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10/1/07 11:43 P

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Any time Lin! Hope you are well!

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10/1/07 11:38 P

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45Nready-wish I had said that! Some weeks seem just like the past ones-rut has become a ditch. Getting out beginning with printing this article - Lisa you are great. thanks agian.

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"See it done, hear it done, feel it done and it will be."
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9/29/07 4:57 P

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Rut - that could at times be my middle name lol ;)

GREAT read Lisa - Thanks !

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9/29/07 12:41 P

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OK, I thought it was catchy title! LOL This is a great article for all of us. Sometimes we hit a rut and we aren't sure what to do. First of all, let me remind each of you that...YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!! That should be the first thing you remember every morning!
Make it a great day!

I've Fallen ...
And I Can't Get Out Of My Rut!!

If you've ever fallen into a rut of overeating and slacking off and your workouts, help is here.

Ruts can be a comfortable, cozy and self-indulgent phase of life, but no matter how comfortable you have become, ruts often lead to depressing conditions that eventually will take you down a path of self-destruction.

So here we embark on a plan to lift us out of the depths of complacency back to a routine of becoming active, disciplined and at peace with ourselves. Pull yourself out of a rut with these 7 easy steps.

1. Be Thankful. If you're stuck in a rut, then you are faced with a great opportunity to change old habits and work toward your goals. Be thankful for this opportunity of new beginnings.

2. Believe That Change Is Possible. Stop thinking that you're destined to be overweight and out of shape. You are not!! Your destiny is to be fit. There are many things in life that we don't have control over, but fitness and weight loss is something within your control. Maintain a consistent "I can do it" attitude and chances are that you will do it.

3. Visualize Your Dreams. Visualize what it will be like to be in control of your body, to be fit and strong. Visualize yourself exercising, eating right and making it to your goals. Then realize that the feelings of accomplishment and pride that you gain from meeting your goals will give you greater joy than any food binge or exercise sabbatical can offer.

4. Know What Your Difficulties Are. Examine your relationship with food and accept your weaknesses. Do you eat when you are lonely or bored? Becoming aware of food issues will help you to work through them better. Examine the reasons why you are in an exercise rut. Is it hard for you to find the time to exercise? Maybe you are not planning your workout schedule. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Commit to sitting down with a calendar and scheduling your workouts for the next week, including time, location and activity. Schedule out your meal plan as well. Treat your workout time as as important appointments that can't be missed.

5. Move On. Forgive yourself for emotional over eating and for missing your workouts. Become a problem solver. Don't let a temporary set back get in the way of your long term goals. You are human and should not punish yourself for your current physical condition. Understand that many factors have brought you to your current state of being. Move on. Move past the self-judgment and look ahead to a more active future.

6. Set Goals And Dangle A Few Carrots. Set some specific performance goals. For example, "I will exercise 3 days a week for the next 3 weeks, then 4 days a week for the following 3 weeks." Also set some accomplishment goals such as, " I will lose one dress size in the next 5 weeks." Make sure that your goals are within reach and gradually up the ante so you stay challenged. At the end of each week or month, celebrate your success with a new outfit, a manicure or an extra hour of sleep. Track your progress so you can see how much you are accomplishing.

7. Have Fun. You have to like it if you're going to make it work. Find a workout program that works for you and keeps you interested. A program that changes often is best at keeping mental interest high and also yields the best results. Make sure that your workout is always challenging to prevent boredom. Find a diet plan that is flexible and that allows you to enjoy food without overindulging. Stay away from diets that restrict certain food groups. They will only leave you feeling deprived.

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