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Hi, Melissa. and Anna

Sorry I have not been around much lately. I am having a lot of difficulty sitting at the computer without a lot of pain, and my legs are swollen up to almost double the normal size. My skin is all red and very shiny and just touching the wrong way can cause the skin to split. and because I am retaining so much water, I notice that I now have some very large water blisters on my lower legs.

..... a lot of things on my plate recently as well, but nothing like what the two of you are dealing with. Makes my problems seem so miniscule in comparrison......

I did have a thought and wondered what the two of you think...... Maybe instead of posing a new thread every day (or whenever you can do it), for daily questions, what if we just kept one thread as an ongoing conversation and we could post there whenever we can. That way we would just have one place to check in and could keep up with each other without going through lots of threads to find out how we are all doing?

What do you think?

Good news! I was finally accepted to the provincial disability program -- the letter said back to January 1st of this year. and I have already rec'd some of the back pay (Boy, that was fast) This means that all my medication will be covered 100 percent going forward and that is a huge savings because I was spending over $110 on meds ($75.00 of that just for insulins plus "Blue Cross" (which is almost like an insurance) plus all my testing supplies so I will be saving a lot per month. And with the increase in income, I feel like I can breath again. This program only goes until I am 65, but by then I will be able to apply for Old Age Pension, Canada Pension and my work pension, so hopefully I will be ok then too......

One of the things I decided to do with some of the back pay -- I bought a tablet yesterday. It is a Samsung Galaxie with WiFi so I should be able to sit in my lazy boy chair with my feet elevated and still Spark and check my emails . At first my sister suggested I get a laptop, but now realized that it might not be the best option for me because I have to have my nose right up to the screen in order to see and the keyboard gets in the way (I don't have a lap at all and can't see it from that far away anyway, so I have to rest it on my tummy. I used her laptop last time I was up at her place, and after seeing how akward it is for me she agreed that the tablet was the better option. Hopefully I will be able to get it all figured out. My neice was setting it up for me last night and managed to find several "aps" to help make the text bigger. I would like to see it even bigger still, but at least it is a start and not just a black blur on the screen......

Next I need to figure out how to get logged in to my wreless modem so I can use it at home here, lol But she has set me up so I can get on when I am up at thier house, lol But I can't go up there everyday just to use the email (sigh)

I am so sorry to hear about your Dad' medical problems, Melissa. I know that must be especially troubling for you being so close to your Mother's passing. You are both in my prayers.
And your poor fur baby..... I hope they are able to control any pain for him......

Anna, I have been thinking of you and wondering how you are doing.....

It is wonderful that your daughter is looking for a house for all of you. I hope she can find something suitable. Is she looking to rent or buy?

I know there is not much inventory here in Edmonton, and what there is, is mostly overpriced and in very poor repair. My sister has been looking for a house and it has not been easy. But they have an offer in one one place and it all seems to be going so much better, the home inspection, etc., but of course there are always going to be some wrinkles....... This is not her dream home, but it is newer than most of the others on the market, and has been well maintained. Sis said she really would have preferred to to get one with a basement suit so I could have a place to stay if things get to the point where I can't live on my own anymore. But beggers can't be choosers and this one will feed the immediate need.....

How is your juicing going? I saw a juicer on the Shopping Channel the other day that is quite different from most of the other units I have seen, it is a "slow pressed" juicer, or something like that, and it does not use centrifical force to expell the juice. (I have tried those kinds and do not like them) But this one can even make almond milk and that would be a definate plus in my opinion.

So I have been thinking on it...... But is is costly so have not taken the plunge though ! ! ! !

Hope everything is going ok for both of you, and hopefully it will get better. Know that I think of you often.

Virtual (((HUGS))) to you both. emoticon

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5/5/13 3:59 P

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Hi, all of you, I haven't been able to keep up with everything either, but I do still look forward to reading what you two post every once in awhile. My health is at a stand-still right now, but still painful. My daughter is looking for a house that will accommodate her family as well as mine - me - less stress for everyone. I would appreciate keeping this board for all of us.

Anna - still kicking.

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5/5/13 2:55 P

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Hi All! Long time no visit! I've been terribly depressed and unable to access my skills to help myself! Hopefully I am coming out of it now! My dad had a stroke on March 30 and is in a rehab facility. He doesn't seem to be progressing much, so I am considering moving him. My dog is dying from brain cancer. I still haven't quite processed my mom's death in December either. So.... I'm just struggling.

So, to start today's discussion.... Do you think we need to try to keep this team going? I'm not sure since we only have 3 regularly active members. But, I feel like I can talk about anything here diabetes related or not. What do you all think?

Melissa in VA (EST)

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