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3/31/14 9:36 A

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I'm also a MD gal and while I've not run this race or heard of it, I have some minor concerns about it, being in June and it being miserable... but it's still in early June, so there is the hope that it won't be to miserable heat wise.

If you are like me, you will be "I signed up, I'm going to do it, regardless of if I'm REALLY ready!" That's what I did for my first full marathon last year. I wasn't ready and I knew it, but I did it anyway.

I would advise that you don't even THINK that you will be able to run it. You can go to COMPLETE it, but not RUN it. And DON'T over train. If you can get to the point where you can run, 5-7 miles before hand, I think you should be able to complete it with several walking breaks.

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3/28/14 12:35 A

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I agree with Pastafarian. Jumping from 5k directly to half marathons is not a great idea. Build up from the 5k through the 10k. Do a couple of trail 5ks and 10ks. And Maryland is really nasty in June.

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3/26/14 4:47 P

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I disagree with Pastafarian in one respect, which is that I don't think you have to write this race off and focus on 8k and 10k races for a year. I'm a newer runner (started last May) and wasn't able to run 3 miles continuously for several months. I've done exactly one 8k and no 10k races, mostly because I live in an extremely rural environment that has exactly one each of those races per year. Despite my very limited race experience, I'm running a half-marathon in May and a full marathon in July and feel totally confident about that. At this point, I'm running distances of 10 miles or more at least once per week, with a longest distance of 16 miles. I think it's feasible for you to get to HM distances by June. It might not be a consistent run, and you might not do great, but you can finish it. Even if you have to walk part, which is still finishing. :)

That being said, I don't know anything about this course and, for all I know, it's terrible for newer runners. I run trails a lot and it is very different from road running. I find that I have to be so aware of the condition of the trail that I keep my head down a lot, which ruins my form, and, in turn, my pace. That's just something to look out for.

Good luck!

- Amy

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3/26/14 12:29 P

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Having done many HMs in the DC area, I would not recommend that particular HM for a beginner. It's difficult, unforgiving, and poorly organized. Let me rephrase that: I wouldn't recommend it for anyone. I did it last year and have provided a link to my race report which explains some of the issues you will face no matter what your pace.

In case you get lost in all my details, the biggest potential issue will be the heat. June can be very hot and you won't be able to acclimate when all your training is in April and May.

I'm also concerned that you don't have enough training time given your limited base mileage. I recommend people get experience with lots of 8K and 10Ks before trying runs significantly over an hour. If you rush this, you miss all sorts of important lessons and may find them out the hard way during the HM itself.

If I were you, I'd write off the race and focus on 8Ks and 10Ks for at least a year. You'll find out whether you like long-distance running and not simply whether you like the *thought* of long-distance running.

Just out of curiosity, what possessed you to sign up for that race in the first place? (In my blog, I explained why I signed up but I'm curious what your thinking was.)

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3/26/14 8:40 A

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Google Hal Higdon. He has got some great training plans to follow. I'm sure you will find one that fits what you're looking for. They are very popular training programs.


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3/26/14 8:34 A

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Hey guys!

So ... I stupidly signed up for a half marathon on June 8. I'm excited, but very, very nervous.

(Mainly because I did it not realizing that oh, June 8 is 10 weeks away.)

I can run 3 miles continuously (did a PR time at my 5K this last Sunday), and I know that's the starting point for training. I have some co-workers who are doing at 10K with me May 18, and there's one who convinced me to do the half ... On June 8, haha.

So, my questions are:

- What is the safest way to go about training for the half? I'm looking just to complete this time around.
- Any suggestions for training differently on roads vs. trails? The half is on trails in Algonkian Park in Sterling, VA. I've done mainly road races (as the group implies), so that's the only experience I have. I've heard trail running is much, much different.
- We are planning on three-mile runs MWF between now and next Friday. The following week we were going to up the mileage to 4-5 miles, and add a mile per week until we hit half marathon day. Does that sound safe/feasible? Once May hits, we'll be looking at longer runs, too.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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