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5/13/14 2:55 P

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At night around 6-8 pm I become bored and go for something sweet. I can get rid of my junk food, but my hubby's yep I'll eat his, even though I don't like it. It's silly and crazy, but stress will get me eating also. So I have found having a bottle of water helps me, also reading at night helps me. Sometimes I can brush my teeth, and that can kill the craving for food. Examining on why I want to eat sometimes helps. If I can get in the habit of NOT eating that would be great. I know if I take my night time pills with a 24 oz of bottle water that usually fills me up. UGH!

Be positive one day at a time.

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4/27/14 4:17 P

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A night eater; have been for several years. I eat emotionally and night time has always been difficult. I am starting over today, and tonight is my first attempt to stop the eating and get through one night without binging. Looking for support as always. Have not been consistent with Spark People and I really want to change that and make today count. I can relate to the person who eats healthy all day-that's what I do-then 7 or 8 pm come and I get anxious-at the heart of my addictive nature is this anxiety. I need to do something and take this seriously as it is affecting my health and my family. Will pray tonight, that's for sure. Thanks for having a place to come to and I will check in tonight. Hope

taking it a day at a time. hope

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3/7/14 10:02 P

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Oh this is so me! I am always waking up at night and scavenging for something. Lately it's been a pack of crackers, which is about 200 calories. Sometimes I'll have this huge bowl of cereal which is God knows how much. I found that if I don't have cereal in the house, or if I put it somewhere out of reach (I'm short), like the top of the pantry then I tend to leave it alone. I realize that most of time I am thirsty, and for the past few weeks I've been keeping a bottle of water by the bed. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But I'm trying!! Every night is a new chance to battle off the zombie eating!!

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2/5/14 9:40 A

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I, too, am a nighttime eater. I can go all day abiding by my diet, eating healthy, and staying on track. Until, that is, the clock strikes 7 or 8 p.m.. I cannot understand how I can have so much motivation in the day and throw all caution to the wind, at night. My best description for this behavior, is "food drunk". I will eat something that puts me over my caloric limit. And, then feeling as if I've blown it, I will graze on a variety of unhealthy foods. What helps me, is exercise during the day. I work out to, "Walk Away the Pounds" by Leslie Sansone. It's a great walking workout that is actually fun. This is my third day and I feel as if I have really accomplished something afterwards. It really helps me at night in two ways: I've burned around 300 calories, so I can eat a bit more at night. And, I feel so good having exercised that it supersedes overeating. it truly has helped me. Give it a try! emoticon

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1/26/14 9:33 P

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Hi, I'm new to this group too. I'm not a night time eater but i am a binger and i have trouble sleeping. Somebody gave me this tip once. When you wake up and can't get back to sleep get up but don't put on any extra yes you may have to do this in the nuddy! Go to the lounge room and just sit on the couch.....don't turn on any lights. Your body will get cold and tired and bored. When you can't stand it any longer go back to your nice warm bed where your body will say "Aaah isn't this a nicer place to be" and will drift off to sleep. It's supposed to change your patterns and convince your body and mind that bed is for sleeping and that is where it belongs in the night time hours. It's bloody awful to do but i found it helps sometimes.
As for the eating, i say rid your kitchen/house of these things you crave in the night and if you have to eat have a cup of sleep time tea like camomile, valerian or passionflower and maybe a low sugar muesli bar which will fill you up but also oats assist in the production of melatonin, a sleep chemical. Eat it slowly, enjoy it and then off to beddy byes. Try to avoid sugar before bed time as it disrupts your sleep too.
All very helpful information but difficult to think about when you're in the thros of a craving.
Over the last two days i have eaten a whole box of Darrell Lea Caramel Snows which i have hidden under my bed. I feel guilty and horrible and the only reason i have stopped is because i have nothing else. I have only around 5kg to lose. My friends all say i don't have to lose weight but for my own happiness i do, i just can't stop bingeing. The above is all great advice just possibly from the wrong source???! emoticon

Be brave, lean forward and live.

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1/25/14 7:27 P

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I am new to this group and a little less than a month with SP. I heard about this group and knew I had to join. I am a horrible nighttime eater and I don't know how to stop or even get it under control. Where do I even start? emoticon

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1/21/14 12:40 P

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Im here to encourage yall if u wanna add me as a friend and let me know how I can help


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1/3/14 12:58 A

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Go Fit and Healthy it is hard but you can do it

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step..

It will take more than some of your TIME
It will take more than a little of your EFFORT

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6/17/13 9:19 A

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I too am struggling with night eating. My goal for today is eat healthy during the day and tonight bring a large glass of water with me to bed and I am also going to bring the foods I normally binge on into my bedroom. I won't eat them in front of my husband. I am going to take it one day at a time....Today is day #1. Good luck all

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4/26/13 1:15 A

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I have the same problem and it's VERY frustrating. The only thing I've found that helps is to make sure I am FULLY awake before giving in. At this point the routine of going to the kitchen and eating helps me fall back to sleep. I'd like to avoid going into the kitchen at all, but I chew a piece of gum and walk around for awhile. After a few minutes I get tired enough to fall back to sleep without eating.

Not an expert... but I'm thinking this may be as much of a sleep issue as an eating issue. What do you think?

(I haven't slept soundly through the night in years. Not sure about you.)

Good luck!

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1/12/12 12:43 P

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I'm just like this...I'm working to fix this. So hard! If you can stop and ask yourself why..then maybe you can curb it. Sometimes I feel like I'm on auto pilot or dazed. So frustrating. Good luck!

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1/8/12 1:43 P

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Well I'm not the authority on this...I'm trying to stop my own bingeing...but a good place to start is with your feelings. If you can hold off on your night eating long enough to get some uncomfortable feelings and then follow them. It shouldn't take very long if this is an important routine for you. I have a little conversation with myself sometimes. I feel a part of myself get anxious or pissed or sad and I talk to that part. A good question is Why do you want to eat? and then try to stay quiet and listen for an answer. Be nice to this part of yourself because ultimately this part is trying to help you and bring something good to you. Always say thank you and be loving then ask if you get...insert the first anwer here....what do you want from that that is even more important? With each answer keep asking again and always accecpt the answer and thank yourself for wanting these things for you.
A book that has helped guide me in this process is "Core Transformation" a very easy quick read. The author is Connierae something...i forget. you can look it up.
Also talking honestly to your primary care doctor or a therapist can be really helpful. Not an overnight cure but good for getting closer to the answers you're looking for.

be grateful.

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1/4/12 9:25 A

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I really struggle with night eating so badly. I wake up in the middle of the night and I have to eat. I wake up one or two times to eat it doesnt matter what it is I will eat. I eat dinner and throughout the day so its not a food inbalance of any sort. I struggle with this so badly. I dont want to deal with the painful desperate urges of resisiting food, so I cave. I do great during the day and this completely sabatoghes my weight loss. ANy thoughts would be super, I really need some support.

Renee, New Jersey

" Get fit in the gym" ~~~"Lose weight in the kitchen"

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