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3/19/09 1:22 P

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My 12-year-old is ADHD and barely weighs 80 pounds. Her doctor has never had any "concern" over her weight, just her diet because she refuses to eat anything but junk food. That being said, she still barely weighs only 80 pounds at age 12, she'll be 13 in May. It comes with the territory when you have an ADHD child. ADHD children tend to run a higher metabolism rate, and the are VERY active.

Try not to worry too much. I worried about my daughter's weight for years before I finally accepted that she was okay. Your son will gain weight as he gets older and bigger.

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3/5/09 5:35 A

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My son is a teenager now and eats me out of house and home, but when he was younger and didn't want to eat because of his meds we would make him a full fat icecream milkshake using Boost high protein shakes. He loved them and got loaded up with about 25 grams of protein, plus fat, carbs and calcium. He's never lost weight in 8 years due to his meds. All kids are different and will hit their growth spurt eventually. My son is now 5'11, 150 puonds at 13! He's slim, but not "skinny". Now if only I were 5'11...:)

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2/10/09 6:34 P

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I sometimes worry the same about my daughter- she's 7 and only about 45 lbs dripping wet. She's only gained like 5-6 lbs since she was 4 but keeps getting taller and skinnier. She eats tons, and the Dr. said that everything is fine with her, so I don't worry about it, just wish that I had her metabolism!

I do worry that she'll get teased for being a bag of bones when she gets older, so I do hope that she fills out some.

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2/8/09 10:47 A

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I can't remember exactly how much my oldest son weighed at 8, but he has always been one of the tallest as well as the lightest kids in his class. He is 12 now. He is a competitive swimmer, and runs cross country, so he has a fair amount of muscle. At 5'5" he weighs all of 85lbs. They don't make "skinny" jeans skinny enough for him. Try finding 25 X 32 boys pants. If there are no other health issues and he is functioning well in other areas work on being okay with it. I know that isn't easy. I have a 4yr old that is under the 10th percentile for weight and it hard not to be concerned when I don't have school performance to check against. My oldest is well above average in academics. WHEW!
Oh, all three of my sons eat like there is no tomorrow.

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2/8/09 9:42 A

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My step daughter is 8 and only weighs 42 lbs. She is also ADHD. It's just part of her DNA. She's not a sickly child, so we just let her be her. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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2/8/09 8:07 A

My son who is 10 is only 60 pounds. We have been to the dr and all is fine. They say he will have a growth spurt and it will all work out. He is tall and thin and very active, he eats anything I give him. doesn't drink soda or eat much junk food. I too have worried but as long as he is healthy then I try not to. Hope this helps you feel better, it is nice to see that there are others out there with the same concerns.

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2/3/09 10:57 A

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My son was 45 pounds when he was 8. He's short like me and very active. Don't worry, he will start growing, right when you don't expect it. I never thought my son would grow, but now he's turing 10 in a month and up to 62 pounds, and getting taller. Thank goodness..Anyone have any I can't keep him in clothes these past few months. I haven't bought him hardly any clothes for the past few yrs, cause he never seemed to grow out of them. lol. When he was younger around the age of 6, i actually had a good friend of mine ask me if i was feeding him. I was so hurt and upset that she would even think that. He eats good, hardly ever junk. We go threw a lot of eggs, and chicken, and fruit. We do have a bag of chips on the weekends while sitting down to watch a movie, or the occasional pizza. So don't worry to much, he just hasn't hit his growing spurt yet. I have a niece who is a week younger than my son, and she has him by a good 10 pounds and a good head taller. Boys just grow different. But when he starts, look out, cause he will grow out of everything overnight. Believe

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2/1/09 7:12 P

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My daughter is 8 and she weighs 42. She is short and very skinny, she eats alot but is very active.
My doctor said she is fine.

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2/1/09 12:33 P

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We have tryed everything and he just will not gain any weight. He's Adhd and has been the same weight for almost 2 plus years now. I have no clue what else to do. We feed him just about anything that he wants. We've been to the doctor many times nad done blood work and there's nothing there. If any one has any ideas that would be great.

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