer some suggestions, etc. The picnic thing is fine, however, it could be tweaked (plenty of healthy picnic items, of course).

I'm struggling with our school bus driver who wants to give the kids on the bus treats once a week (used to be almost daily!). It's a hard fight, but worth it.

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8/16/07 3:13 P

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I think, as in all ways of life, the key is moderation. You can't put your kids in plastic bubbles & never let them eat anything. With parties, classes, and all the hoopla that goes on it's hard to control it plus kids have to learn to make better choices.

Do I think the program could have been a little better and a little more imaginative? Yeah, probably. Sometimes for community ed stuff I've found it's better to sit & watch for the 1st day or so. Depends on the teacher, how long they've been doing it etc. Maybe depend more on a parent referral.

I agree about the sugar being a problem though. People freak out about the peanut issue which I understand for some kids it's life threatening but for others, sugar is almost as problematic.

Maybe make some recommendations to the community ed and/or teacher. It may be something that no one has ever brought up before. Some people are totally clueless as to what they're kids are doing and/or eating so maybe no one has brought it to their attention. But remember, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar (sorry, but sugar even works with the flies)!

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8/16/07 3:02 P

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Not trying to argue a point but, while I agree that communication is key, there are several people and organizations out there that don't listen. I made and make it very clear where my kids are concerned, especially my 14 and my 2 year olds that sugar is off limits. They both have bad reactions called "sugar rage" this is almost as bad as a psycotic episode. People think I'm just being mean not to let them have sugar, but it is a definate health issue. So, while for some, 3 days of small treats might be fine, there are some it isn't and no matter how much you tell them, some people,groups, don't listen. It took me almost a month at my sons daycare and finally had to bring the dr into the issue. Also, I don't think that eating this way is as much a minority as you think. AB

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8/16/07 2:46 P

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My personal thought is that yes, you are over-reacting. If you have specfic ideals for treats for your family they need to be addressed in advance so that there are concessions made in advance. Unfortunately, you are a minority when it comes to your style of eating, which is not to say it is a bad thing, just not the usually practiced or planned. By bringing your lifestyle choices to the attention of those around you in advance, they can make the necessary changes.

By communicating in advance with such programs you will find out what is planned and might actually be able to educate a bit, but remember, you are the minority and majority usually rules....even if it's not usually the right way to go.

Treats like cookies and sundaes are okay if given in moderation. I hardly think that 3 days of small treats would do much harm. And studies even show that if you deprive all together it could lead to binging in the future, which would be way more harmful.

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8/16/07 2:35 P

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You have every right to be pissed off. How dare they?! You should complain, especially with all the hooplah lately about childhood obesity.

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8/16/07 2:25 P

Thinking how much fun it would be for my daughter, I signed her up for a community ed class for a few days this week that was run by a teacher we know and like.

Day 1 I cringed when I heard that they were given chocolate chip cookies for a snack however I let it slide. On the second day she didn't even mention what the snack was, which looking back probably should have clued me into the fact that it was probably bad. Today she was given an ice cream shake with marshmallows and sprinkings.

Additionally to the junk food, he whole theme for the 3 days was apparently pretend picnic, where they "baked" pretend food and had a pretend picnic. They did this for three days, for an hour and half each day!

I didn't even consider qudestioning their ciricula until today when it all came together for me.

So I'm really annoyed that this teach took it upon himself to feed my kid all this junk and talk about junk for 5 hours solid. I would be okay with pretend picnic had it been only one of the days, with other pretend topics on the other days.

Am I being unreasonable in being really pissed off?

I was going to leave a message with community ed requesting that the teacher call me so I can speak directly with him instead of involving the program director, which would be mean spirited.

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